COVID19 – Masks and Gloves Being Thrown on The Ground – Littering our World

Recently with the COVID19 Coronavirus outbreak, people have been going to grocery stores and other essential places to buy necessities and essentials and then going home protecting themselves with Masks and gloves to try to prevent themselves from getting the coronavirus COVID19.  There are people who are really disgusting and who litter and little do they know what they are doing is causing the problem to be worse. It is creating a huge problem for our world and in our backyards.

It is so disgusting. To those who throw their gloves and masks at the parking lot’s at grocery stores and other essential stores leave them in the carts. Stop littering and stop being so irresponsible and throw them in something invented called the garbage bin. They are there for a reason. Just some people do not understand the concept of what the Garbage bin is used for.

I have seen hundreds and maybe thousands of gloves and masks on the ground and it is absolutely horrible, inhumane, and so crazy. Here we are trying to prevent ourselves from getting sick and boom, there are these people who are doing just the opposite.

People are so focused on social and physical distancing and yet some just throw them on the ground and leave them in carts with whatever is on those gloves and masks being spread around.

I even saw them flying around and that causes a bad environmental disaster as well causing harm and danger for them to get into waters and streams where fish and other animals live and other places too. People have no idea what hazards and havoc this causes and ultimately we pay the price at the end with more people and animals getting infected with this horrible virus. It is unbelievable. There need to be strict penalties to enforce on these people who litter and there should be security and police monitoring parking lots and other places to catch these people who litter.

it is a very disgusting thing. I will call people out on that if I do see it happen and I will make sure they throw it in the garbage disposal. I will definitely be keeping my eye out next time I do groceries. This is crazy and people need to be educated. I cannot believe that we have to teach people how to throw things in the garbage and I cannot believe we have to tell people to do this and where they can’t think of it with common sense by themselves and people have to tell them. That shouldn’t be. It should be automatic and a lightbulb going on in someone’s head. It is ridiculous.

We need to help each other and our world to flatten this curve and with littering, it is not helping at all.

People just don’t get it and don’t understand. More needs to be done to stop these people.

The 105th Armenian Genocide Commemoration – April 24, 2020

The Armenian Genocide Commemoration

April 24, 1915 – April 24, 2020
105 Years of Remembrance
1.5 Million Armenians Massacred by the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

By: Talin Orfali Ghazarian – CANADA

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is Canada’s Capital and every year for a few decades now, we embark on a journey with buses and automobiles to the Parliament Hill for a peaceful demonstration to meet with government dignitaries, Armenians across cities and towns from Ontario, Quebec and Other areas plus our Non-Armenian supporters who have recognized and acknowledged The Armenian Genocide, then immediately after the Parliament, we conduct a march to the Turkish Embassy to also conduct a civil demonstration. Canada has recognized the Armenian Genocide and the purpose of us gathering at the Parliament hill is to say thank you to the Canadian Government for recognizing.

However, this year in 2020 is a lot different and due to unfortunate circumstances due to the COVID19 outbreak, we will be doing things a lot differently. Just because we are not gathering in large numbers together, does not mean that we have forgotten and it does not mean that we will not remember. This year, we will be live streaming online and commemorating through social media outlets, posting articles, hashtags, videos, and pictures to participate. We will definitely make sure that we voice ourselves.

1.5 million Armenians were displaced from their homes, sent to the desert without food and water, were left hungry, tired, slaughtered and massacred by the hands of the Turkish Ottoman Empire of Turkey, and also we had our lands were stolen and our Mount Ararat where it was the final resting place of  Noah’s Ark. To this day, Turks still deny and lie about ever committing those terrible crimes.  There are several websites and literature about The Armenian Genocide online. 

Many countries around the world have recognized the Armenian Genocide and we thank and appreciate you. Let’s prevent that history does not repeat itself. 

Acknowledge, Recognize, Awareness. 


Celebrities Complaining About Being Isolated & Quarantined During COVID19

RANT from me:
I am so pissed off right now!

Some celebrities are complaining that they are stuck in their homes during the COVID19 pandemic and some say that they are bored in their villas/mansions. Sorry but you are complaining about being stuck in your 6,000 to 20,000 sq feet or more mansions when you have swimming pools, hot tubs, ample space to move around to do things, movie theatres, workout rooms, game rooms, massive walk-in closets, pool tables, super expensive cars, super expensive clothing and so much more. I don’t feel for any of you at all. Try and be in people’s shoes right now and your complaining!

