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iTravel2000 is a travel planning company and website. Since 1994,  which is now one of Canada’s Largest independent travel companies. when iTravel2000 was founded, the purpose of this company is to offer you the best travel deals around, providing customers excellent service, the lowest price guaranteed and the best value. That goes for all travel-related and travel products. It is the nation’s trusted source of all things Travel.

The Award-Winning team of knowledgeable, professional travel experts are always available to assist you in anything you need, any questions you have about travel, about the industry, bookings and giving you many options in traveling. They make traveling a lot easier for you.

iTravel2000 caters to booking vacation packages, cruises, flights, hotels, car rentals, from all over the world and whatever destination, iTravel2000 is your best go-to travel site for whatever your heart desires and whatever preference.

If you are a Petro Points collector from Petro Canada, you can earn points towards merchandise, fuel, car washes and more at any Petro Canada gas station. You can enroll to be a member of Petro Points for free and you can start earning points when you book your trip.

iTravel2000 is working around the clock to find great deals, the latest scoops on the deals and so much more. You can also subscribe to their e-mail publications to get the latest information on deals, packages, specials, contests, and so much more.

At iTravel2000, they offer you travel insurance to protect you from medical, cancellation, delays, lost or misplaced baggage, and all around insurance to keep you protected at all times.

To me, iTravel2000 is one of the best travel operators that I have ever known. I always receive the best service, and I can tell the agents are very knowledgeable, and also pays attention to detail, and whatever requests we have, they always go above and beyond. I always choose iTravel2000 because they are a great company and they take care of me very well with all my travel needs. I am excited to book my next vacation with them. I have never been disappointed with them and you will never be as well. I recommend them.

Contact iTravel2000 at anywhere from North America

1.866.WOW.DEAL (969.3325)

or you can Dial #Trip on your cell phone.

Located at
2355 Skymark Ave, suite 200, Mississauga, ON L4W 4Y6

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday: 7am to midnight EST
Saturday & Sunday: 8:30am to 8pm EST

Truth Held Hostage – Former US Ambassador John Evans

America and The Armenian Genocide – What then? What Now?

Written by the Former US Ambassador to the Republic of Armenia
The Honorable John Evans

Published by the Gomidas Institute

Honorable Mr. John Evans lost his job in 2005 because he used the word “Genocide” to describe the Turkish Government’s policy of extermination of 1.5 Million Armenians in 1915. Crime committed by the Turkish Government of Turkey. In 2005, it was the 90th commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, and he was unfairly ejected. Mr. John Evans had no Armenian family or ancestral connections.

Over the years, he realized that injustice was perpetrated against Armenians due to the denial of the Turkish Government and US Governments acceptance about the Armenian Genocide.

The Book cover is Mr. John Evans at the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Armenia with flowers being laid around the eternal flame in the middle.

Book Launch and meet and greet brought to you in part by the Armenian National Committee of Toronto and Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society “Kaltsor” Chapter invite you

Sunday March 12, 2017

Armenian Community Centre
The Hallcrown Hall
45 Hallcrown Place, North York, ON M2J 4Y4

It is a must read book.

For more information about Truth Held Hostage, Visit the following sites:

TRUTH HELD HOSTAGE: America and the Armenian Genocide What Then? What Now?


2017 Honda Pilot – Brings SUV to life

Recently, I began to search for many SUV’s and also looking on the road for new vehicles here and there while driving and as a passenger. One particular SUV stuck to me like glue. The grill, the body, the features, the way it looks while driving. It all became a hugely awesome attraction to me. That is called the 2017 Honda Pilot.

I love the way it looks, and its one of my favourite vehicles right now in the market. Every single time I see one, I start getting all excited.

I really like how the dashboard speedometer is digital, the fuel gauge, as well as the coolant level. I also like how the transmission gear shift is no longer a stick attached to the steering wheel, or a stick in the middle of the 2 front seats. I like how you push a button and you reverse, drive, park and go in neutral.

There is the LX, EX, EX-L-Navi, EX-L RES, and Touring types of Honda Pilots. All serve different preferences on the road. You can use regular fuel. No need to top off the fuel with mid grade or super fuel. 18-20 inch tires. depending on the model you want.

There is a USB Connector, MP3 Auxiliary input jack, Bluetooth streaming audio, Wi-Fi tethering.

It definitely leaves a huge statement on the road.  The muscular hood, and you can get extras such as protection packages to keep your floors in the SUV clean from harsh winter weather with the salt, the snow, the rain, also the tow package with a trailer hitch in the rear. You can also get running boards, roof rack, crossbars, bike racks, paint pens to do emergency touch ups in case a scratch happens on your vehicle.

You can also get a heated steering wheel which can prevent from freezing cold hands in the winter, Storage dividers, cargo covers.

For more information, visit Honda’s website and for more pictures and insight. It is an absolutely beautiful vehicle. I will be test driving it soon.

I Don’t Do Well with Long Distance

Life is an unexpected and unpredicted thing and you don’t know what happens from one day to the next. When you are with family and friends, and then the next day, they tell you that they are moving away somewhere for either a Job, When you get married, or new beginning or whatever else. It makes us sad that those moments of togetherness are now numbered, and sometimes people move away so far that you need to get on a plane and see them as driving could take many hours and sometimes days.

I really don’t like distance and I am never good at it. I am sure a lot of us aren’t good at it as well. Wishing all my family and friends were all in one place. I feel like we are losing so much precious time being away from the people that mean the most to us.

When you find the love of your life and get married, and it is a long distance relationship that you are having, you have to consider and think about it if you are reading to leave where you came from, if you are ready to part from family and friends and the life you once had. You need to be ready for new beginnings, new life and new scenery. You really need to think about it. Long distant relationships are a lot harder to maintain then when you find someone local and can go and come.

