Cruise Vacations – Pier Runners & Late Passengers – Paying Fines

In the last few decades, cruise vacations have been a very popular and incredible way to see the world, to travel to so many destinations in one vacation, to experience, to enjoy and be amongst different walks of life.

However, there are those certain few who do not follow rules, guidelines and do not care about anybody else, but themselves and are so selfish and do not take extra measures to do research, look at the time, read newsletters and hear announcements onboard cruise ships like pier runners and late passengers to cruises where some people get lucky to get back to the cruise ship after visiting a port and some passengers that aren’t so lucky and the ship leaves them behind and have these left behind passengers figure out how to get to the ship in the next port of call.

Cruise lines have to pay the big bucks and hefty fines if they stay in the port of call for more than they are allowed to and depending on the cruise itinerary, and if they are late by half an hour to an hour because some passengers do not want to follow the rules and stay ashore, chances are that Gangway will be disconnected, the ropes will be untied and be reconnected to the ship, the horn will go off and thrusters and propellors will begin to work and off the ship goes.

Then you see stranded passengers on the pier trying to flag the ship’s captain and crew, but it is too late. It doesn’t matter what the port time is, Cruise ships operate on cruise ship time. you need to set your watch or your cell phones to the ship time, so you do not miss it. They always say to be back onboard half an hour to an hour before disembarkation from that port of call. Some people still do not follow it even when it is announced many times and even written in your daily cabin newsletter of what is going on throughout the day.

Some people still do not get it. It is absolutely ridiculous having grown up adults still not following rules and have trouble to understand that it can be a costly mistake if you are late and left behind. It will be your responsibility to get to the next port on your own expense which means transportation, food, going to the local embassy, talking to port officers, and a whole lot of trouble just because those passengers do not want to follow the rules and those who are constantly late for things in life. Lateness is no excuse.

Did you know that if cruise ships are late just by an hour or more the whole cruise itinerary may change because of those certain passengers, and sometimes the weather can play a part too, or local protests or something going on, but mostly its to do with late passengers? Did you know that if the cruise ship goes to next port of call, the time spent there will be less? sometimes it can totally be avoided. Time is very serious onboard a cruise ship.

Cruise lines should come up with changes that whoever is late arriving to their ship and whoever disobeys orders, should get a huge fine and must pay. Why should cruise lines pay late port penalties because of passengers who are late? It is not the cruise lines responsibility. It is yours. If you booked something on your own and go off on your own without a cruise shore excursion, it is all up to you on how you get back and to always look at the time.

I am currently writing to cruise lines to implement these changes to fine late passengers. I have no sympathy for people like that who miss their ship.

If a shore excursion is organized, approved by local authorities especially by the cruise line and if they are late, then the ship has to wait for them regardless and port authorities are contacted so the cruise line won’t pay for penalties.

Bottom line is that people need to learn not to be late for things. This is also a life lesson to learn. I am sure those stranded passengers on the pier now have maybe learned a lesson that lateness, selfishness, and disregard for rules and regulations is wrong.

Traveling gives you some sort of responsibility to take time seriously and to manage time well, and to do lots of research, calculations, and to always ask questions, read updates, and so much more.

So, if you are one of those types of people who are always late and don’t care about others and not respect time, then cruising is not for you.

Cruise ship vacations are awesome and fun. Do not allow others stupidity to ruin it for you. Do not blame cruise lines for error, blame those certain passengers that ruin things for everyone else. Your time is just as valuable as those who are waiting for you to board your ship. Don’t be selfish and enjoy your time.

next article, I will be talking about selfish passengers and bad behaviour


Social Media Commentary – Have People Gone Over The Line?

Social Media Commentary – Have People Gone Over The Line?

In the last decade or two, social media has played a big role in how we communicate with others and even total strangers that we do not know. There are groups, pages and other forms of communicating our thoughts, reactions, opinions, suggestions and more. Now, the golden question is, Have people gone over the line in some aspects?

Nowadays, with social media, there is no filter and some people just write for the sake of writing on posts without thinking of the outcome often times leading to people getting hurt feelings and where people cyberbully others. Social media is at everyone’s disposal now, and there are some people who draw over the line. It is absolutely ridiculous about what kind of comments people make. What people write online and how they portray themselves, definitely shows people who they really are as a person.