There are alone people in this world who are isolated, there are people who are suffering, there are homeless people out there, there are people who live paycheck to paycheck and some who are struggling to make ends meet, some people who have lost their jobs and got laid off due to this pandemic, there are people who can’t pay their bills, there are people who can’t be with their family and friends who are in hospital and YET celebrities have the audacity to complain while they are in the millions of dollars worth of mansions?

While front line workers, nurses, doctors that are pouring in their sweat, tears, exhaustion to help patients with COVID19 who are trying to save their lives, security guards, grocery workers, parents, fast food places, restaurant staff, delivery people, transit workers, pharmacists, truck drivers, post/mail servers, teachers and other essential workers out there who are busting their asses off working so hard to help YOU, who are working so hard to make sure you have food at home.

Kids who can’t go to school now, who were looking forward to seeing their friends, who were supposed to graduate, teens who are supposed to have their proms, graduation valedictorian speeches, and all these special pivotal moments, people who are supposed to have weddings, engagement parties, birthday parties, baby and bridal showers, milestone birthdays, holiday gatherings, travel plans, business trips, cruises, and all kinds of events that are canceled, and

yet Celebrities are complaining that they are bored and feel so isolated and cooped up in their HUGE ASS MANSIONS, GET OVER YOURSELVES!

Appreciate what you have, be grateful and be thankful. There are people who are dying every day from this pandemic and who are deeply suffering, there are other people who are dying from various diseases and illnesses around the world too. While you’re in your MANSIONS, there are people taking in their last breath. SO UNBELIEVABLE!

Rant Over.

How to Keep Busy at Home During The COVID19 Pandemic – Self-Isolation Quarantine

I know it is a difficult time for us right now where our lives were filled with our busy lifestyle, going and coming, going out, but now with COVID19 CoronaVirus pandemic going on, we need to really focus on being isolated and quarantined just for a while until things clear up. Our Governments want to keep us healthy and safe as much as possible keeping us at home so that we won’t become a statistic too.

We need to entertain ourselves while we are quarantined and isolated at home and social media, the internet, and communication with others are so important right now as it always has been. Some people underestimate social media, but at times like this, we need to connect more than ever right now.

I know it is serious what is going on in the world and I am thinking about the lives lost and families ripped apart and those who are currently in the COVID-19 condition and those heroes in the front lines Nurses, Doctors, Pharmacists, Grocery workers, Teachers, public transportation workers, and others. I love you all, I respect you and I thank you. I appreciate all of you.

Some Tips from me to keep busy at home during this difficult time we are all facing during this pandemic of COVID19:

1. Play board, card, and other games do crafts, puzzles, and color, do things without screen time for a bit.

2. Have a baking or cooking challenge. Search for a recipe online or do something on your own, and then share your progress on social media. Hashtag it to #QuarantineRecipeChallenge

3. A good time to do spring cleaning around the house, organize closets, pantry, and drawers. look at your medicine cabinets, bathroom and organize and discard any expired medicine, shampoo, creams, and other things that have been laying around for a while.

4. Watch movies, TV Shows, and anything to steer your mind away from COVID19 related issues.

5. Read books or look up a subject online, do some research and write about it. Like a book report or something.

6. take out a pen and paper and start writing or do some doodling.

7. Communicate more on social media and phone and just keep connected with your friends, family and the world. Share funny memes, inspirational quotes with each other, and have fun with others virtually while being physically distant.

8. If you sometimes don’t want to cook, order some take out and have it delivered to you. Also if you need to stock up on food, go out once a week safely to the grocery store, pick up whatever you need and then come home, restock everything.

9. Take this time off from the fast-paced busy lives as an opportunity to catch up on sleep, rest and things that you wanted to do for a while around the house to accomplish it.

10. Work from home if you can.

11. Get some fresh air outside your home, balcony, look out the window.

12. Walk around your neighborhood being physically distant from others at least 6 feet for half an hour or less.

What other tips do you have? Share in the comments below.

Most importantly Stay Healthy, Wash your hands often, wash your clothes or put them in the hamper right away when you go grocery shopping for essentials and focus well on hygiene and keep safe.


My condolences to those lives who were lost during this terrible illness.

The Coronavirus COVID-19 Media Panic – My Opinion

Recently, we have all heard about the COVID-19 coronavirus that has been circulating around starting from Wuhan, China in Asia and it has been a great course of concern to many people and my condolences to the families who have lost loved ones and my thoughts and prayers to those who have come in contact with this virus, and now a lot of people have been concerned and want to avoid public spaces, shaking hands and offering kind gestures to others. People are in panic mode grabbing so much toilet paper, masks, hand sanitizers, wipes, disinfectants, food, water and other essentials where a lot of stores are out of stock just so people can quarantine themselves.

