Air Transat – An Airline of Excellence – Incredible Airline

Air Transat is an airline, that is based in Canada in Montreal, Quebec. Air Transat is an airline that I love. It is an airline of excellence, great service, the flight attendants and all Air Transat Personnel Ground and Air Crew make it a priority to present excellent care, safety, security and look out for the best interests of its passengers boarding their planes to make passengers flights to their desired destinations a safe and happy one. Air Transat was founded in 1987. Air Transat began its first inaugural flight from Montreal to Acapulco, Mexico in November of 1987, and since then the Airline has grew to over 3.5 Million passengers yearly flying to sunny southern destinations and every other destinations that this beautiful Airline flies to.

Air Transat has another partnered airline named Canjet which they have been together since May of 2009. Transat began to transform their beautiful airplanes with different models, sizes, amount of passengers and crew that are able to be carried on board the planes with boeing, airbus, and other styles. Some of the planes are smaller, some bigger with different configurations inside the plane such as rows that may have a 3-3 configuration, some have 2-4-2 or 3-4-2. Depends on the destination used, Like if they fly to Europe from North America, often times they would use their bigger fleet which carries more fuel to fly to longer destinations more than 5 hours long.

Skytrax has awarded Air Transat with one of the best airlines of the world, which I strongly agree. Many Airlines can learn a thing or two from Air Transat.

Air Transat is an incredible airline which I have had the pleasure of flying on before from Toronto to many destinations to the southern Caribbean destinations. I enjoyed my experience so much with them. The seats are comfortable. I love when the plane takes off, in between and lands. I love that adrenaline on the tarmac and the excitement. I love getting the window seat, and I admire the outside air, clouds, the land underneath, and enjoy the whole plane with looking around, and enjoying the whole inflight service. I will never forget the flight attendants who served me with a beautiful smile, and made sure I was taken care of the minute I checked in at the airport, during the boarding process, on the plane, getting off the plane until I get out from the airport. It is a very strenuous job and a lot of responsibility to take care of passengers, to make sure everybody is safe, to be the eyes of the captain/pilot as he navigates the airplane while the flight attendants put on the safety drill, serve us food, and beverages. I am very impressed with the way Air Transat trains their staff with utmost excellence, professional, courteous attitudes with a smile. I definitely feel at ease when traveling with them. I cannot wait until I travel with Air Transat again.

For more information on Air Transat please visit or





For destinations, baggage allowances, document requirements, please visit the above websites for more information in regards to your needs.

Thank you and Safe and Happy travels and flights to this beautiful Airline Air Transat and Canjet.

My Favourite Movies Of All Time

Yesterday on Television, on TV Tropolis, they were showing some older films and I watched Airplane and Airplane 2: The sequel, and I really love those kinds of movies with that humour. most of the actors in the movie passed away in recent years. It is still hard to believe that Leslie Neilson passed away. Anyway, I know the movie so well, that I knew exactly what they are going to say or the next scene. It was so funny and I still laugh every time. Some movies you watch and watch again and still laugh like it is your first time watching it. Some movies you just watch once or twice, but the rest you can watch several times. i just don’t like the commercials when I watch the movies. I know there is a way to delete the commercials while watching a movie, but I don’t have that feature like TiVo or something. Anyway, Here are my movie choices of all time.

The Ugly Truth, Home Alone, Home Alone 2 Lost in New York, National Lampoons Vegas Vacation, Christmas Vacation, European Vacation, Airplane, Airplane 2, Weekend At Bernie’s, Dennis the menace, Father of the Bride, Mrs Doubtfire, Forrest Gump, My Girl, Naked Gun movies, Hot shots, hot shots part deux, Babies day out, Hangover, Hangover 2, Campaign, Vince Vaughn movies, Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller, Bradley Cooper, Alex O’loughlin, and so many other actors movies and so many other movies. I am such a big movie fan, I love comedy, romantic comedy, I like the notebook, dear john, and I like to get new movies all the time, and go to the theater once in a while. It depends if it’s a really good movie. or else I just wait for the DVD or Blue Ray to come out to the stores?

What are your movie choices? What do you like to watch? What are your interests when it comes to entertainment? Soon in the coming weeks I will be doing critics on movies and what they mean to me and I will be giving my insight on them. I will be doing that soon. Stay tuned! Have a lovely day!


