How to be a great writer for a show or movie

In life there is a balance of entertaining ourselves by watching our favourite shows on television or watching movies in the cinema or at home. Now, in order to make things sense on our screens is to be a great writer who has to think of anything and everything. When you become a great writer, you have to do extensive research, you have to get your creative juices flowing in your mind.

If a show has been going on for a while, you need to backtrack and make sure that you give your audience something that makes sense. In Soap Operas, you have to look at past episodes throughout the years and work around it to the present time and never forget to include the past too.

Alongside with being great writers for a show is to keep characters/actors/actresses on so that fans and viewers get used to them and the mission is to keep them on the show and not allow fan favourites to get off. When you do too many changes to characters, the show becomes meaningless and often hard to keep up with. When directors, and producers of a show or casting directors keep playing around with so many actors to play one character, the essence and all that will be gone.

The key to being a great writer is to make sure that you are able to pull off scenes, episodes and films smoothly. Sometimes I look at movies and shows and it doesnt make sense. The quality is not there anymore as it used to be on older shows in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. They had substance, and  meaningful messages. Nowadays with society, writers are influenced by what the world sees now with social media, and all the negativity in our world now, and that teaches the wrong message to fans and viewers. Also in music these days. Artists write lyrics that are not in great taste, and often they do not make sense at all. It could to the writer, but its not a message that I would spread around the world.

Everything comes hand in hand. When you write, you must write with quality for shows, tv shows, movies and music. When you are an aspiring writer to get up there, fans become a lot more interested and you are on your way to great success. You can do it. If you are getting into the entertainment industry, its important to focus and most importantly to keep the fans happy with your craft.

Back to School Tomorrow!

To all the principals, professors, teachers, teachers assistants, substitute teachers, volunteers, new students who are going to school for the first time and also those who are returning, I wish you all a safe, happy, healthy, educational, nurturing, and successful school year ahead in 2016/2017 season.

Advice to the students from me Talin Orfali, Enjoy these years and do not take school, the teachings and those who come to teach you and help you for granted. Teachers and teachers assistants are there to teach you with the best of their abilities, they are there to help you shape your future, your well-being and so much more. Please respect them and do not give them a hard time. It will make going to school enjoyable and it will make things a little easier.

These primitive school years should be ones to study hard, to develop your skills, mindset, the importance of being positive, optimistic, enthusiastic, make friends, seeing your school mates again, being respectful to others, helping each other, seeing someone who may be lonely during lunch breaks and in between to go see them, to introduce yourself and include them with your friends and ask them to tag along with you and welcome them to your table. These are important ways you can help others make them feel good about looking forward to coming to school and to learn with their peers.

I have been through so much when I was a student and I have written all about them here in my blog site. If you are interested in reading them, please contact me.

. Time goes by so quickly. Cherish each moment. I know there will be challenging days, and I am not saying there won’t be any, but take each day as it comes and fulfill each day with the willingness to always try your best. All the best!

Talin Orfali

Driving is a Privilege – I love it

  • As I was driving on the highways today and a couple of days ago on my road trip to Michigan from Toronto, its incredible how time and life goes by so quickly like you are in a quick moving vehicle passing through cities, towns, other cars, trucks and so on. It is like life, when obstacles are around you and you try to pass them to reach to your destination with whatever or wherever you are trying to get to.


I just love to drive a lot on the highways more than side streets. I have a huge tremendous amounts of respect for those in the transport and bus industries that spend hours and hours driving to either get passengers to where they want to go, or truck drivers who transport our daily life necessities to the stores, who deliver our parcels, packages and mail everywhere.


I can drive for hours once I begin, but sometimes it does get tiring and sometimes you wonder how people can do this very often. You need your full 100% concentration on the road, need to watch your speed, the gas tank, and you are fully responsible for the vehicle no matter how small or big it is and no matter how far of a distance you drive. It is a serious thing to drive. You need to think about other drivers around you, the passengers in the vehicle with you, and yourself. Its no game.


I absolutely love it though. I think my limit to driving is about 8-10 hours in a car which is the distance from Toronto to Boston. that is my limit. If it exceeds more than that, I will fly. As I was driving, I was reflecting a lot about life, on how you need to be a go getter to get close to where you want to be, and who you want to be with, spending time with family, friends, making the world a smaller place.


I am blessed that I have the privilege and knowing how to drive. I feel so great doing it and I am so happy I learned how to drive almost 16 years ago.

