Armenian Heritage Night – Air Canada Centre – An Unforgettable Evening

On Sunday February 23rd, 2014, Almost 1000 Armenians embarked to The Air Canada Centre in Downtown Toronto for an unforgettable and memorable evening to celebrate Armenian Heritage. This was the 2nd Annual event. The doors opened to Air Canada Centre at 5pm, and everyone started going in. At 5:30Pm The Holy Trinity Armenian Church’s, Sassoun Dance Ensemble performed at Centre court of a traditional Armenian Dance for thousands of people who were non-Armenian and for Armenians. A few minutes before the Game started between Toronto Raptors and Orlando Magic, A lady came and sang the National Anthems for both USA and Canada. The tip off and game started at 6pm and went well into almost 9pm.

The Armenian Students Association, Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), Holy Trinity Armenian Church of Toronto, Sassoun Dance Ensemble, ARS, and other Armenian Organizations came together to plan this incredible night.  Thank you to everyone who assisted in the planning, and organizing with The Air Canada Centre so that we too Can have a Heritage Night. I was counting the days and hours until I went to the game and to the Armenian Night. It was something I had wanted to go to Last year, but was unable to. I was lucky enough to attend this year.

It was an incredible, memorable night that brought Armenians closer together to a huge Venue to enjoy the Basketball Game, to enjoy seeing Armenian Heritage on the bulletins and the Jumbo Tron at the ACC. The energy of the arena and people were felt, the crowd cheered on, everyone was having a great time, and really enjoyed the whole game from beginning to the end. The Raptors were not doing too well in the beginning, but then stepped up to the game after half time. The 4th Quarter got really exciting. It felt great to see Armenian everywhere, Armenian Flags waving in the audience, Hearing Armenians talking in our Language everywhere. It was pretty cool.

The Toronto Raptors won that night 105-90. If the Raptors Score more than 100 points in a game and win, the crowd at the ACC Gets a Free Pizza slice at Pizza Pizza across Toronto and the GTA locations. For those who printed tickets, had to get their tickets stamped by the officials at ACC, but original tickets did not need to. At the end of the night not only did we celebrate the Raptors win, we got a free pizza, and we Armenians had a blast. I cannot wait until I go to next years Armenian Heritage Night. Thank you Air Canada Centre.


Armenian School, The experience of a lifetime…

When I was a young girl at the age of 4, I began my journey in St. Sahag St. Mesrob Armenian Saturday School. Often I would complain that I don’t want to go to school on a Saturday, but my parents always said, no you are going, so I ended up going anyway. The bus would pick me up and take me to school. It was at John Ross Robertson Public School and Forest Hill schools in Toronto. During the times when we went to church, I was last to be picked up and first to be dropped off, however if it was at the schools the bus driver would be first to pick me up before 8am and take forever to take me back home. I would get home last after 3pm in the afternoons when school would be over at 1:15. When I was in 8th Grade my brother used to drive me to and from school at John Ross Robertson Public School.. After graduating, they started to have the School at AGBU Toronto on Saturdays.
Having said all of that. I was so lucky and fortunate to have gone to Armenian school to learn the alphabet, writing, reading, history, culture, religious aspects, heritage, and being woken up every Saturday mornings. I have made lots of friends, and lots of memories in that school. I will never forget it. God Bless all the teachers, principals, and staff for giving me the valuable, and wonderful education of my Heritage and Culture and so much more, followed by an awesome trip to Hayasdan/Armenia for 20 days. The best 20 days ever.

I am ever so glad I went!