People who always bully, post negative, terrible and hurtful comments to others are those kinds of people who have not been in positive, healthy and good environments. They have not been taught how to treat others with respect and dignity. All they have ever known is being negative to people. The things I have seen online have been crazy and some comments have absolutely been so terrible, that I just cannot seem to take out of my mind.

Some people’s comments are so bad to others, that those others have taken their lives and made the decision to end their lives because of how deeply hurt they have been. Words are absolutely so powerful, that if you misuse and say mean, rude and hurtful things to others, they will have the etched and embedded in their lives for life and unfortunately result in loss of life because of it. Some people do not know how to treat others with decency. It is absolutely so sad that it has come to this point where people have drawn the line and people have crossed it way too many times.

There are some groups and pages that I was a part of, but no longer am, and the negativity and horrible things I have read has just been so devastating.

We should use social media in a positive and good way. Some people have actually defended and backed people up and that is very nice to see people stepping up to rude people in those comments too. It is nice to see that there are still good people in this world that will stick up for others, stand up for them in their vulnerable state that some rude and terrible people post. They have not been taught properly and raised to be mature and good humans for humanity and that is very sad to see happen and it is only getting worse.

I thank those people who defend others online and I appreciate it. I have also stepped in many times to defend people even when I do not know them. Helping people even if you don’t know them is a great gesture and greatness and it is appreciated more than you will ever know. It can help save a person’s life. It is always good to be kind and kindness matters more than you will ever know. You just do not know what a person is going through in their personal life. So its always good to be nice and good to others and actually mean it from your heart. It is so important.

People just can’t seem to grasp how important it is now that we all do our part to eliminate or at least try to stop disgusting and terrible comments being posted on social media. It really bothers me when those rude people then write, “Then, where is the freedom of speech?” “Why can’t we post and say what we want?” you know why? because you really do not know the struggle people face day-to-day.

It is really terrible when something bad happens, then things start to change, but with social media, it seems like some people are getting worse. It is easy to hide behind screens and say what you want. I am sure that if this was out there in the real world where you are amongst people and say those things, I am sure that more than half the things said online, are never said in a physical setting. Virtual commentary is far easier to be said than in person.

So, yes things have gone way overboard and too carried away. These are situations where suicidal thoughts, mental illness, social media abuse, mentally and emotionally scarring people for a long time and sometimes for life. It is not easy being different in this world, it is not easy to make friends and for people to like certain people, where it is easy for others to be liked, admired and made popular. It is really unfair on how some people are treated and because of how some people look and think.

When you are too nice, soft-hearted, good, want what’s best for everyone, always being helpful, putting people first, always thinking about others, being selfless, kind, spreading good cheer, love, respect, often times in return, you are treated in such terrible ways, that is really hurtful, but then you keep on doing great deeds no matter how many times people treat you poorly.

It is such an unfair world with unfair people who do not think before they post things on social media for the person directed to sees, and the world to see. It is so sad and unfortunate that social media has come to this. It’s really horrible to see. I really think that if you cannot behave properly to be kind and respectful to others and always constantly do things to harm others and hurt them, these kinds of people do not deserve to be on the internet and their privileges should be banned. When it is constantly happening by these awful people, it should be dealt with.

If a negative and horrible person is the result of another person’s mental issues or suicidal thoughts, they should be charged. Things should never get out of hand. So terrible.

It never hurts to be kind to others, and it is a nice thing to do. You have no idea how much your words can change another person’s life. Think before you post and when you click on that post, send or submit button. Do something, help people and say nice things. All the best and don’t abuse social media. Enjoy the interaction, but do it in a good manner.

Having Imaginary Friends is Actually Great

In life, there are things that brings us joy and happiness. Our imagination is unlimited and it is a great thing to have and to be. When you were a kid and when you were growing up, did you have imaginary friends? Were you always the teacher teaching imaginary kids in a classroom you made up?

