Carlos Bakery — Cake Boss — Buddy Velastro — So Much Respect

I have been watching Cake Boss for a while now, and I must say, I respect Buddy and his team so much. I mean it is just cakes and pastries, but they take the job so seriously, and they set really good examples. I love the show. So much creativity with cakes, pastries, cookies and everything. It is not easy to do those everyday. It can be strenuous, it can often be stressful especially when making huge cakes. I gotta hand it to them. The cakes are out of this world. It is incredible how big cakes can be and all that batter, icing, and everything. I got big respect for bakers, cookers, and people in the culinary industry. It takes a lot of time and effort..

I will visit Hoboken, New Jersey just to go Visit Carlos’ Bakery. I must say I love Buddy’s Mom, Mario, Frank, the whole crew do an awesome job together, they work so well together and it is just fabulous. It is not easy at all. I love you guys! You all inspire me…

The Big Apple — Colborne, Ontario — My Thoughts and My Rating on it.

3, 519,760  apple pies sold. By, Talin Orfali

In past experiences I have stopped at the Big Apple in Colborne, Ontario on my way back and forth from Montreal to Toronto, Toronto to Montreal and I think its a nice landmark in Ontario. It can be seen from Highway 401 at exit 497. Percy St. Big Apple Dr in Cramahe Township. There is a giant red apple, that cannot be missed. It has been in existence since I was little.

I must say certain pies are great especially the Caramel Apple Crumble, but I have tried the Apple cookies and I didn’t find them to be quite appealing. It was overbaked and I really did not enjoy it. It was not what I had expected. The gift shop is quite enormous and there is an array of merchandise, groceries, snacks, souvenirs and apple products for baking and consuming. I had bought a lanyard, t-shirt and a couple of things from the gift shop. I think some of the prices are reasonable, but some are ridiculously expensive. I really do not see the logic of things being expensive in stores. They will be kept there for years if they do not make the prices reasonable for the customers.

There is a golf course, There is a pole with a sign on it stating how far cities are in the world. It is pretty neat. There are animals, and a lookout point in the giant red apple, that overlooks the Highway 401. You can see transport trucks and vehicles driving by so quickly and the nature of trees around is absolutely spectacular.

The cleanliness of the restroom’s are excellent and maintained. If you ever go to a bakery, restaurant or place where food is being served, the restrooms must be clean. The restrooms are an important factor to how food is handled and overall health of a restaurant and how things are made.

My overall rating out of 10 for The Big Apple is an 8. They can improve on some things as stated as above.