So Blessed With All My Experiences In Travel

There is so much I am blessed with and I am so happy to share it with you today. I am so blessed about my experiences in travel and in the past weeks and months, There have been people who have asked me so many questions on travel and so many things and I have helped them with the best of my ability and they came back from their trips so happy and thrilled. They gave feedback and told me that I was there travel consultant. That made me feel so incredible, and so blessed. I want to be able to cater to people, assist them in their travels, and whatever questions they have, I will do my best to answer them. I feel I am a great asset to any travel company out there and I feel though I have enough credentials to get out there to help people and to make a difference in someones travel plans and no matter how big the airport or how small the airport is, no matter where the travel hubs are, and so on and so forth, I am here to assist at anytime. If you would like to know about certain documents, visa’s, passport validation, among tickets, and so many things, I am here always to help you and I am honored to do so. Traveling is one of my favourite things in life and getting out there to explore the world is what I love to do and help people too. Thank you.

My Fear Of My Luggage Not Arriving To My Destination With My Plane

Have you ever had the fear of your luggage not being with you on your plane when you head to another destination, especially when your flight is connected? Have you ever had that bad feeling that your luggage was left behind? I am so happy that when I travel soon, I won’t be checking in a bag. I will be just taking a carry on with me. I want to have a piece of mind that my things are with me, and not stowed under the plane, and not knowing what is happening with my luggage. I have connecting flights with my destination, so I better be safe than sorry later. I have minimized quite significantly with the amount I will be taking. It is only for a week and a day or two, so I do not need to pack much. I have packed a few shirts here and there, under garments, one or two shoes, and just a pair or two Capri pants, and plus a little bag of toiletries. If I need anything, I can just ask my family there or something. I am all prepared. I do not want to risk my luggage being delayed. That will be my worst nightmare.

I know it doesn’t matter with that, as long as you get to your destination safely, that is more important than a luggage being delayed but it does matter too. what will you wear? It was my worst nightmare, coming back to Canada from Armenia. I had taken when it was at the time Armenian Airlines. My Luggage arrived to Frankfurt Germany and I had taken Lufthansa Airlines, and when we landed in Toronto, A lot of peoples luggage came, but mine and a few people from my group had their luggage missing. We didn’t end up getting out of the airport until almost 2 hours later trying to figure out my luggage delay, and so they called the Airport in Germany, and my luggage was left behind as well as others. So that was a sign of relief. I got my belongings back 4 days later. I had a whole bunch of souvenirs, and gifts for people and it was just my worst nightmare. I fear connecting flights. Sometimes with direct too, but most of the time with direct you get your luggage and you feel at ease, but since I am traveling in the states, There is no way I am checking in my bag. I have got a carry on that is to the size of the airlines request and allowable luggage size which I am happy and plus I will have my hand bag which is good enough for me. Now I get to travel with no stress and my mind always being on my things.

If you do not really need to check in your luggage when you travel with connecting flights, I suggest you get carry on. The best thing you can do. The liquids must be in compliance with the airlines and the countries restrictions to measures… see with your airlines and your security safety websites. Have a safe and worry free trip everyone if your going somewhere.

Airlines Shouldn’t Charge For Checked Baggage Unless It is Way OverWeight

There is something about the travel industry I do not like, and this is the big one. I do understand that when a checked baggage is overweight the airline must charge for it, but what I do not get is why people have to pay extra to check in a bag that is not overweight. For the life of me, I don’t know why they implemented that in the first place. People are of course going to check in a bag for a flight. Passengers are already paying enough for flights, this should be included without extra costs that passengers don’t need. Traveling alone costs money, everywhere you turn costs money and they nab you each time. I do not think it is fair for people to pay for something, that should of course be an obvious thing. Airlines makes a lot of money, but they should not charge for baggage. Especially United States travel. It is ridiculous to pay for something that is unnecessary. Airlines and airports need to scrap that. I know its making extra money to offer more services, to improve things, to pay the employees of the airline company but there are other ways to make money, but not to milk travelers from their pockets. This and being charged for food on a plane. So if people go hungry and thirsty on flights, they have no choice but to spend money again. People should be offered non-alcoholic drinks on board the aircraft and offered food complimentary from the airline. any flight your on for more than 2-3 hours. These are the two aspects of travel I do not like and they need to improve that. Greediness is not a good trait. Traveling should be fun and traveling means not having to worry about extra costs at the airport, paying for checked baggage. It shouldn’t be like that and It makes me upset about this. It could be 20 or 25 dollars for the baggage, but it doesn’t matter, that 20 or 25 dollars or more can be used for something else, it can be used for duty free gifts, it can be used for something important, but not for just a bag. This has been on my mind for a while now and this has got to be one of the most bizarre things ever. People then will only resort to carry on bags and what can you fill in a carry on bag? I mean we should be allowed to bring a little bit more with us and not having to pay for it. This is not fair to passengers who spend a lot of money on flights, vacations, trips.  Well, that is my two cents of the story. Who agrees with me?

