An Interview to myself about travel and my travel style.

Get to know me and the way I travel.

1. Describe My Travel Style…

I like to be open to always trying different places and new things. I do not like to commit to just one place, one all-inclusive resort or the same cruise ship, and always going to the same place. I am always experiencing new places to further my travel background.

2. One thing I cannot travel without is…

Everything I take with me. being organized, and being well prepared for everything. It is super important to me.

3. The worst travel advice I have received from others…

To look at travel reviews. They are the most misleading and yet the most ridiculous things I have ever read in my life. I never read reviews. I like to experience things with my own preference, with judging things for myself and build my own perspective. It is quite possible the person may be lying, or making things up and having never even been to that destination or whatever the case may be.

4. The way I prepare to travel is…

To do research on my destination without reading the reviews, to have all the necessary travel documents for the destination, travel insurance, to start packing and putting things aside 2-3 weeks before travel, packing efficiently and packing well and not leaving anything to the last 2-3 days before traveling, that is where you focus on just getting your handbag/carry-on together and getting pampered.

5. The thing that gets me excited most about travel is…

Sharing the experience with loved ones and also the adrenaline and acceleration of the aircraft I am on about to take off to the sky to head to my destination and the landing as well. It really gets me excited.

6. My most favourite experience in travel has been…

Visiting Armenia my motherland. My experience in Armenia has been one that I will never forget. It is filled with beauty, culture, churches, landmarks, delicious food, and Armenia is so photogenic. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I definitely want to go back and take my husband-to-be there as he has never been.

7. Would you ever travel alone?

It depends on the geographical location. I do not mind traveling within North America to lets say Los Angeles, Vancouver, Boston (which I have been to all, but with family and friends) or as far as the Caribbean Islands on my own, but if flights are over 6 hours long and going to destinations in Europe, Middle East and parts of Asia, I would definitely want a travel companion(s). I have only travelled to Boston on my own. The rest of my trips have been with family and friends.

8. Has travel opened up your eyes to see life in a different way?

It definitely has. It has put everything in perspective and I truly appreciate life. I have been to countries such as Dominican Republic, Cuba, and other places where the local residents have very little and yet they are happy and still living life. I have been in villages in Cuba and Dominican and have met a lot of people. Their income is not like ours where we make 20 dollars or more in an hour, whereas they make that in a month.

9. Lastly, The best travel advice I can give to others is…

Never to leave things to last minute and research. Be prepared for everything. Never hesitate to ask me anything. Travel should be a fun, and a great experience to explore the world and to get out of your daily reality and see new places, and change your scenery. You can always contact me.

High School and Bullying – My Perspective

My High School Reunion & Anniversary is coming up.

About a day or so ago, I was informed about my high school’s reunion and anniversary coming up in June 2018. I am having mixed feelings about attending, but I want to go and I will go. I remember it well when I began into a new school and environment. Being in grade 9, venturing out into the teenage world and moving on up. The mixed emotions, and having been alone for most of high school, where I didn’t have friends, where I was bullied because I was and looked different. I was bullied emotionally and mentally. It was some of my worst moments ever in my life, but I overcame it, once I left. I still think of those times though and what it has made me realize.

I did meet some great people though which I will not deny. We never really communicated in high school as much as we have nowadays. We became friends 3 to 4 years later on social media and everyone changed and people began to treat me right. It was a great feeling.

Now, I look back and reflect on those days having a different perspective on it. In my thought process, I am thinking now about how we were teenagers trying to find ourselves, our path, getting good grades, studying, and battling a school, work and home balance and so many mixed emotions, reflections, acting out, going through puberty, the many changes of our bodies and mind.

No matter how bad things were in school in the past, We have to move forward, we have to realize that high school goes by so fast and you never know, the people who once made things difficult, is not so bad now. It all depends, but look at it this way, it’s an experience which teaches us lessons about all kinds of people.

Bullying is terrible and it is absolutely wrong and nobody should have to go through with what others or myself have gone through and it is not fair for people to live in fear of going to school. School should be a fun, educational, learning environment where everyone should be treating each other with respect and being accepting of one another. That is all that we all want, but we have to work a lot harder.

I am now really convinced that bullying does come with being pressured, the many changes teenagers and others go through, growing up phase, and all the hormones and everything going through our minds, bodies and so much more. Some people automatically blame parents for the way they raise their child or children and yes that has a factor too, but maybe there is something more. Maybe it is within themselves and the battles they are fighting to keep afloat, maybe its something that people should think about.

