Happy New Year 2018 Everyone!

2018 has begun. A fresh new chapter of a 365 day book.

I can’t believe 2017 is over. Years are flying by. Cherish each day, count your blessings, and enjoy life. Life is too short. Love each other, and always be kind and nice to people. 2018 is here. Lets start off fresh and improve our relationships, say I love you to your friends and family, be happy, keep smiling and be positive no matter what life throws at you. Happy New Year and all the best to you and your loved ones with happiness and good health.

There can be disagreements with others, there can be little problems here and there, but don’t make the problems into big ones and make a federal case out of it. Forgive each other, apologize, and never go to bed angry or upset. Just because you have a bad day, it doesn’t mean that everyday will be bad. remember that. There is no time to think negatively. Each year that comes, and that we make it through, gives us another chance to better ourselves, to strengthen bonds, to revamp and refresh ourselves and our surroundings.

Also, Remembering our dearly departed loved ones who are no longer physically here with us on earth that we may have lost in 2017 and the previous years, but their souls live in spirit in our memories and hearts forever.

Always think and do happy things, end off 2018 with a great note. Lets Start now on the first day of 2018 and make this a year of goodness and strive for kindness, and more.

Cheers everyone!

25 Signs that You Don’t Like Winter At All

This is for all those people who do not like winter at all, the many reasons that we can all understand with all the freezing temperatures, snowfall and well, you know the rest.

Here are 25 signs that we don’t like it at all:

1. We absolutely detest shoveling snow off our walkways and driveways

2. Cleaning the snow off the car is a problem

3. Snow, slush and salty roads lead to dirty floors, and disgusting residue that is absolutely a big task to clean and we go crazy over it — OCD and very super clean people know it especially.

4. Seeing the exterior of cars all filled with dirty slushy, saltiness – the interior, the car matts and carpet filled with disgusting winter stuff.

5. Absolutely dislike going grocery or any other type of shopping, taking bags to the car, filling up the car, taking it home, unloading in the freezing cold. Those people who walk to home too with shopping bags in their hands. Its absolutely a headache. You not only have to watch out for the bags, but you have to look on the ground to make sure you don’t slip and slide and fall all over the place.

6. Having 20 pounds of stuff on you to keep you warm. Jackets, coats, long underwear, scarfs, hats, mitts, gloves, boots, sweaters, all these uncomfortable things of winter time. Taking 10 minutes to put everything on.

7. Driving in the freezing cold when the heat in the car is on full blast.

8. having to go to a party or function dressed nicely underneath and you are freezing and sometimes you opt out of going places because you don’t want to leave your warm house.

9. Having to go to work or school in this season. Working outside in this weather and those who work in the transport industry hauling products, driving in these terrible snowy white out conditions.

10. When it gets so dark so quickly, you just want to be in bed by 7 or 8pm thinking and feeling like it is midnight already.

11. heading to the mall, other stores, restaurants, coffee shops and you walk in and the floors are like a sea of white salt and dirt from the parking lot from tires, car fumes, and well the dirt from the cement and asphalt.

12. just when you thought, you had finished shoveling or snow blowing, another 30 cm’s of snow falls the next day. You begin cursing and all the bad words start coming out. just like the line from a gangster movie (Just as I wanted to go out, they pull me back in).

13. When there is freezing rain and snow which makes it so much harder to walk and the risk of falling down on your butt is pretty high.

14. sharing the frustration and creating Hate Winter Clubs on social media is a valid thing to do and seeing that others share the same frustrations is so understandable. I created The I Hate Winter Club page on Facebook just for these points.

15. When sharing I hate winter memes and funny posts make things a little better for us who detest this season with a passion.

17. When you have to use a lot of windshield washer fluid to get rid of salt, grime, snow, and all that crap from the roads and other cars that splash all that on your windshield from driving.

18. Having to change your tires to snow tires.

19. having snow brushes and squeegees in your car.

20. When you put outdoor plans on hold for 5 to 6 months of the year.

21. When you can’t wait until March comes to welcome spring.

22. When you see others enjoying winter. saying in your mind “Are you crazy? You like this weather?” What is so good about it? Nothing can convince winter haters to start liking winter. It is not happening.

23. When you never participate in any Winter sports or activities. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

24. When flu/cold/cough season begins and you stock up on medications and tissues like no tomorrow.

25. When you see winter commercials on TV or ad’s on social media about winter, you start getting agitated.

What do you hate about winter?

What I like about winter is when it’s over.