Tips for colouring books for Adults

1. Buy long lasting Markers that will keep you colouring for many designs, or you can buy pencil crayons, but my favourite are markers. (Don’t need to sharpen Markers)🙂 Also buy markers that are super tip pointed or thin markers from Crayola or Elmers. Do not buy the big markers.
2. Use a piece of cardboard, preferably the backing of a big letter sized notepad cardboard between pages, so the markers will not bleed to the next page and ruin other designs.
3. Buy adult colouring books that only have one design per page. If the designs are back to back, then you must use pencil crayons.
4. There are several types of colouring books to choose from. look through the pages at your local store where they sell them or arts/crafts store. You can see Mandalas, Henna Style, Mehndi, Patterns, Floral, Animals, Butterflies, dragonflies, gardens, nature, The Sea, The World, and amongst other abstract visions. It all depends on what you like to colour, but make sure that you are really sure which one you want to do.
5. get creative with your favourite colours, or you can mix them up.
6. Concentrate well on how you are colouring, scope out the design, figure out your colours. You can use from 2 colours to as many as you wish. Just make sure that you keep focused.
7. Adult colouring books are proven to de-stress, relax, and keep concentrated on colours and refresh your mind and body to enjoy colouring. You are never too old to colour and that is very true.
8. Be creative, be you, have fun and get colouring🙂

Why I Do Not Post Photos In My Blog Posts

Hello, I know some of you wonder why I do not post photos in my blog posts or seldom. I usually like to keep my readers in imagination of everything in our lives and in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I love to post pictures, but I like to keep my blog strictly my blog posts where I can just merely focus on writing, and giving people that picture in their minds while reading.
I know they say photos attract and keep people entertained while reading, but I love giving my readers that imaginative thinking.
What is your blog style? What kind of content do you add? Everyone has a style right?

The Golden Elvis of Niagara Falls, Canada

Ever visit or have visited Niagara Falls, Ontario in Canada? If you have gone to Clifton Hill where there is the big Skywheel Ferris wheel, then Boston Pizza, and Tim Hortons. There is this open area where people come and go, while overlooking the uphill and downhill street of Clifton Hill.
I am pretty sure you must have seen The Golden Elvis of Niagara Falls. This man comes with everything painted Gold from a small guitar, the microphone and the stand, a chair, the stand, from his shoes, pants, jacket, and the mask of Elvis he wears. Even the sunglasses is covered in Gold. All in shiny Gold to draw attention to passerby’s. He has a sign that says pay 2 dollars and get a bead mardi gras necklace aimed and thrown on your head to automatically wear a necklace. If you pay 4 dollars, you get 4 of them aimed at you.
I was sitting there on the bench for about 2 hours relaxing and enjoying the outdoors, and I see this man making a whole lot of cash. I could not believe it. People put in Canadian currency of 10 dollars, 20 dollars, some even put in coins and even American money into the canister he has provided behind the chair where the customer sits and he does his aiming to put beads on somebody. He made over 800 dollars or more with just 2 hours or so. People kept lining up and giving this man a crazy amount of cash. I said to myself, I should be doing something like this and make that crazy amount of Cash in one day of work.
This Golden Elvis is there everyday. I wonder how much he makes all summer long. It is so crazy. I am sure he makes a few thousand dollars a day. He is there all day with these bead necklaces and these necklaces can be bought in bulk from dollar stores or party planning places. I couldn’t believe my eyes. That Canister at the end of the day must be so heavy. I am sure he pays rent or space at the Clifton Hill or he must have a licence or something to be there.
That is all he does, but doesn’t make any Elvis moves. I am sure he has in the past, but then when he gets to put the beads on, he blows a horn that is attached to the microphone or the pretend one I should say.
After all the times I have seen this guy, I finally know what he looks like when he took off the mask to get some air, But yes, that’s the Golden Elvis of Niagara Falls.

Looking at the Sky Thinking About Life

In life when we are looking for answers, or those moments where we want to just relax, take some time for ourselves, people have different ways to just unwind. What I find relaxing is looking at the sky in the early morning while the daylight is coming in, as well as when the sun starts to set and sometimes in between.
I like to reflect on life and just thank God for everyone and everything in life. With what is happening in this world nowadays with so much violence, crime and other terrible unfortunate things, I still have a strong faith and just being grateful.
Looking at the sky makes me think deep in thought about what is going in life, thinking about the future, thinking about friends and family both who are living and those who have passed away. The sky is so beautiful. I can’t believe how beautiful the colours can be, the sun, the moon, the stars, the different colours of clouds, the types of clouds, the beauty of nature and earth, and how incredibly beautiful the blue sky can be, sometimes orange, pink, with a mixture of sun. Its a beautiful thing to look at.
Since it is summer and trying to take advantage of being outside getting close with nature, the outdoors, and enjoying taking it all in, I feel that its where I find peace and harmony. It is where I can look at the sky and talk to heaven to my loved ones who have passed on, I can see their reflection, their faces and hear their voices through the clouds as I look up. They give me energy and make me smile. Although I miss them being here with me physically on earth, it gives me comfort to feel and know that they are in a better place.
The other day, I was on a boat cruise at a party, I took a few moments away from the fun and interaction and had some time for myself overlooking the Toronto skyline, the sky behind it, the picturesque views of the islands surrounding the sky and I did a lot of thinking about what my life is now and what I could do to always improve and add a lot more positivity into it and try to always find greatness in everything with optimism and happy thoughts which I have always, but I always want to add more of that into life no matter what it throws at me.
I am so blessed and looking at the sky is comforting and makes me love life even more.
Reflecting on life is very important. How do you reflect on your life? what do you do to relax and enjoy life and earth’s natural beauty?