It is very quick to point fingers, but sometimes its all within a person’s self. We shouldn’t be quick to judge parent’s or other teens or kids right away or point fingers at social media for corrupting a child’s teens minds, its merely about life stages, growth and so many other factors, that sometimes we don’t know. Bullying is absolutely terrible and leads to unfortunate things, but school is temporary. I’ve learned so much about myself and about being stronger.

After those terrifying experiences growing up and all the terrible days of school I went through, I managed to stay afloat and life began to make sense. Don’t ever let bullies define you and your life. Bullies have no age limit. It can happen at any time, but always know that those people are going through something personally and those bullies eventually do learn to change for the better. Sometimes now, sometimes further down the road, or in the distant future.

So now, I say I forgive those who bullied me, called me names and made fun of me. Life is too short to hold grudges, basically, life is too short. Don’t ever lose sight of hope. Things always have a way of working itself out. Sooner or later.

Talin Orfali

We Are All Being Watched and Recorded

As a social media marketer, and someone like myself who is online quite frequently, searching, and being engaged into the internet world is something that we do and sometimes those searches and what we do online can leave a huge footprint that cannot be erased.

In the last little while, I have been doing a lot of research about How our searches online, or what we tell Siri on the iPhone or Voicing Google searches picks up our voices to search for certain things, and then when we search the internet or go on websites that have Ad’s, within a couple of hours, we see what we search for and talk about.

It is actually a pretty scary thought. Nothing is private anymore. Our search history is always there. Even if we delete it. Somehow there is a database that keeps everything in and we don’t even know it. We are definitely being monitored. When companies send out emails, they know who has opened up their emails to read them, then if you do not open up e-mails they will assume that you are not interested and they will no longer send them to you or it can go into your spam/junk folder.

There have been a few times where I would search for something on Google, then whatever I search for, ends up on my newsfeed on Facebook, as well as seeing ads all over the place. One time, it was absolutely scary, I had searched for something wedding related, and then an hour later, I see it appear in the ads in my email.

Not only are we being watched for what we search for, but what we write, what we post, and images and photos that we post online. It pops up in image searches online.

If you think you have deleted something forever, that is very untrue. Whatever gets posted online, stays there forever. Our privacy these days are slim to none. Whatever we do online is there to stay..

When you delete history off your internet browsers, cached articles and items from your phone, computers, tablets, There is always a way to retrieve things. There are people who can do anything and everything. With today’s technology, it is pretty evident that things can be found. Tech experts don’t tell you a lot of these secrets, but it is pretty evident that they know more than what they tell you.

With today’s technology and with Siri on these new iPhones, You just say her name and she responds to you right away because she knows your voice. She records your data all the time. She even knows all your contacts in your list and the files you have on your phone. She knows where you live. Although it is a fun feature to play around with, it also causes risks to your privacy, to your contact list and addresses and so much more. Siri is great, but she knows way too much.

GPS, Navigation systems, tablets, WiFi Camera’s, Laptops, Webcams, Computers, Blue Tooth, tethering, Gaming consoles. All these things are watching us.

When you log out of your laptops, always close your screen, and make sure you shut it down completely. You never know.

A lot of times we wonder how telemarketers and those other annoying phone calls come on our smartphones and other cell phones, it is because people’s numbers get recorded in ways that we don’t know and our information is out there for these people to call and to harass us with bogus to try to fool us. Always hang up and say you are not interested and never say Yes, On the phone. YES is dangerous and it can lead to a lot of problems and the telemarketers gain while you lose. Your information can be compromised, your bank account, your identity and so much more. You have to be so careful.

We all need to watch ourselves. One day a mistake we make online can always come back to bite you sooner or later. So please exercise caution and don’t be a statistic.

Would love to talk if you like to share your concerns in confidence with myself or you can share with us here.

What experiences have you gone through?

What insight and opinion do you have of this?

The Armenian Genocide Recognition Must Continue

Over the past 2 weeks, I have been on a site called Imgur where they share memes, and other photos, gifs, and little video files from across the world. When I shared the Armenian Genocide, over 220,000 people saw it and so many people upvoted my content I had posted which was educating to those who already know about the Genocide and there was a vast majority of them who did not.