17 Things Some People Do That We Don’t Think Of Doing

In our world, there are certain people that do things that we do not even think of doing. Some things that can be over the top, bizarre and absolutely crazy. Here are those things:

1. There are people who count how many toilet paper rolls they have used in a year or throughout their lives. You’ll be surprised that people keep inventory

2. There are people who count everything they have in their home.

3. There are people who count how many times they use the washroom and shower per year.

4. There are people who have huge collections of something and they dedicate their time and lives to collections and hobbies. Which is great and I love that.

5. There are people who are absolutely so neat, clean and so organized. They have massive OCD and they go crazy to keep things so tidy. If something is out of place, they go absolutely nuts and have to clean or organize it right away.

6. On road trips, some people think of other cars that are driving the highways as travel companions and they get so sad to part ways thinking they will never see them again. Which in majority of the time its true.

7. There are people who write messages and emails and go back to read it after sending it.

8. There are people who look for the perfect parking spot and go around in circles until they feel comfortable with a spot to park at.

9. There are people who count how many shampoo bottles and body wash they use in a year.

10. When people go in a store where they are not planning on buying anything, they start to get paranoid that security thinks they are a shoplifter.

11. There are people who practice what to order in their minds in a coffee shop or other restaurants before their turn comes up to order.

12. People keep inventory of the most craziest things

13. There are people who are so frustrated waiting when it comes to heating things in the microwave and using the treadmill. I am almost convinced that treadmill minutes and microwave minutes are longer than the regular minutes in the day.

14. There are people who keep a music library on iTunes and even keep songs they never ever listen to.

15. There are people who think about when people take pictures out in public or at games, that you are in their pictures in the background or you are photobombing their photos without knowing.

16. When people stop listening to music with their headphones still on their ears and realize that its still on their ears hours later

17. There are people who count how many shoes, clothes, handbags, underwear and socks they have. They even count how many pajama’s they have.

TUMO – Center for Creative Technologies in Yerevan, Armenia

TUMO – Center for Creative Technologies in Yerevan, Armenia
By: Talin Orfali

In the last 4 years, I have heard about TUMO Center for Creative Technologies from the internet and my newsfeeds on my social media networks. It intrigued me to do research about TUMO and I absolutely became attracted to what it is all about.

TUMO is a non-profit educational center and was founded and began in August, 2011 by Sam and Sylvia Simonian by the Simonian Educational Foundation. The Center is located in Yerevan, Armenia in the capital of Armenia. The Central Bank of Armenia supports the center. TUMO also has a second campus in Dilijan, Armenia which opened its doors in 2013. They partnered with the AGBU (Armenian General Benevolent Union). They have recently expanded to other locations in Stepanakert, Nagorno-Karabakh and Gyumri, Armenia.

What does TUMO Stand for? The flagship center is located at the end of Yerevan’s Tumanyan Park. It was named after Hovhannes Tumanyan. One of our prominent children’s authors and advocate. The park became known as TUMO and that was what was inspired to name the center TUMO to educate children in a very enriching environment.

Students can learn a variety of different subjects and study free of charge. The students learn about whatever subject(s) that suits their needs from filmmaking, web design, animation, game development, photography, programming, online literacy, music, robotics, 3D modeling, motion graphics, writing, drawing, social media and anything else in the digital world of media. Students can adapt to today’s technology, get in the loop about what is happening worldwide providing them with the necessary tools and resources for skill development to succeed in anything the students desire for the future. It is all 100% free of charge to attend TUMO.

The students learn in many ways with beautifully designed labs, with up-to date computers, software, technology and among workshops, activities to work in groups and individually. You can definitely come out to teach students in the learning lab. You must fill out a form and submit it to TUMO.

Students between ages 12-18 years old can be a TUMO student. They require a parent/guardian with the student(s), and a proof of ID such as passport, birth certificate and that is about it when you register.

The grand opening of TUMO was on August 14, 2011 with a concert to celebrate the Center was performed by Serj Tankian and The Dorians.

Many prominent figures such as George Clooney, Kanye West, Ian Gillan, Charles Aznavour and others have visited the The Center.

introducing to you the Advisory Board members:

Founders – Sam and Sylvia Simonian
Managing Director – Marie Lou Papazian
Designer – Arman Davtyan
Engineer Lead, Uber – Raffi Krikorian
Lead Creative, Fugitive – Roger Kupelian
CEO, Bazillion Beings – Pegor Papazian
Lecturer, Griffith University – Dr. Debra Porch
Producer, Pixar – Katherine Sarafian
CEO, Industrial Toys – Alex Seropian
Singer-Song Writer, Producer – Serj Tankian
Artist, Author, Actor – Vahe Berberian
Artist – Michael Aram

You can travel to Armenia and see our beautiful country meanwhile you can visit the TUMO Center as well. The visiting hours are on Wednesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s from 4-5pm. You must send them an e-mail a week or 2 prior to your visit.

you can email them if you are an academic group at visit@tumo.org
you can email them if you are individuals or other tours at tours@tumo.org

Hopefully in the near future I will be able to go visit the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies and meet with the Founders Sam and Sylvia. My passion is social media and writing. Hopefully I will be able to teach the students there about social media safety, how to start blogs, and how to full optimize social media, search engines and so much more. I am absolutely thrilled about this Center.