In my opinion, someone like myself who is in Social Media, and have been writing since 2001, and have been involved in writing a lot of topics and have seen and been through journalism and media.

The media is a people magnet. They suck you into what they want you to hear and they begin to frighten us with blowing things way out of proportion leading people to believe everything, and then this is just like the other viruses that have come and gone with SARS, Swine Flu, Norovirus and etc… etc… — They expect you to get scared so that you do not continue with your daily life and so you can go out to dish out a lot of money so you can freak out. It is way too much. It really is sad that people fall for it.

I am sorry, but I am not concerned about this coronavirus one bit because I am not going to stop living my life, going out to places, interacting with people, enjoying my time going out and going about my business just because the media tells you so. Do not be so naive.

See the trend? Stock markets have gone down, fuel prices have dropped, events and important occasions have been canceled, touristic places have closed, some cruises have been canceled, travel to some places are canceled, parties, schools, gyms, and other places are closed. A lot of businesses and people’s lives are being put on hold. — Hmm.. I smell something fishy going on here. I know they want you to be safe yadda yadda, blah, blah, blah, but now are they really?

I think that because some people do not want to exercise good clean habits, hygiene and there are people who will eat anything and everything that is alive and has a pulse, there are people who have disgusting habits, picking nose, putting fingers in the mouth, sneezing into hands, coughing without covering mouths, eating with your mouth open, spitting, littering, not washing your hands after using the washroom and even other times also when people go to the washroom in public places, some people do not even flush, and dirty the seat and the rims with human waste. So disgusting.

Because of these people who do not want to wash their hands and who do not want to be clean, and because of people eating God knows what, everybody else has to deal with it because some people choose to be selfish, choose to be careless and to infect, spread whatever they consume. Is that fair? I do not think so.

So, go live your life without fear, go out, enjoy yourself, do whatever you can and want. Don’t let some COVID-19 virus deter you from life.

Our Experience on The 12 days Norwegian Joy Panama Canal Cruise Vacation.

On the morning of Sunday, February 2nd, 2020, We embarked on a cruise vacation aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Joy after impatiently waiting for 3 and a half months. I could hardly contain my excitement at the airport waiting to take our flight to Miami, Florida where we took an Uber for the first time ever in our lives to head to the Port of Miami to meet our beautiful ship. That was a pretty fun 10 minutes. Just the check-in process was just a little longer than expected and the ship left a couple of hours later then it was planned to sail away which was 4pm. Ended up leaving around 6:30pm as passengers were coming onboard. The ship was at the wrong terminal which is the cause of the delay, but that was not such a huge issue and just waited out until officially going in.

As we took our first steps onboard the ship after checking in, it was such an awesome feeling. So, we familiarized ourselves with the ship, and then we had a mandatory mustering safety drill onboard which was compulsory. As we concluded, we grabbed a bite to eat quickly at the buffet on deck 16, which is the Garden Cafe. We saw other ships sailing out which were in the port with us. Later, the Super Bowl game was on the jumbo screens. We watched quite a bit of it. Then our ship began to move and then that began our 12-day journey where we first had 2 days at sea.

In those 2 days, we learned Norwegian Joy very quickly and we got used to it. We dined at The Local for the best chicken wings ever and other tasty food items on the menu. You could dine there for 24 hours a day with a large selection of your choice and you can order multiple if you wish. Then we dined at the Manhattan Main Dining Room most of the dinner times which we enjoyed. The food was so excellent and tasty. Great memories. We got to sit way at the aft(back of the ship) and the view was spectacular with the propellor turning the water as we were sailing. We also dined at the Savor and Taste restaurants which were complimentary as well that comes with your cruise.

The ship is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and the layout and everything was so nicely thought of and the ship design was organized and everything was easy to get to. I watched the Footloose musical production which was excellent by awesome performers. I participated in many games, trivia, and cupcake icing competition at the Atrium on Deck 6. Also got to enjoy the hot tubs, the swimming pools, lounged on the sunbeds while gazing at the beautiful blue teal sea. We also took part in a Question and Answer period with the Ships Captain Carl-Gunnar Hammerin and his crew. People asked them questions about the Norwegian Joy and the operations behind the scenes. It was quite interesting to partake in.