Well, that person was definitely me. I barely had friends in school and I remember when I was bullied so heavily emotionally and mentally at there and I was made fun of a lot by others because my beliefs are different, and I was too, and I looked different. It was absolutely a horrible time of my life going to school, so to take my mind off of all of that, I began to discover ways to entertain myself at home and outside in my backyard, so I decided to make up imaginary friends for myself and as well as become an imaginary teacher, teaching the students different subjects.

It brought me so much joy and happiness and reaping the benefits of all that. I then didn’t really care much for real human interaction, so I came up with ways to entertain myself. I used to play with my dolls and toys and do imaginary stuff with them too. After a while when I graduated from grade school and high school, life totally changed for me.

I was more positive, and I then started with real human interaction and my imaginary friendships, became the real deal. I was really happy with my imagination and when it became an actual reality, my dreams came true and the things that I re-enacted with my imaginary friends came to be real. It was something so monumental and a big step in my life. I always maintained to be a strong individual when things were not going right for me.

I remember one time, when I was in school at recess and lunch hour, I always entertained myself. Although I was not having such a great time, but my head was always above water and I did not let that water drown me. Having imaginary friends changed me a lot. I never thought in my life that I was going to be happy and I never thought I was ever going to see the day where I was going to have friends, but all that turned around drastically.

I guess, when I was growing up luck wasn’t on my side, I guess I was a target for people to bully me and to make fun of me. I was just a normal girl, going to school, minding my own business and the other kids were just so cruel to me. I was absolutely heartbroken, crying and some days I did not want to go to school to face people. I would sometimes lie and say that I am sick and won’t go to school.

I am glad that my grades and marks were not affected and I kept my head up high and came out with ways to entertain myself. So, if you want to have an imaginary friend, and if you did that when you were a kid, then I salute you and I support you for it. It is so therapeutic and so incredible. The feeling is amazing and I am glad that I did do that.

If you feel that you need to do these things to give you joy, and have a great imagination, think of great and happy scenarios and that is a big stress-reliever, and that is something that is totally acceptable by me. Do what you have to do, to keep yourself happy. Life is too short to dwell and to focus on what negative people say and never let bullies destroy your inner peace.

Bullies and people who make fun of you, always mask their own insecurities and they were not brought up properly in a great environment at home, and negativity and treating others terribly is what they are used to and they were not raised to be proper. When you live in negativity all your life, that is all you will ever know. So it is always a good idea to always surround yourself with positivity, and do things that are joyful and what you enjoy.

Life is a great thing to discover, adventures of greatness you can even think of in your mind and its incredible knowing that you can make a difference within yourself when you come up with ways to be optimistic. Life always has its ways of working out for the better and never give up and give others the satisfaction that they won, and that they found ways to hurt you. Never let that happen. Ignoring is the best thing you can do although it is very difficult sometimes, but you just need to learn to get past it. You will.

I did and life turned out to be amazing. Yours will too. Wishing you all the best in everything and you will find your happiness and joy where ever life takes you. Don’t forget to live your life with positivity and never let others disgusting behavior get to you. Remember that. All the best to you.

Talin’s New Chicken Crazy Marinade Special Recipe

I love bathing my meat and I love a lot of  flavor

.You can use this on chicken thighs, breast, drumsticks, bone-in chicken, boneless skinless, quarter chickens and even full chicken to servings of 4 people and more… This special recipe is what I created a couple of weeks ago and it turned out awesome and so delicious and tender… Ingredients are as follows:

Dry Ingredients:
3 tbsp — Chicken Seasoning
2-3 tbsp — Onion Powder
2 tbsp — Garlic Powder
2 tbsp — All Spice
2 tbsp — Dried Basil
1 tbsp — Nutmeg
1 tsp — Clove Powder
1 tsp — Cinnamon
1 tbsp — Brown Sugar
Mix all dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl very well
.Liquid Ingredients
4 tbsp – Honey Garlic Sauce
4-5 tbsp – Barbecue Sauce
4 tbsp – Soy Sauce
4 tbsp – Mayo
4-5 tbsp – Plum Sauce
2 tbsp – Lemon
Feel free to add more liquid ingredients if you like without measurements and even the dry ones. I prefer without measurements though. In the mixing bowl add all the liquid ingredients very very well for at least a couple of minutes. Leave it for a good 15-20 minutes until all spices and liquids settle in together. do not put it on the chicken right away, then add it your chicken and cook well — When you put your chicken in the non-stick pan add 4-5 cups of water too.
Your chicken will come out so well done, cooked to perfection and tender and with all the spices still flavourful. I always prefer to cook chicken stove top for an hour to an hour and 15 minutes to medium-low setting. I don’t usually use the oven when I cook meat unless its roast or something like that.
first, you start off with high until the water and the ingredients begin to boil. Make sure you use a non-stick large pan. and voila! you are done. You can have salads, rice, pasta salad and whatever else you desire with your chicken. Enjoy!

