7 thoughts on “Me

  1. Maria Chew says:

    Hi, I’m the blogger, Petulantchild. Thanks for liking my post “Check out the new malls” and following my blog. Out of curiosity, why do you like the post? I actually don’t find it very compelling, but needed a filler so that my blog is regularly updated, while I search for better ideas.

  2. erwin "big E" wooten says:

    Hmm, blogger after my own heart. I love to entertain and to enlighten. My Facebook and church friends tell me I either make them laugh or make them think. With all the theologies and ideologies going around, I strive to maintain a balance and be open-minded. Before I made that commitment I was deep in a pit of depression and anxiety. But have been set free over this summer, although I think my faith may have cost me something important to me. Take care and keep up the good work.

  3. WriteForACause.Org says:

    Hello! I’ve been following your blog ever since I’ve came across this site. I am a new writer and I want to self-promote my newest projects that can be found here http://jeninesilos.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/my-first-book-series-the-wonders-in-fable-land/ I just want to share it to all blogs I follow because it is my first time in the field of writing. Or you can see it directly in this site: http://writeforacause.org/

    Your visit and comments are very much appreciated! Thank you and God bless!.

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