I was going through the comments and some of them did their own research after posting and they were really shocked as to why they did not know, and they thanked me for my informative education towards the Armenian Genocide. It soon became a viral post which made it to Imgur’s front page. People were intrigued and they got involved. It was so empowering. Some did not even know about Armenia as well.

It was absolutely a delight to teach them about Armenia, I shared photos, educated them on prominent figures and who we are. Now, I have people who have written to me, that they will be visiting Armenia after my post and they want to go this year. They fell in love with the churches, the scenery and our alphabet too.

I learned so much in the last 2 weeks about how these people who are total strangers from around the world whom really became involved in what I had posted and how I gave them my point of view. They were absolutely so interested. I really couldn’t believe my eyes. It was so amazing.

The Armenian Genocide must still be recognized, shared, educate people, gain acknowledgement, raising awareness. Imgur is a great site and it really impressed me about the comments I received and how much people despise and detest Erdogan, Turkey and the government. I even saw some vulgarity on taking their frustration out on why The Armenian Genocide has not be recognized by the USA and most importantly the Turkish government on the way they lie so much. It is really time to wake up and to get the word out even more..

Every social media network in the world, meme, and blog sites must get us out there. We all have to take a hand in this and work in this together and not wait for anyone. We need to educate as much as possible.

I know we have done a lot of hard work thus far, we have been through a lot of recognition, demonstrations, and so many recognition gathering events across the world. I am grateful for this very much. We still have a long road ahead of us.

April is coming soon.

Now it is social media’s turn. I know a lot of us have written about it, with news sites, Newspapers, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Imgur and other social media sites, but we have to do much much more. Social Media is empowering and one of the biggest arteries in communication these days as that becomes part of life now. It is the norm of society and we must cater to what this generation is now.

A lot of work still needs to be done and if we all don’t do our part, then there will still be people that have no idea about The Armenian Genocide and beautiful Armenia. We must all get this trending. It will take some hard work, but nothing ever comes easy without working hard.

We must do this for all genocides that have happened, we need to do this for other countries and their people who have been affected about Genocides.

What will you do? How will you raise awareness?

1.5 Million Armenians Killed,
April 24, 1915
The Turkish Government still denies, lies and tries to steer away from this subject.
Armenian Men, Women, Children displaced and left homeless, were left to die, were raped, dismembered, destroyed families, let them out to the desert fighting for their lives.
Lands were stolen away, Mount Ararat was as well.

Awaken the world

Communication is key and raising this awareness is so important and vital. It definitely makes a difference.

The Beaverton

By: Talin Orfali

The Beaverton is a news satire show aired weekly on Wednesday nights at 10pm on the Comedy Channel, then following on Fridays on Crave TV Canada. The Beaverton was founded in 2010. This show is based in Montreal, Toronto and Whitehorse in Canada.

The Beaverton is a highly entertaining fake news platform which covers fictional stories which are informed by real news, events and issues. The show also covers news around the world, North America, the government, Canadian life, politics and amongst other events that have happened or will happen. It takes humour and content creating to establish a successful show which it has become and it appears on the Trending list on Twitter every week.

Anchors Miguel Rivas, and Emma Hunter address and inform us about the news that is currently happening in a comedic way. Miguel and Emma are absolutely a delight to see on television and online. Their sense of humour and enthusiastic behaviour is something that attracts viewers and The Beaverton’s field correspondents; Marilla Wex, Donavon Stinson, Aisha Alfa, and Laura Cilevitz also give out this incredibly awesome enthusiastic humour that definitely keeps me entertained.

University of Toronto Graduate Laurent Noonan, Alex Huntley and Luke Gorden Field who is a Queens University Alumni, founded the publication. –

Editors include along with the founders
Luke Gordon Field, Alex Huntley, Alexander Saxton, Jacob Duarte Spiel, Laurent Noonan, Emma Overton

Weekly, I tune into Twitter to get into the conversation with other fans and viewers when The Beaverton is on and we share opinions, views, questions and comments about what is seen on the episodes and it’s absolutely a delight to share the newsfeed on Twitter about The Beaverton. I have made new awesome friends because of it.

If you miss an episode, you can watch it online on The Beaverton website or on YouTube or catch clips of it on Twitter.

I am sure other fans can relate to me on how well done this show is. The editors, writers and all those involved behind the scenes and on-air should be so proud of their accomplishments. It’s a great show to keep us laughing and enjoying ourselves. They carefully do a lot of research and create content that keeps us entertained which makes us always coming back for more episodes.