Plane / Aircraft Spotting is Therapeutic & Fun

In my life since I was 7 or 8 years old, I began to travel on commercial aircraft to different destinations and some of those airlines now are no longer in service. I remember how excited I was to be going on a plane. I couldn’t contain myself. I was so happy. My first ever vacation was Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We went with Royal Airlines from Toronto Pearson Airport YYZ. Since then I got hooked into travel, flying and enjoying every aspect of it. Since then I have flown many many times. I lost count.


Many years went by and in 2012 or 2013, I discovered on social media that there is a plane spotters / plane spotting club where people go close to the runways at Toronto Pearson Airport and aircraft enthusiasts like myself go out to spot different types of aircraft from different airlines, different models and knowing the specifications, taking videos, photos, being informed of what aircraft is landing at what time with special apps that track flights that are incoming and outgoing. Also, some people’s photographs are now used by the airlines itself and have gotten famous in the travel industry.


Plane / Aircraft spotting became a huge part in my life and a sentimental one too. It is also therapeutic, fun and so relaxing. I then met someone named Armen in 2014 and he and I already became friends from long ago and he saw me posting stuff about travel on my social media account. Then I remember in April, 2014 he had asked me out on a date. Now, this date wasn’t any ordinary date where it involves dinner, movies, and all that jazz. He surprised me to go and watch planes landing and taking off at Toronto Pearson Airport on Airport Rd which faces runway 23.


So, we spent about 2-4 hours there just talking and also enjoying the planes. (Now, we are married and loving life). So since then been to the airport so many times to fly out as well as watch the planes landing and taking off. So, then that was it. I knew something that I would spend the rest of my life with him. That was so thoughtful and so incredibly sweet of him to do that.


I just love the sounds, the speed, and even the jet fuel. In 2014 I found out there was a Toronto Pearson Airport street festival that was happening. So we decided to go. It was so much fun being able to be at the deicing facility area and to be up close and personal with aircraft. We got a lot of freebies too with luggage tags and amongst other stuff that I still have and kept. I am very sentimental when it comes to collecting stuff from travels, airlines, and stuff.


I even watch border security that involves airports and all that. You can say, I am obsessed. I have learned a lot about the aviation airline industry and all aspects of travel. I give tips, advice, and the know how to people who need the advice on what to do at airports, cruise ships, airlines, what to pack, and how to get through security, what to declare, so on and so forth.

If you have a chance and are interested in stuff like this, Go to your local airports and find a suitable area so you can go up close and personal with the aircraft, so you can spot too. It is pretty incredible and amazing. They are marvels of engineering. I am grateful for having travel experiences, spotting aircraft and building and creating memories that are so sentimental for me.


I have met some great enthusiastic spotters over the last 5-7 years. We discuss our passion with great length  They are great people and I am glad that I am part of the spotters club to share with each other our passion, dedication, and devotion to what we call plane spotters. I am grateful and thank them for accepting me. It means so much.



People of all ages Seeking Validity with Social Media

Many years ago before social media and internet came around, a lot of us had personal diaries and journal books to write notes, letters and personal secrets to keep to ourselves and a lot of them had locks and keys on it so nobody else had access to it, but yourself and you didn’t want people to know what is written or drawn inside and it was it the time where we didn’t seek validity and attention.

As the internet and social media came about, the tables turned around quite significantly where people of all ages began to create social media accounts where people would start posting, sharing, commenting, sending videos and pictures, and amongst creating things with apps and software. Nowadays, a lot of people mainly targeting young children, teens, and young adults are trying to seek validity, creating trends, and posting things for the sake of posting where they share anything and everything about themselves, what happens at home and amongst things that do not set a good example to others.