The ports of call we visited were beginning with Miami, 2 days at sea then to Curacao, Bonaire, Aruba, Cartagena, Colombia, Colon, we went through the Panama Canal Gatun locks, Anchored in Gatun lake for 2-3 hours, and then we went to Puerto Limon, Costa Rica, 2 days at sea and back to Miami on the disembarkation day. We just went around the ship area and did not want to go too far out. I just enjoyed the scenery, got off the ship, took many photos of the cruise ship, and areas. Don’t like to do those excursions much as we just wanted to relax and enjoy and go back to the ship to shower, change and enjoy the scenery, and when the ship left to the next port.

It is awesome to see people disconnecting the ropes after mooring and how they release and reel in the ropes back onto the ship before sailing out from the docks. I love it when the propellors make the water turn and hearing the beautiful sounds of the waves, the peaceful and beautiful seas, watching the moon from afar, watching other ships from a distance, breathing in the beautiful ocean breeze and salty air which was so relaxing and beautiful. It truly makes you appreciate these hardworking people.

The staff on board were fantastic, and always maintaining, cleaning, and taking care of the ship, and everyone was so friendly and awesome. I absolutely enjoyed talking with the crew. they are onboard cruises for months at a time without seeing their families and friends which is very difficult emotionally as they can be homesick too. Its always so good to be kind to them, to be patient, and show respect to them. They are the hardest working bunch I have ever seen. Non-Stop all day and night to work for us passengers who get on board. I said thank you to them as much as I could. Common courtesy and dignity are very important.

It was so crazy about how quick 12 days went by. It was like a dream. I flew home, and I said, where did the time go? You wait and wait for the vacation to come, you begin to put things together to pack, doing research, enjoying the packing stage, and as the days get closer, excitement and anticipation gets to you and then the day comes and you get onboard and time just starts to zoom on by.

Met some great people on board from our Facebook group and other people recognized me too because of giving travel advice online. So it was pretty amazing to get noticed by people. It was such a great adventure filled with lots of fun, memories, relaxation, seeing different places, people and grabbing souvenirs, and postcards also took about 12 to 1300 photographs throughout the trip. I couldn’t stop taking pictures to document our memories. I love looking back at the photos and just remembering. February 14, 2020 was our last day 😦 It has been depressing since getting back into reality, but it is what it is.

I totally recommend Norwegian Cruise Line and I recommend cruising period. If you have never been on a cruise, get going and book it. You will not be disappointed. I can assist you if you have any questions and I will be happy to be there for you every step of the way to make your cruise ship vacation as memorable, fun, and awesome as it was for us. It is truly an amazing way to see the world and to travel. Do not delay, book and see for yourself how truly remarkable it really is.

I can’t wait to cruise again in the near future. It is the best and look forward to many more adventures. Panama Canal was definitely in my bucket list and I crossed it off.

What the Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash Taught Me About Life

Before I begin, I just want to say I love you all very much. Life is just too short and you do not know what happens from one minute to the next. Life is very unpredictable and can change instantly. Tomorrow is never promised. Always need to live life being kind, humble, appreciate and cherish each other. Life can change in seconds. So once again, I just want to say I love you all very much!

In life, we all go through so many situations, problems, and issues in our lives that are irrelevant at this point. You know why? Life is just too short to hold onto grudges, hate, and jealousy. We weren’t put on this earth to destroy and hurt each other. We are all born innocent until a negative and bad influence ruins our personalities, and what we do to others. We must never get that far. We must not let people’s bad examples take our innocence away. In the end, the choices you made do affect others too. Do not succumb to those matters and stay away from the wrong crowd.

I just want to say to enjoy your life, be with great people, kindness and spread good cheer around is very important. Time is precious, people are precious, the world is precious. We need to understand that what happened with the Kobe Bryant crash puts things into perspective, that in an instant fate and life can take us away in a second and families can be shattered and a huge loss in people’s lives forever. Never take anyone and life for granted.

These people on the Helicopter crash of January 26, 2020 — pilot Ara Zobayan, 50; Orange Coast College baseball coach John Altobelli, 56, wife, Keri, 46, and their 13-year-old daughter, Alyssa, 13; Mamba Sports Academy basketball coach Christina Mauser, 38, a married mother of three; and Sarah Chester, 45, and her daughter, Payton, 13 – Kobe Bryant 41, Gianna Bryant 13″.

When you look at all those ages, the families that have to deal with daily and constant pain, grief, mourning, tears, broken hearts, shattered dreams because their loved ones died so untimely, and so shockingly. It really is something to think about. Forgive people if they have done you wrong, solve your problems, get together and talk about things and how to resolve it. People plan their families, future together, the hopes and dreams for their lives and life is so unfair to just part physically with our loved ones.