The Beaverton also has a book called Glorious and/or Free: The True History of Canada. It covers stories, artifacts, headlines, history, Canadian life and much more. head to for more information in regards to it.

You all are awesome and incredibly talented! I’d love to meet you all someday and get together. All the best to you all and wishing you many more seasons and episodes!

The Beaverton is a must-see show. If you have not yet seen the show, tune in!

For more information about the show, and Ways to connect with The Beaverton Show are below:

Social Media and Website list

RSS Feed:

The Beaverton
“North America’s Trusted Source of News”

Radar Match – Meet Cool People Around The World

Radar Match

In Radar Match’s Word’s
Meet cool people around the world. Share your thoughts and dreams, post photos, videos on walls and comment. Keep in touch with new friends you meet or friends you already know and have a conversation with our instant chat! Your only one click away! As always, our services are 100% free and always will be.

Having Second Thoughts – That Gut Feeling

In life sometimes when we think something is going in our favour, we are usually happy, looking forward and thinking about how great everything is going. We visualize our life as something that is going so incredibly well until we step back and think critically about things. You get that pit in your stomach and that gut feeling that something is not up to par. You have these second thoughts about something big that is coming up in your life.

Sometimes those second thoughts come with having cold feet. Sometimes you wonder if you are making the right decision to things. So you communicate your feelings to a family member or very close friend and ask for advice for a situation that you can be in. It takes a lot of courage to step up to communicate your true feelings and for some people they communicate openly without hesitation which that it should be.

When you have that gut feeling about something not going well, your gut feelings are never wrong. It is a way to protect us from certain people and things. If you feel something is wrong, its good to realize it now before it is too late. Before consequences arise, and bite you, you have to think of your own best interest and protect yourself from something that you possibly cannot undo.

When you think so eloquently about someone or something and then in the long run they disappoint you, it’s not a great feeling at all. When you put your trust into someone or something, you expect everything to be going well, you feel the need to express how happy you are and how excited you are, but deep down inside you feel like something is missing, something is not right.

When you put your heart, soul, mind, dedication, devotion and say nice things about somebody to others and yet the person you say nice things about does nothing and says nothing in return, is a great course for concern. When you profess your feelings, sweet words and so much into a person and invest in them all the kind things to say and that person does not say anything nice in return to your face or around others, criticizes you, doesn’t give you credit, always finds something bad about you, is definitely something that makes you think twice and even three times to really think about stepping back a bit and cooling it with giving someone compliments and saying kind things about them.

People’s actions make you more aware. When you are in a relationship and the person you are with never compliments you, never tells you that you look beautiful, and someone who doesn’t say great job when you have done something well, someone who doesn’t communicate with you on a daily basis, doesn’t defend you to others and someone who doesn’t say a nice speech or utter a few words to family and friends while you are together and especially to you is not a relationship and it is doomed to fail.

Ones manners and communication is absolutely important. All this plays a part in having second thoughts, and having that gut feeling. Manners and the way someone portrays themselves amongst others is a big deal in life. Etiquette as well has a huge role in life.

Also if you are sentimental and cherish everything in your life and what makes you happy. Nobody should stand in the way and expect you to throw away things that are so important to you. (not to a hoarding level), but things that hold special memories for you should be something that should never be an issue to be brought up of.

Gut feelings and second thoughts are so important. We have to do that sometimes. It definitely clears our minds and hearts to start fresh, rejuvenate, refresh, redo everything but redo it right. Sometimes things come in front of us to warn us, to give us a sign that something is wrong and that we need to fix it. Communication is so important.

Our emotions, feelings and expressions in Life is not a game, should be taken seriously and whatever we do in our life and the legacy we leave behind when our time comes to depart away from our loved ones and the world, tells all. Sometimes we have to take a step back and re-evaluate thing in our lives, put things into perspective, we have to think about so many things as we get older.

Everything matters. Kindness, compliments, kind gestures, manners, etiquette, initiative, enthusiasm, positivity, optimism, anticipation of greatness, wishing goodness to others, happy thoughts, happiness, life’s goodness, expression, emotions, feelings, mentality, sentiments, sentimental, morale, moral, and everything else. It all matters. communication matters. Everything matters in life.

Do you have second thoughts about people and things?

Have you been in a predicament that makes you re-evaluate everything in life?

Has a situation in your life made you feel that you have to analyze everything?

All the best to you all and wishing you all happiness, good health and positivity in your life.