Now, its all about the comments, likes and how many views, followers and quantity to do anything to get famous. Before people would get mad if some people found their diary or journal and begin reading very personal stuff, and turning the table, people now get mad if you do not read, and view pictures and videos and no comment or like the posts. Nowadays people take social media way too seriously to seek attention for maybe positive reasons or maybe negative and terrible reasons.

In the warm months of the year, I remember back in the day where people used to be outside on their streets, bike riding, playing basketball, road hockey, hopscotch, jump ropes, playing and interacting with each other, and now as I drive on streets, you do not see anybody outside anymore playing interactive games and sitting down and chatting without the use of screens. They are all inside either looking at their phones, playing video games that aren’t any good anymore sending out negative and bad examples to kids with fighting in it, violence and so much more.

Now, when people get together, they do not discuss about each others day and everything, they take out their phones and send each other photos, and talk about the latest trending apps, using filters to alter their faces, creating boomerang effects, sound effects, and amongst doing selfies and staring down at their phones to do stuff to seek attention for the world to see.

Now, people know everything about each other through social media. No need to ask people anymore and no need to talk anymore when people get together. Phones and tablets are super important now and some people cannot do without them for even 10 minutes. People even take them to the washroom with them when they do their business to seek entertainment out of them. When people get engaged, the latest trips people take, who had a baby, who is pregnant, when people get married, the latest news in the world. Everybody is aware and knows everything except for the art of socializing and communications.

Nothing is private anymore unfortunately and it is concerning having to be in this era now. What if social media was never created? What would happen?

Back in the day when we did not have these devices, we were talking non-stop, and making all this noise and everything and our parents and elder people used to tell us to stop making all that noise and take a break, now, you do not hear kids and young people even adults talking. Everyone is glued to their screens and now parents and elderly want them to talk to each other and put away these devices. People text each other when they are in the same room or beside each other too.

Now, people expect to get attention and viewership online from strangers and seek validity from people they do not even know and haven’t even met them. It is so sad to have to come to this generation of people who think social media is everything and that life now revolves around with that and people think that if they do not get exposure, they don’t matter.

Well, let me tell you something. You do matter and your life shouldn’t revolve around social media. There is more to life than sitting in front of a screen. Go out and get fresh air, take a walk, explore around you, take up a hobby or do crafts, hands-on things, talk to people face-to-face, go to a library and read physical books, do chores, pick up responsibility, put essence and meaning to your life, and stop thinking that social media is the only way. Enjoy your life, and put your time and energy on things outside of the screen and spend more time with your friends and family.

Make memories with your friends and family and yes take the pictures and videos and document those memories, but it should end there. This time we have with important people in our lives shouldn’t be taken for granted. Don’t try to seek attention from strangers out in the world in social media.

I am not telling you not to enjoy yourself and have fun, I am just trying to get the message across that social media, phone apps, and screen time isn’t everything. Be who you are without seeking validity, be yourself, and discover yourself. Think about it.

Adiss Harmandian – A True Armenian Legend, Maestro, Singer, Artist

Hello, It is a pleasure to introduce to you A True Armenian Legend, Maestro, Singer, Artist and a talent that is truly one of a kind and very rare and his name is Adiss Harmandian. Another name is Avedis – Adiss was born on January 14, 1945, in Beirut, Lebanon. He kicked off his musical career in the 1960s with his iconic song “Dzaghigner” and amongst other songs which then he became popular in Lebanon and the world began to know about Adiss and music. The diaspora quickly got hold of his music and he began to travel the world to perform on stages to grace the crowds with his presence.

Adiss now resides in Los Angeles with his family. The family owns the iconic Baklava Factory in Encino which I had the pleasure and excitement on visiting 3 years ago or so. It was exciting to meet his son. Many prominent figures, actors, actresses have visited the Baklava Factory to buy Middle Eastern sweets and more from there. He has had a restaurant in Lebanon called Adiss Signature and amongst other things.

Adiss has 2 daughters and a son. Taline, Liana and Norayr.