Some people focus too much on material and monetary gain. Once you cross the realm to heaven, you will not take anything with you, except your soul. It is important to be humble and not boast, flaunt and show off to people.

People find the easy way out not to talk to people anymore, because of mistakes made. People aren’t perfect, they have flaws, they have weaknesses. People find the easy way out to divorce, broken friendships, relationships by calling it quits. People give up way too easily nowadays instead of talking about it and fixing it. It is very important to communicate our issues and to start fresh no matter how many times you fall. You pull yourself back up, refresh yourself.

It is so difficult to process the loss of life especially when life goes on. Always know that those people who we lose physically, they are with us in spirit, they are looking down from heaven to see us, to watch over us. I dealt with a huge loss about 5 months ago, and to tell you the truth, I am still grieving like the first day I heard about it and it hurts a lot and I cry a lot, but every cry, every grief makes me stronger and I believe that the person is always with me.

It is crazy about how when people die, everyone starts to talk about them more, are remembered, but when people are alive, they seem to be taken advantage of and not worried. I hope that what happened is a lesson to us all.

We dropped everything once we heard about the Kobe Bryant fateful helicopter crash and we all hurt because of the news. It is evident that we can all come together as one to hold onto each other, and to mourn together. Let’s use the same energy to help each other up.

Life truly is unpredictable. Do not delay, Hug your loved ones today and always, say I love you every chance you get, say thank you, appreciate each other, spend as much time as possible with people. When you are with your family and friends, making new friends, put those screens, phones, computers down.

Focus on real communication, make memories, talk about things, laugh and hold onto each other. You don’t realize that time is ticking and screen time is taking away all those precious moments that you can be making with your loved ones. It is very important. – You will regret it. Trust in me. You just never know. Tomorrow is never promised.

In loving memory of the helicopter crash that killed 9 people in Los Angeles, California. We will never forget.

Talin Orfali Ghazarian


Helicopter Crash Victims

Helicopter Crash Victims

The Celebrity Feel – Toronto Pearson International Airport

In life, we are given this incredible privilege to travel and see the world and how aviation, technology, engineering, and aircraft make this world a smaller place by getting to places quickly. Toronto Pearson Airport is an airport that is so near and dear to me with all the great memories created whether it is traveling, dropping off, picking up and just spotting aircraft nearby. Very special to me.

Every single time that I land in Toronto Pearson Airport, as soon as we taxi, gate, get our belongings from the aircraft and walk our way out to the terminal, to get through customs, to claim our baggage, the adrenaline, and that feel of seeing flight attendants, captains/pilots and amongst CATSA and CBSA officers, plus other passengers sharing the same atmosphere. It makes me feel so incredibly appreciative and thankful to the travel industry and our beautiful Airport of Toronto Pearson.

As we are about to claim our baggage, that moment comes along where we begin to exit to reunite with loved ones, meet colleagues, or go get a shuttle, bus, taxi, uber, lyft or other transportation to take us home or where ever else.

As you are walking out, you see all the eyes on you as you are carrying your baggage, that automatic celebrity feels where you glance at everyone and people are smiling and making eye contact with you. It feels like you are a celebrity coming home. So at this point, I walk a bit slower and I do the same looking at everyone else and I smile too. I just absolutely love that moment. I appreciate every moment and cherish it and this is one of them.

That part whether it’s at Terminal 1 or 3, is one of my favorite parts of the airport and of course when I am at the gate waiting for my flight and watching beautiful aircraft go by. Toronto Pearson Airport is a sentimental place for me and I always feel like a celebrity there. I am thankful to all the workers and volunteers at the airport. Appreciation, kindness, and patience go a long way when traveling and expressing that is very important. It makes life and people’s day go by a lot better.

Toronto Pearson Airport, Thank you – I love you. Safe, well wishes and happy travels to all of us.


The Hard Truth & Sad Reality of Social Media – Devices That Consume Us

The sad reality of how smartphones and other devices are consuming us and face-to-face human interaction and communicating is diminishing and at a rapid rate. We need to set limits within ourselves to go offline, explore our world around us, connect with humans at a personal level, show emotions, and develop our personalities.

This is the fact and the hard truth and it has become a huge problem in our society, when we prioritize what’s on our screens, and play with apps. We no longer need to do any critical thinking anymore, we no longer need to learn the basics, even mathematics, spelling, counting. Everything is done for us and there are apps for everything.