I wish you all the best at the Center(s), lots of continued success and many more years of TUMO.

You can contact TUMO, mail, email or by telephone.

Myasnikyan 63,
Dilijan, Armenia
+374 268 22586


Halabyan 16,
Yerevan, Armenia
+374 010 398413

Knunyantsneri 2,
Stepanakert, Nagorno Karabakh
+374 47 963036

For more information on visiting the center and more please visit http://www.tumo.org website to find out everything else.

Social Media Networks

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tumo.design/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/2880958/
Twitter: @Tumocenter

12 Easy Ways to Make Christmas Gatherings More Enjoyable

Christmas time is here and its coming up in a few days. I am sure by now you have finished your shopping and figuring out what to do. Here are ways to make your Christmas gatherings a fun and enjoyable one where you do not have to spend a lot of your time in the kitchen. Spend more time with your loved ones instead of being on your feet the whole time. You need to enjoy it too and not just do all the work. A helping hand does go a long way. When others ask to help you or takes the initiative, let them.

Here are the 12 Easy ways:

1. When you know you are having a big gathering at your home and invited people over, the most important thing is to do the baking and dessert’s a day or 2 before. Nothing will go wrong with it. If it needs to go in the fridge or freezer nothing will happen to it. Don’t leave to the day of.

2. The day before, set the table, cutlery, napkins, plates and add centrepieces to your table, but not too big so your food dishes can fit on the table.

3. Don’t go over crazy to cook so many different things. 4-5 different things for dinner is good enough. If you serve chicken, turkey, roast, pork chops, ham. Go with one or 2 of them from the meat list, and then choose salad and rice or whatever you want to make or whatever is part of your Christmas tradition. Plus if you want to make gravy. Cook all of this stuff except if you are making salad or rice. That can be cooked and prepared before the guests start arriving and then have all the other food cooked from the morning. It can be heated up after for 10 to 15 minutes, then you take to your table and voila. — Don’t go over the top. Chances are you will eat left overs for the next week or so. Don’t want that.

4. Putting chips, assortment of nuts(If no one is allergic), salsa, nachos, guacamole, dips, veggie platters, finger foods in the beginning will get your guests full. People will over indulge, so its not a good idea to put so many things out in the beginning. Don’t spend too much time with putting these before the hard work you went through cooking all that food for dinner. Take them out after dinner along with dessert.

5. When others bring something when it comes to food, dessert, a bottle of wine or something like a gift, It is customary and proper etiquette to open and serve them too. Unless, they advise you otherwise, then its ok to keep it for yourself to open privately, but again open whatever is brought to you and in front of the people who brought them. It makes them feel good to see your reaction.

6. have coffee/tea ready — before just add the water to the machines and measure extra water and coffee grinds on the side in case you need to make more and then just go back and press the button and then continue on entertaining your guests and spend time with them until it is done.

7. Clearing plates and everything for dinner is great, but end it there. Don’t start washing and sorting, drying and all that. It takes a lot of quality time away from your loved ones. If they want to help, that is fine. I am sure they won’t let you clear away the table all on your own. They will help with everything and bring it to the kitchen and everything else will be dealt with after.

8. When you have a lot of people, disposable cutlery and plates are the way to go. If you have more than 10 to 15 people or more, its a good idea. You don’t have to spend time washing dishes.

9. Plan the Christmas week.. Plan a day to do your grocery shopping, and then make sure you have all the ingredients needed to make it. Sometimes getting extra ingredients are better in case something goes wrong which it can in some cases. Never leave anything to the last day.

10. Be efficient and organized as well as making sure the house is clean, the kitchen and all that.

11. ***Always monitor how many drinks your guests have. Don’t let them drink and then drive later. Make sure to call taxis if need be or allow your guests that are impaired to sleep over and go home the next day or if they come with another person who has not had anything to drink, they should be the designated driver. It is your responsibility if they drink and drive because they are driving from your home. Be the elephant in the room and don’t permit them to go. Police have RIDE Spot checks out more during the holidays and don’t put yourself or others lives in danger on the roads because of a careless wrong doing***

12. breathe and don’t be stressed out. Christmas gatherings should be fun and enjoyable as it can be. Don’t panic if some things go wrong. It will be a memory you will laugh about as the years go by.