When you see someone locally, you can go and come as you please and you really get to spend time with that person a lot more and see what He/She is like even more. Sometimes or most of the time talking through text, phone and social media platforms is great as long as there is communication, but it is better to understand a person when you see them.

It is very important to make time for everyone and everything in our lives. We need to make sure that we learn to manage our time. All of us are busy in life yes with so much going on, but at the same time, we must take a few steps back and think about those who matter to us.

Nothing is more better than seeing each other face to face and creating memories together and being able to get together whenever. I really wish everyone was in driving distance within an hour, not aircraft distance. 😦 it breaks my heart. I love all my family and friends. Sometimes it’s strange how life is when people need to relocate. So much time goes that we can never get back. Time is precious and people are precious. We need to spend as much time with our loved ones as much as possible.

Facial Masks and chemical anti-aging creams

Firstly, what people see first is a person’s face and that is a part of our identity and a part of who we as individuals are. Some people are so invested in doing many things to their faces such as using facial masks, and chemical based anti-aging creams and adding real danger to our skin and eventually into our bodies.

These things actually make you age quicker. anti-aging creams are a temporary fix, but don’t believe in it. When using facial masks and anti-aging creams and everything, you are actually taking away the good skin cells that preserve your skin. Then once you start with these facials and everything, then you always have to continue it.

I would stay away from those facials and do something natural such as washing your face with cold water for a good 5 minutes and then pat drying with a face towel. Save time by heading to your local stores to look at a million different face products and save money. Natural is the way to go. Don’t alter your face for the expense of beauty.

You are beautiful the way you are and don’t try to destroy your beautiful face by these chemical filled products and just be natural. It is the way to go!

The Oscars – Never Mix Politics with Entertainment

The Oscars popularity and professionalism in the entertainment sector has gone down quite significantly. As well as other award shows. It is due to mixing entertainment and politics together, and as well as sending subliminal and snide messages across the world with the speeches given. The class, the fashion, and the way the operations at The Academy of Motion picture has definitely run down.

Although, yes it is my dream to one day earn one of the Golden trophy for my writing and everything, but now with all these mishaps, and mixing the political world with entertainment of where film, entertaining us is supposed to keep us away from the world’s bad news, and stresses of our daily lives, I am just not so sure I want it anymore.

Making a huge mistake in announcing the winners of the award is absolutely ridiculous and these things need to be more carefully looked after. It is just so upsetting to think you have won, but then not anymore.

The taste of entertainment has gone down in some form. Speeches should include appreciation, gratitude, acknowledging those who have been there for you, those in the production and as well as thanking family, friends and giving people inspiration, positive words to uplift us all who are watching. We need to really take a step back and just focus on entertainment as that is why these award shows exist. To acknowledge professionalism in this sector and to recognize entertainment excellence.

Racism and Politics should not get in the way of Entertaining us. These award shows and film is supposed to be about equality, diversity, and keeping us smiling, to be happy and to talk about great moments in the Film industry as well as the award shows.

There needs to be change and to show more class and respect to everyone.

Victoria Park & Highway 401 Tim Horton’s in Toronto

Victoria Park & Highway 401 Tim Horton’s in Toronto

Many years ago, I discovered a coffee shop nearby our Armenian Community Centre and St. Mary’s Armenian Church which is situated across the street where you can see it and right of the Highway 401 in Toronto. This particular Tim Horton’s in Toronto holds a special place in my heart. Reason being is that, I made a lot of new friends over the years and most of them are Armenian and I have met people from other cultures and walks of life.

In the past 2-3 years, I have met a lot of Armenian people who have come from Syria, Lebanon and other places and plus people who have been here in Canada for many years. These beautiful people have shared stories about how their lives were in Syria, about the walks of life and the experiences they have been through, the hardships they had to face day in and day out. I am very happy that they are here and got to meet these sweet people.

These people I have met are absolutely lovely people and we have become a close family and our Tim Hortons at 2501 Victoria Park Ave. is our home away from home. We have shared laughs, good times, also spoke about serious issues, and most importantly, the bonds we have created is and will forever be in my heart. We God Willingly will continue to share these moments together for many years to come.

Whenever I go to Victoria Park 401 Tim Horton’s, I automatically feel at home, and we spend hours there on certain nights, and our cold winters nights make it a warm, safe and happy environment. During spring and summer months, we take our coffees or beverages of choice and we go outside to talk, go to the park beside Tim Horton’s, hanging out in our cars, to enjoy the weather, the increased daylight days, and nights and we just talk and talk like we all have known each other for so many years.

Now whenever we go, the workers know us, the late night baker, Everybody knows everybody, the cars we drive and come with, and there is always somebody new that is welcome with all of us. It is very hard to leave each other and go home. Sometimes we would be there until 2-3 AM in the morning without even feeling the time go by. Time flies when you are having a good time.

This Tim Horton’s, we call it the Armenian Tim Horton’s or some people call it Tim Hortonian’s, because most of our last names end with IAN or YAN. lol. Not mine, but majority of Armenians. We call it that way is because Armenians come from the nearby Armenian Community Centre and a lot of Armenians live around the areas and some people drive from around the city to come by and enjoy. It is definitely a special place for us.

It is so important to find and feeling that sense of belonging, our place, and somewhere where everyone can relate to each other in some shape or form. Victoria Park and 401 Tim Horton’s is definitely a place where you feel welcome. Some of my friends there offer to pay for my coffee or whatever I want to get and I say no, no, but they insist and they offer me anyway, and me vise versa.

I am so happy and glad to be part of this family and I thank everyone for their welcome, respect, and their smiling faces toward me. It means so much.

I love you all and I love my VP Tim’s — The Short way to say Victoria Park Tim Hortons.