We are putting smartphones and devices first in our lives, and physical communication with people second. Even paying attention to our families and friends have diminished. I see it happen far too often where people get together at restaurants and coffee shops and they sit around not talking, but they are on their phones and showing no emotion, and no personality. It is so sad. Why have we come this far? Why do we have to do this 24/7?

Here I am talking about this on a social media blogging platform.

We have become so dependent on these devices that we even ask Siri and Alexa to do basic chores around the house like taking down decorations for example, but we know that it won’t happen that way, but maybe one day. I wouldn’t put anything past it. Screen time is consuming our time at a very alarming rate.

So much of our lives are going by and we don’t realize it. Spend time with your loved ones and create memories without these screens. want to take pictures? Buy a digital camera and take pictures and then look at them later. Smartphones have made it easy to take pictures and to share instantly too

Our brains are no longer functioning without these devices that we stare at for hours and hours a day. People cannot even put these devices down when driving, walking, and even shopping. This has become a big disease and it is running people’s lives.

It’s very serious. I am very concerned about the coming generations.

These images are so powerful and the description exactly and spot on of what these devices are doing to us. Hopefully, it will make people think about their actions and take these matters seriously. What can we do to combat this? How can we take a break from this all?

I am definitely making changes in my life. Life is too short. 

Be Kind to One Another – The Ellen Show — Ellen DeGeneres

Hello Everyone,

As you may or may not know, Ellen DeGeneres is someone who advocates kindness and she always says be kind to one another after her shows. I have been writing for so many years now and a lot about emotions, spreading kindness, positivity and hopefully making a difference in people’s lives. I have been through bullying and people not treating me right because I am different.

Now as some years have gone by and many attempts to get to meet Ellen DeGeneres, get onto her show to spread out more kindness and everything she stands for hasn’t worked in my favour and to get my big break in the world to advocate change in social issues, and to mainly focus on putting smiles on people’s faces and being an inspiration. It has been so hard to reach out to her because basically hundreds of thousands of people do on a daily basis and its so difficult.

I want to be able to travel to Los Angeles again and this time visit Ellen at the studios and get to help the world. I want to empower and put happiness in people’s lives. I want to be able to meet my favourite stars, get into the world of entertainment writing too, work with the stars, head to award shows and at the same time advocate kindness and positivity into people’s lives as well.

I feel like I have been hitting dead ends and not getting anywhere. I will greatly appreciate, be so grateful if someone can help me. I know in my heart that I can make magic happen and I know in my soul I can put meaning into this world and spread love and joy into people’s homes, family life, relationships, and friendships.

Thank you.
Talin Orfali Ghazarian

Happy New Year 2020 Everybody! Happy New Decade!

There is so much I need to write about but do not know where to begin. I just have so much on my mind and in my heart about so many things. When I write about it, it will release the pressures within me. Writing is very therapeutic for me and where I feel so good at doing. Mostly positive, but also things that I have been through in my life. I’ve been given this gift from God to write, to express myself and to help others too with whatever they are going through too. I love seeing people be happy, smiling, having a good time and living their best life.

Life is too short to dwell on the past and to deal with people who put you down, humiliate and ridicule you. It is 2020 now and a new decade to focus on true and loving people, to be happy, to think happy, to love and be kind, enjoy your life.

What you do in your life, how you lead it, where you go, and how you control it, you have no need to explain to anybody else everyone walks in their own shoes, everyone has differences. You have no idea what somebody is going through in their lives. Always important to be understanding, nice, loving, kind and appreciative. Compassion, and giving someone compliments and accepting is truly a great gift you can give to someone. You truly have no idea of what a positive impact that will be on someone.

Happy New Year 2020 everyone and have an awesome new decade filled with health, happiness and good things. May your memories of this decade be good ones. Enjoy and uplift yourself and everyone around you.

How to Make This World A Better Place In The New Decade

As the years and decades go on, years keep going by so quickly and time is just flying by. As another decade comes to an end, a new one begins. What are your expectations for 2020 and this new decade? What would you like to see the change in this world? What can we do to better our world? I have a few ideas in mind to share with you all on what we can do together to make this world a better place and to start off the decade right. Here are some of them:

– Be kind to each other and look out for one another.

– Spread love and cheer.

– Be patient, and do not rush your life and what you have to do.

