Hard To Say Bye To My Great Friend and Sister From The Many Miles

There are so many emotions going through me today as I say bye to My great friend and sister from the many miles of where we met from Facebook and when we united finally, It was an awesome feeling and today is the day that we need to say our byes. I am not saying Goodbye because We will be meeting again soon in a couple of months or so when I go to California or when she comes here again. I love her so much. She is such a sweetheart. I can tell automatically how a sincere, kind and lovely a person is just by the way they write, converse, and carry themselves out. I don’t normally add everyone to my friends list on facebook, but when it comes to meeting people from fan pages and groups that we were on constantly, I can automatically feel it. Its a gut instinct I have all the time and a lot of the times I have been right about it. We became much closer when we met each other and she is such a delight to be with and she is fun, and very sweet. She is one of the most sweetest and caring person I have ever met. It is pretty cool on what the internet can do, to bring people together. We will definitely continue to be in touch with each other online and on phone as well. I never like to say Goodbye, I say see you later. Goodbyes are so sad and I always think that where is the good in goodbye? I do not get it, but I will cherish the moments I had with her and will always remember it.

All the best to you my sister from the many miles, and have a safe trip back!