Anyway, I had to get this off my chest today. It is pretty frustrating…. Thanks.

Travel Tips – Know Before You Go – Saves Time, Prevents Problems

Have you ever been stuck in an airport not knowing what to do? Have you ever been lost or confused about where to go in the airport, what to do? Are you one of those travelers who doesn’t smile? Are you one of those travelers who doesn’t get excited? I am sure a lot of people have gone through those problems with not knowing the procedures of an airport, checking in, heading to your gate on time to make your flight, knowing what to do before heading to the airport, confirming with your flight before heading to the airport, what to pack in your carry on, the weight limits, etc. Well, have trouble no more. Talin to the rescue. I am here to show you how to get through security efficiently, how to check in with your tickets, getting your boarding pass, among how to have fun when traveling, being social while traveling with other passengers, initiating conversations with others traveling. Its a pretty fun experience if you make it fun. You don’t want to start your travels being miserable now do you? Well, without further do, here are my tips for happy traveling:

Tips on Heading to Airport with all the necessary documents and the know how:

01 — Make sure you have your passport ready – make sure it is not expired or close to expiry day. That can cause problems and some destinations won’t allow passports that are ready to expire 6 months to the date it expires. check with the airport and country visiting. super important.

02 — Make sure you have all necessary and required documents, visas, vaccination proof, travel insurance cards. As well as Your Travel airline tickets, e-tickets.

03 — do research on the airport, terminals, maps, airline or airlines you will travel with, closest restrooms to the gates, places to dine or have a coffee or whatever. So that your travel experience will be fast and easy getting through airports. you will have a peace of mind and you won’t need to keep asking questions.

04 — Make sure you have prepared addresses, phone numbers to contact.

05 — Make sure you confirm with your airline or airport on your flight times 24 hours before, and then check again 12 hours before, then 6 hours, then 2-3 hours before heading to the airport. You must check around 3-4 times because it may change or delays may arise. so be prepared.

06 — When checking in to check your baggage in, co-operation with the airline attendants is crucial, and answer the questions firmly and to the point, have tickets, passports and everything in your hand while your in line waiting so that you don’t have to scrounge around to look for your stuff in your bags.

07 — Make sure you weigh your baggage, carry on baggage before heading to airport and check with airline listings on weights and measurements on how big you can carry with you on the plane.

Tips on Getting through Customs/Security efficiently and quickly:

01 — Go on websites and call airport security before heading to airport and ask questions if you are not sure of what to pack in your carry on.

02 — Liquids and gels must be in a plastic, transparent bag or unless otherwise is stated by your country customs laws, or airport authority laws.

03 — make sure not to wear too many loose clothing, like jackets, belts, jewelery, hair accessories, and take them all off before going into customs and put them in the bins they provide.

04 — These customs people sense if you are nervous and they sense when someone is out of sort. If you have nothing illegal in your carry on, act normally and don’t show that you are nervous or else that is subject to searching and lots of questions will be asked. So just take it easy and just be normal.

05 — Never make jokes and wearing shirts with bombs, and never make small talk with others in security. stay quiet and do as they say and then once you pass through, you can resume to your chats and discussions, but don’t make jokes on threatening, or making other passengers uneasy and uncomfortable.

06 — After passing through customs. always carefully look at the gate numbers and head to your gate accordingly and look at your boarding pass when it doubt. You don’t always have to ask airport personnel for everything. Airports are now sophisticated and they make it easy for passengers to find their flights easily.

Tips on Having Fun and Making new friends on your travels.

01 — Your traveling, your going on an airplane to a different destination, lighten up a little, smile, be excited, enjoy the experience. Don’t be miserable. Have fun with other people.

02 — You are surrounded by other people who are traveling. make conversation, initiate, start with this “Hey your heading to Cuba too? So am I!” I hope that you have a lovely trip and a great vacation. You can say to a person, hey you look nice, or I like your bag or something of that sort, and if you see someone not smiling, just go up to them and ask is everything okay? do you need to talk about it? its always good to start someones trip with people who are nice. it makes someone feel more better. trust me.