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a blessed, happy and healthy New year of 2018!

Are you a Sentimental Person? Do you Keep Items Important to you?

Are you a sentimental person?

In life, we hold onto items that are of sentimental value and a lot of the time there is no value into it. Its just sentimental and priceless. When it comes to past assignments from school back in the day, card’s I’ve received throughout the years, gifts from friends and family, some of my clothing as a child, some toys I had that were my favourite, I kept them. I even kept my first tooth and pieces of my hair on my first hair cut. I even kept my girl scout uniform with badges.

I kept all my Armenian School, and High School uniforms, even my student ID Cards.

I keep my airline baggage tags, boarding passes, tickets, resort and hotel stuff. Keep magazines, sickness bags with the airline name on it and everything from my travels, even the soap, shampoo and all that as well

I even keep all the shower invites, wedding favours, wedding invitations, the gifts given from weddings and showers. I never get rid of them. They are sentimental for me and a memory to look at. Plus I cherish and appreciate them because I know that it cost them for those things and a lot of time and hard work went into preparing, shopping for them for us guests to keep. I even keep the table numbers with my name on it.

I even kept all the valentines and birthday cards given to me from my fellow school classmates. I kept my school yearbooks, ticket stubs to games, concerts, places that I have been. I kept them all organized in different boxes.

When I was part of ACYOC – Armenian Church Youth Organization of Canada, and part of other committees, I still have all the papers, the meeting minutes that I wrote down, all the meetings we went to in Kingston, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, New York, Laval and more. I kept the folders and when I went on retreats in the last few years, I kept the folders with everything inside. All the pictures taken throughout the years.

It is important to be sentimental. If you get rid of everything and not keep important things, one day you will look back and regret getting rid of it. Its nice to go back to memory lane and see all the stuff from your life. I do every once in a while and its great.

I don’t go as far as hoarders do, but I am reasonable with what I have, and manage it all.

After our wedding, I am so excited to be keeping everything and creating a spot for our wedding stuff.

It doesn’t take much space. It all depends on how organized you are and to be efficient in creating space.

Are you a sentimental person? What have you kept?

7 Things to Stay Away From When Booking an All Inclusive Vacation

7 Things to Stay Away From When Booking an All Inclusive Vacation

1. Traveler Reviews – Opinions are always different from another person. Don’t search for reviews written by others. Chances are they could be lying, exaggerating, and chances are they have never been there and want to cause problems. Reviews can be misleading, and untrue. Form your own opinion and travel experiences. If you keep reading reviews, you won’t be traveling at all. You do not want to go to that route. Yes, its nice to value others opinions and ask for them, but ultimately you are the one traveling, Try it out.

2. Over-tipping – It is All Inclusive for a reason right? Everything is included in the price. Don’t go tip crazy. Of course you will want to tip your bell boy who takes your baggage to your room and take your baggage to the lobby area after your vacation and also to tip your room maker, but do not go crazy tipping every single person at the resort.

3. Excursions – When they over pressure you and bother you everyday about going on excursions, chances are they are an arm and a leg. They advertise it so well saying its great, come and don’t miss out and then you get your hopes up and then it’s not as exciting as they said it would be. Do things on your own. It is the best way. Selling excursions may be more expensive than going out on your own.

4. Travel Insurance from the booking company/tour operator – Always decline travel insurance when you are booking. It will cost you more. Buy travel/medical insurance separately or unless you have benefits through your place of employment that already has insurance, go ahead, but don’t jump into buying traveling insurance with the travel provider.

5. Star ratings – Yes, that is one of the first things we see when booking an all-inclusive trip. Everyone’s expectations are different, everyone’s taste as well, we may want more, we may want less. Our perceptions of cleanliness, drinks, food taste, taste buds, room comfort, resort amenities are different. Again it is similar to reviews. Form your own star and review ratings.

6. Beach Soliciting – stay away from those wanting to braid your hair. You never know where their hands have been, or how long they have not washed the brushes and products they use for your hair, or those people who are selling you cigars. Chances are they are giving you fake cigars that are loaded with banana leaves. If they are walking by the shore line and see you, they will always come bother you. Keep saying no and walk away and ignore them. Any local for that matter. You had just come out of the water. They expect you to have money on you all the time and on an all-inclusive trip. Don’t fall for it and walk away

7. Orientation – When you board your bus at the airport and take you to your resort, they give you a pamphlet of your resort, and they will tell you that the next morning there is orientation to get to know your resort, your flight information back home, and all that. They will try to sell you excursions and persuade you to do so, but I wouldn’t waste time being in a meeting where the beach, and the water, and your meals await you. Vacations go by so fast. Don’t want to waste a second of it.