Google Gmail, Blogger has disappointed me.

In the last 4 years, I have had a solid account with Google, such as a gmail e-mail account, as well as a blog where I worked so hard on, among other applications that google uses. All that unfortunately came to an instant halt for no reason at all. A couple of weeks ago, The Google team decides to disable my account without even telling me. I know on Google it says we reserve the right to terminate or disable accounts without notice. I mean what have I possibly done, but being a loyal person to google? What have I done to deserve such treatment from a reputable site out there who is used by millions of people around the world?

I am so disappointed in Google for shutting me out of my own e-mail where I had over 1500 e-mail addresses, an organized address book, I used this e-mail address for employment and resume purposes, so on and so forth. I had an organized Picasa web album to share with family and friends, I had so many things. Google has made my life complicated now, because I have all my family e-mail addresses who I keep in touch with around the world, even friends in the UK, and all over the place. I find it unfair and I will keep at it until I get my account back with all of my information.

I thought a big company, search engine like this would be better and treat their users more better, than this. I did nothing wrong, I followed the rules and guidelines, I did not abuse any features of Google. I am really appauled. I worked so hard at my blogs, which I was able to retrieve back by locating them on cached files on the internet. I will never use google ever again. Only for research purposes, mapping purposes,┬ábut other than that, Google is no longer something I am going to ever look at the same way again. They may have those Cool Google picture signs on special and commemorative days, they might have all the popularity in the world, but It is no longer my cup of tea. They made me cry so much. Losing my stuff devastated me. I have lost all respect for google. I will never return to them again, but I EXPECT ALL MY information back and I won’t stop until I get it.

Sticking it to GOOGLE.