Tonight Was A Big Wake Up Call For Me — Thanking God For Making Me Realize Things

Tonight, I embarked on my last journey to Bible Study on Thursday Nights. It was an emotional night for me as I was enjoying the bible studies, enjoying hearing God’s words from our incredible and very nice priest Rev Father Keghart Kosbakian (KEH-GHART KOS-BAK-IAN). He taught us so many things from the book of Genesis to Exodus and so much more. We embarked on many trips to Kingston, Ontario for our Annual weekend trips. More over, I really enjoyed the fellowship, meeting new friends, and hanging out with them outside of bible study. I am excited to keep in touch with everyone outside of bible study. The sessions have wrapped up due to summertime where everyone takes vacations, and spends more time outdoors. Plus our wonderful priest is embarking on new adventures in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada and will be doing a lot of work there. Hopefully Our bible study returns back in September.

This year and the past years I have been coming to Bible study, I learned so much about my spiritual self. I know yesterday in my previous blog below, I wrote somethings that I shouldn’t have brought up, and it is not fair that I said some things out of turn. Yesterday was one of the days where I just wanted to vent out and I apologize for having been way overboard with my self-promotion of my blogs and going crazy with advertising it so much and asking friends to do it. I mean out of their hearts and thoughtfulness, they would do it anyway, without me even asking them, but then again I am so sorry to those who I became bothersome of it. I asked God tonight to give me patience, and to give me guidance and help me. I believe that he will answer my prayers and that whatever I am working hard on will eventually pay off in the end. I just need to learn to be more patient, and pay more attention to others as much as I can. I know I came off angry in my post and I rarely do get angry about anything, and I am so sorry.

My blogs are supposed to be about positivity and giving people hope, giving people that boost of happiness among optimism and among other things. Again I am sorry I acted the way I acted yesterday. I made a mistake and I am not going to repeat my mistake as I have learned from it. When the last bible study was going on, I kept thinking to myself, and doing my own self-reflection and how much I learned in so little time and reading peoples comments was in my brain all night. You all have no idea how much you mean to me, you all have no idea how much I honor, respect, and love Family, Friends, my fans, my followers, my subscribers, my supporters of my blog among everything else. I know I do not comment a lot on others blogs and I should really start on doing so. It is not fair to you all, and again I am sorry.

All the best to everyone, I wish you all the best in your success, I wish for all your dreams to come true and always believe in yourself and be who you are. Peace, Love and Respect to all.

About My Previous Blog – My Apologies If It Was Overwhelming For Some People

I would like to take today to apologize for my previous blog about what I wrote about the Illiterate Generation we live in Today. I just feel and from what I am seeing when I am out in public and everything, I see technology doing the thinking for people when it comes to basic math and everything and that is why I am so concerned and I had to touch base on this subject as why it is important to me. I mean there is a limit as to how much technology we use on a daily basis. I believe that I have right to express what I feel and what I have been witnessing. If I was not a concerned person about this subject, and if I didn’t genuinely care, I wouldn’t even have bothered writing such a blog, but I do care about this subject a lot as the new generation comes in and life is truly changing by day and sometimes life changes in a fraction of a second.

What my blogging passion is, is that I want to make a difference in this world and touch base on recent society, recent happenings, issues, and merely about certain subjects that need to be discussed and blogging is a universal language and we all learn from each other and express our feelings and the freedom of expression to subjects that need to be addressed such as my previous blog. My blogs are about positivity, optimism and touching base on important topics. I know that sometimes my writing needs improvement in terms of paragraphing and everything but this is the way I want to express my blogs, this is the way I learned it, and the way I feel. I never write things as an outline of what I want to talk about. It just comes naturally and I just start writing and writing. It just comes to my brain and boom its being written. Again I am sorry if I pushed a few buttons of people but I did warn people in my previous blog that its all meant in general and its all from my heart and soul and I am pouring my heart out into the blogs and the subjects I write.

I am just so passionate about blogging and I am so passionate about these subjects. My eyes were teary eyed just reading some of the comments that people left me that they were sort of attacking me in a way and it really got to me. I was in a crummy mood all day and tonight when I was gone out with friends, they had asked me what was wrong and what happened, I just didn’t want to say anything and I said oh don’t worry about it, just thinking about stuff. No big deal. I was just so stressed out today and you all bring valid and great points. I really never meant it in a way that I was pointing fingers at anybody, but I just had to speak the truth about technology and what it is doing. My friend is a teacher in elementary school and i have a few friends who are teachers and they told me about stories on kids that cannot go without a calculator or some sort of technology without even writing and holding a pencil or pen in their hand anymore and I keep hearing them and I said something must be done, I must write about this ASAP. People are so dependent on these gadgets and stuff, that people are going haywire to see the newest technology and want to be first in line to get it. That is all. that was my take on everything.

Again my apologies.