03 — Be nice to the flight attendants, be patient with your requests, don’t hassle flight attendants because they have 200 other passengers to handle and care for too. Your not the only one traveling and with needs higher than others. Always be pleasant with them, they are just trying to do their jobs and following rules. Be mindful and just take it easy. It won’t look good on you when your setting yourself up for negative attention from other passengers, and it saves the hassle. Just be nice and respectful to the officials on the plane and while boarding for your flight. Just enjoy yourself and don’t yell. Not cool.

04 — Enjoy your travel experience. Don’t make others travel experience dull because you choose to be that way.

05 — Most importantly, have fun, help people at the airport, enjoy it.

Have fun and enjoy your travels!

Oasis Playa Coco, Cayo Coco, Cuba — Dec 13-20, 2009 — Experiences & Stories

A week that took 61 days to officially happen just flew by like it was 10 hours. This was my 9th visit to Cuba. Cuba is a country which I have lots of respect and love for. Cuba is a unique place which I fell in love with, when I visited the first time when I was very young at Playa Giron in Matanza’s. Later I went to different cities and towns of Cuba. The flight doesn’t take long. Cuba is a very safe country, Cubans know their boundaries, they know not to bother you because the local’s law is very strict. I was at an entertainers home, and they had invited my family and I to their home for supper and a great day to learn about Cuban culture. They would feel very offended if we did not say yes to the supper. So we had supper and then we went around the village in Cienfuegos and we saw people that didn’t have much, and they have enough to survive everyday, and they are the happiest people in the world. Cuban culture is so different. Cuba is a spanish country, and people think that its the same like every other Spanish country, but they are totally wrong. It is different, people are different.
Well, anyway, this trip was all about relaxation and looking at the turquoise seas. On December 13, 2009, we departed to Cayo Coco, Cuba. We arrived at Oasis Playa Coco Resort. A resort which I fell in love with. I made many new friends from Canada and as well as England/UK areas. We all became very good friends by the week’s end. I participated a lot on stage and to my luck, I was first place many times and won 2 complimentary massages from the Resort. So I was very popular during my stay and everyone would come up to me the following day saying congratulations, and it made me feel awesome.
As the week went by so quickly, I took in the sun and the great weather as much as I could because I knew what I was in for coming back to Canada. I didn’t get much of a tan as I wanted to, because it was only a week and you can’t really do to much in a week. Next time I am thinking of going to Cuba for 2 weeks. That would make a trip worth it’s while. A week, you barely get adjusted to paradise and then back to the airport it is and back to the NORTH POLE we call CANADA.
The friendly staff, friends we made, the environment, and entertainment was spectacular. Went to the Batcave Club in Cayo Coco. It was an interesting place to be. Very unique. I really enjoyed it. I met the famous Tony Menendez. I was so excited to be in his presence. He is a very famous reggaeton/cuban singer in all of Cuba. I knew about him before arriving in Cuba. I did extensive research about the music, singers and the resort. I had 61 days to do so, so lots of time. 🙂
The food is expected to be the way it is. It is Cuba, so we cannot complain, but the fruit, the eggs, the ice cream was so fresh. We must be thankful for the food we eat, because in the world we live in, people starve everyday, so we must not complain and satisfy with what we have. In Cuba you cannot really expect much, but I was very happy. I did not come for the food, I came for the beach, sun, and relaxation and a bit of drinking of course lol.
the end of the trip, I was hoping for maybe my flight to being cancelled or delayed so I can stay in Cuba a lot longer and so I can escape the colder weather which I was about to experience again. So I wish, hoped and prayed for it, but it didn’t happen. I guess another time
Cuba is ultimately my favourite Caribbean destination and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Hopefully I will visit Cuba for the 10th time.
I will miss Alex, Alain, Pedro, Nelvis, Orlando, The guy at the beach. Waynne, Honor, Conrad, Leanne, Julie, Jackie, Rosemary, Rebecca, Kelly Anne, Elisa, Veronica, Ian, Trudi, Jeff, Jasmine, Nicky, Keith, you made my trip extra awesome and It was a pleasure meeting all of you. If I missed anybody forgive me. I hope we all see each other again soon.
Well I hope you enjoyed my story and I wish my American friends can go to Cuba, but unfortunately due to the strict laws of Cuba, they are prohibited. Thats a wrap!