– Spend more time face-to-face with loved ones and take breaks from screens, social media and online. come up with activities, fun things to do with your family and friends that do not involve technology and gaming. Our lives are being taken over by all that. Time to take a step back and evaluate our lives. Social Media and technology isn’t everything. Whatever happened to our brains and actually using it without apps helping us?

– Have actual meaningful conversations with people, interact and communicate vocally face-to-face. Develop your emotions, personality and come up with great things to talk about, use your mind, current events, and subjects to discuss.

– Reach out to lonely people, those who do not have a lot of friends, welcome them into your life and work to preserve friendships and relationships.

– Do positive things to help your local communities, get out there and be involved in inspiring, doing good deeds for others.

– Steer away from negativity, the drama that people create, and focus on positive things that can make a great difference in a person’s life.

– Stay away from Stupid and pathetic trends online that have no meaning, substance and a purpose. Always think before you get into it. chances are its not a good idea.

– Before commenting and passing judgment on others on social media, make sure before clicking on that submit, send or post button, that it is not rude and terrible. Always practice good thoughts. Hiding behind screens doesn’t make you entitled to be rude to others and to say mean things. Be careful. Words are far more hurtful than anything else. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

– Appreciate more about life, be grateful for people around you, cherish loved ones and never take anybody or anything for granted.

– Never take advantage of the goodness of people’s hearts, be good to kind-hearted, soft-hearted and great people in this life. Never treat them with disrespect. They will go to the ends of the earth, they will do anything and everything for you. Do not use them to your advantage and always be thankful and appreciate them. It is a rare thing in this world now to find generous people who do good things from their heart without expecting anything in return. That is so sweet and thoughtful of them.

– Money and material things are a necessity in our lives but do not think that is the only way to win a person’s heart. Don’t take advantage of people’s generosity.

– If you are a fake in this world, it is not a good trait. Be real, be who you are. Fakeness is not a great thing at all. Be original and do not put on a show and pretend. You will be caught sooner or later. Lies do come out. Steer far away from that.

– Say please, thank you, and develop good manners, do not be selfish, apologize for wrong-doings, admit your faults, respect each other.

– Have a great outlook on life, surround yourself with positive vibes, keep thinking good thoughts.

– Enjoy your life. You only have one. Do anything and everything you can before it is too late. Travel, enjoy the scenery, get out there and do things you wouldn’t normally do, create a to-do list and goals you want to achieve.

– We all go through problems in our personal lives, and we all deal with things in different ways, always a good idea to be nice and say good things to people all the time.

– Smile when you go out in public, hold the door for people going in and out, say thank you and you’re welcome, be patient when at restaurants, fast food places, be kind to your server and waitress and speak nicely, be kind to those working in retail, say thank you and appreciate people working and standing for those long hours serving you.

– Take care of the world, do not litter, help your neighbors around you, take care of the environment, and ultimately take care of yourself.

The list can go on and on. It is up to us people in this world to make the world a better place. The earth has life on it. It is important to take care of it, so it can take care of us. We only have one life to live. We should do everything we can while we are still living to do good things and to leave a great legacy to our loved ones and communities.

What are some of your ideas on making the world a better place? Please leave politics and religion out of your ideas, please. Everything else welcome. Thank you.

The Baby Yoda Poem

The Baby Yoda Poem
By: Talin Orfali Ghazarian –

Baby Yoda all cute and sweet
Ever so adorable, even your tiny little feet,
All of us people have gone so crazy for you,
You are so loved, that I wish you had a clue.

All the videos, photos, memes galore,
That we can never get tired and want more,
All the coos, moves and all the power,
we love looking at you hour after hour.

Your cuteness is so very overloaded,
That your videos and memes are downloaded,
In the galaxy and universe, you have taken over,
You are so green and lovely like a lucky four-leaf clover.

Baby Yoda sees a frog and eats it
Swallowing every piece bit by bit,
He loves drinking his choccy milk,
it is so tasty that it goes down gentle like silk.

Oh baby Yoda, we are so obsessed,
That you brought people together and we are so blessed.


Mandalorian – Baby Yoda – Takes over the Galaxy and our hearts – Star Wars

It is so exciting to report that a new character has been added to the Star Wars Mandalorian franchise. It’s so incredibly cute, cuddly, and absolutely adorable. Baby Yoda is his name. This beautiful green icon has taken over the galaxy. It eats Frogs and has choccy milk, soup and its a protector from evil. He protects the people he loves and enjoys touching things he is not supposed to.

I was never into Star Wars until I saw one of the films a few years ago. I got hooked. I love the series and it gets me excited and now more especially when Baby Yoda came into the picture.