Adiss’s energy was felt through his music and singing. He sings from the heart and is truly a dedicated Armenian to his people. He has hundreds of thousands and even millions of fans worldwide who has become a staple in homes, vehicles while driving, stages, Armenian community centers, Armenian restaurants and more with his music blasted up, sung, and CD’s, Cassettes, and Vinyl records bought by so many people.

He has become a pioneer in Armenian/Arabic and International music which then other musical performers began to follow in Adiss’s footsteps and his talent blossomed to others as well.

His iconic musical career blossomed as he created 30 albums and over 400 songs that get you addicted to listening to him. Noune, Karoun Karoun, Kisher eh Kisher, Ashoun Eh Ashoun, Taline Anoushig, and Liana Liana both songs dedicated to his daughters Taline and Liana. He also has heratzir moratzir, he also has an album with the Iconic International Vatche, and he has had numerous duets with several singers and one of them is Ararad Aharonian. He has a whole lot of other popular songs of which I cannot share all of it, but if you search him online, you will see and listen to his music. He has had several band members and collaborated with Levon Ishkhanian and his band as well as local bands of certain locations in the world.

Adiss has also written a book called Yerki Jampov, meaning musical journey/road, and he tells his readers all about his life, music, some lyrics, amongst challenges and yet success stories, his tours all around the world and more. He has received many honorary awards from priests, dignitaries, amongst the Armenian community and in the world. He also earned a well-deserved medal called Mesrob Mashdots rare medallion!

Adiss is so near and dear to my heart and soul and to my family and to a lot of people I know around my Armenian community in Toronto and in Montreal in Canada and I know of many people around the world who share the same sentiments as I do. I have had the pleasure of speaking with Adiss Harmandian many times face-to-face. I have met him numerous amounts of times in Montreal and Toronto, Canada. Every single time I would hear him coming, I would definitely secure tickets to see him with my family and I would go to Armenian Summer festivals in Toronto and Montreal for the purpose to see him. I took pictures with him every time and I love our pictures so much.

Adiss is a kind-hearted, dedicated, driven, passionate, and an incredible person inside and out whom will forever be my #1 artist. The world become a lucky place with him. I truly appreciate all the hardships and hard work he went through to go through and to create his lovely music. and more. There truly aren’t enough words to describe this incredible man.

Adiss has been part of my life since I was a baby. My mother always put his music on at home while cleaning, cooking, and just sitting down and relaxing and when we are driving somewhere. My favourite is when I am driving to Montreal on the highway and I would put Adiss on in my car and it is so suiting and fitting to drive to his music passing through cities and towns. It is the absolute best. Greatest feeling ever. When we also had a cottage, we would drive up there too with his music.

We have all of his music and we have listened to it for probably over a million times, and we will never stop. I became quite close with his children with many conversations throughout the years and recently in the last 3-4 years and even more. It is such a pleasure to know his family and to be connected to them.

Adiss’s family has written the following in a recent news statement that has devastated other fellow singers and performers, fans/family worldwide and we are thinking and praying for him and his family and for Adiss to recover soon and grace us with his presence of performing once again. below is what was written on behalf of his family.


“To all ADISS friends and fans worldwide:
On behalf of our family, we would like
to share our father’s health issues.

In 2003 our father was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer on his neck area including vocal chords; however, he continued to record more then 100 songs and traveled around the world to perform for his fans.

Presently, administering more chemo
and radiation therapies have no more effect in reducing his cancer cells.

The good news is, that the FDA has approved new innovative therapies that gives us some hope. Following weeks UCLA doctors will administer what is called CAR-T cell therapy and we hope together with your thoughts and prayers Adiss once again will beat cancer.

Sending our love to you all.
The Harmandian Family”


Adiss Harmandian we love, we appreciate you and we give you and your family positive vibes, well wishes and all the best in this time. We are with you in spirit, we are praying. God bless him with healing hands. please spread #AdissBeatCancer around and please send well wishes. Let’s all stand together.

There is so much that is still left unsaid about Adiss but take a look on the internet and you will find so much about him, and you too will fall in love. Truly one of a kind.

Thank you. With Love, Talin Orfali Ghazarian.