I just learned about Baby Yoda this past week and I am already hooked and obsessed over the little guy. I just joined the group on Facebook where you can see videos, memes, photos, and all sorts of things relative to Baby Yoda and here it is. Enjoy the group.

You can also check out another group called baby Yoda memes gallery filled with memes and fun stuff too!

So many cool postings from so many people who enjoy, love, obsess and adore this cutie patootie. I am warning you though, You will experience cuteness overload that you cannot handle it. I am sure that this cutie Baby Yoda will bring us all together in this world to enjoy and love him and he will spread out joy to people of all ages.

To learn more about Baby Yoda, you can check out the group link I posted and you can check on Google too for more information on him. Enjoy the cuteness!

How to Approach Celebrities, Stars and Well-Known Figures Personalities of Today

In my life, I can say I have been pretty lucky and have had my fair share of meeting celebrities, stars, well-known figures, sports athletes, reporters and anchors and many more for so many years now without going to any events. I just meet them spontaneously all the time which is pretty amazing with being at the right place at the right time.

I’ve learned ways to approach them and treat them like they are ordinary people like you and I. You never want to come across as an obsessed, crazed and screaming fan that will creep the well-known personality out. Make sure that you approach them in a calm and collected manner. Just think if the roles were reversed.

Just come up to that person and say hello, and then introduce your name to them and give them a nice compliment about what you like about them and then talk with them for about 30 seconds to a minute and then ask them if you want to take a picture with them or get an autograph. Nowadays, people want that photo op with the famous person to post on social media and have total bragging rights that you met this person which is totally fine.

Don’t right away ask for a photo, engage in a meaningful conversation which will then be appreciated and welcomed and not just use a celebrity to just take a photo with them and then that’s it. That will make a celebrity feel used. Do not do that.

In my previous article, I had posted was that these well-known personalities, stars, and celebrities are there because we fans got them there, and we pay their way to entertain us. They should always be thankful that we give them the kind of attention because, without us fans, they will not have jobs. It all comes with the territory of becoming famous.

However, there is that border that should not be crossed and there are so many ways to approach these people. If you are calm, humble and greet them with a firm handshake, that will open up the door to them welcoming you to talk to them. One thing to keep in mind that if you see them walking around and if you see them from afar, make sure they do not see you make eye contact with them. Pretend you are just walking and then as you make that approach, stop them and say hello, I think I know you from somewhere and you are familiar, and then do your magic.

certain things fans do can get themselves into big trouble when they overstep and touch them in not so flattering ways and they will go far enough to stalk them at their homes. They will find out everything about the well-known personality and they will find themselves at their homes which is why they are unlisted.

These Hollywood Los Angeles, Beverly Hills Star home tours are welcoming these overly-obsessed fans that know where these people live and they will do anything and everything to get video footage and look into the gated homes with tall trees and shrubs just to snag some photos for social media and all that. They have massive security alarms and codes to open up the gates for anybody who is permitted, but if you show up unannounced, that can result into getting into problems that you do not want.

— Now, that is something that is not cool. Not when it comes to their personal space like their homes. It is a no-no to invite yourself and that will cause you to get arrested for trespassing and will maybe result in restraining orders which is not good for your record.

I’ve been to Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and areas where celebrities live in southern California and I can assure you those bus star home tours are just a waste of money. You cannot really see anything and you can maybe see the roof of the huge homes and maybe just maybe symbols and signs. Just ask me and I will tell you. I have never been on those star home tours, but I’ve followed those buses around and its really not ask exciting.

I meet these people by luck which I have mentioned. All of them have actually really enjoyed my company. I’ve met Amanda Bynes, Kevin Bacon, Atom Egoyan, Alison Lohman, Colin Firth, Breckin Mayer, Sharon Lawrence, Paul Telfer, Ian Buchanan, Chloe Grace Moretz, plus a few others which I cannot remember, Sports Athletes, Politicians, Anchors, Reporters and amongst others.

Approach them, but when they are away from their homes in public spaces. If you are invited, that is great and if they know you that is great, but do not ever be that obssessive person because that is a huge red flag.

You will get your 15 minutes of fame once they announce your name all over for stalking a celebrity at their home. You don’t want that kind of publicity because that is a recipe for disaster and people will always remember this and you do not want that kind of reputation going on about you. It’s really not worth it.

Stay calm and know your limits. Never feel intimidated and nervous meeting these well-known personalities. Just think they are just regular people like you and I. Trust me, you will appreciate it when I tell you this, they will be grateful that you did.