The Social Media Attention Seekers

Remember back then before social media existed, we wrote in journals and secret diaries where we did not want people to read? Now, with social media trending, it is so much easier to share ideas, post videos, pictures and write articles for the world to see. Now, we are drowning in information overload, so many videos created and pictures posted. Sometimes, we cannot keep up.

Recently, I have been watching YouTube videos of how to cook and bake certain foods I want to try for myself, and then all of a sudden, I ended up on these YouTube channels that are so beyond disgusting, dangerous and attention seeking. It is not for entertainment purposes nor appropriate.

Well, those videos are those people who put themselves in front of a camera to eat 32 Big Macs from Mcdonald’s, or someone who eats plates and plates of Spaghetti, or those people who join massive eating contests to eat boiled eggs, a gigantic pizza, or a huge plate of a mountain of food. That is not only unhealthy, but very terrible example they are setting for people. It is beyond me of how people can eat that much. I am sure the aftermath was not fun for them to deal with.

Some people nowadays, do not care about endangering themselves and spreading a terrible trends that can endanger other people’s lives. They don’t care how this negatively affects other people. It is very ridiculous. Social media has really gotten out of hand. I was not going to join TikTok, but I took the plunge and I did it. I have noticed a lot of strange and horrible videos. Just so people get their 15 minutes of fame.

People are following each other to do the same thing. They don’t consider the consequences in the long run that can affect their life and others. People are not grasping reality. A lot of people on social media are trying so hard to do anything and everything to get themselves out there and to make themselves famous.

The question is when do we draw the line? Some people make tons of money off of YouTube and other social media to do absolute nonsense and people now of all ages are engaging in some people’s ridiculous trends. While people who actually physically work hard to make ends meet do not get the amount of money that someone who stuffs their face with ridiculous and outrageous amounts of food that is so unhealthy.

People have really lost their way. I just hope that people get a wake up call and realize what they are doing to themselves and what they distribute out there in social media. It is very concerning, dangerous and very ridiculous. The quality of people now, morals, respect. dignity, and goodness is so rare. Especially these days. We need to stop attention seekers being able to do what they want no matter what the cost.

I would love your opinions on this matter. Do you agree?

What do you think should happen? Are you in favor of a social media cleanse? Do you think social media platforms need to be more mindful of what they accept?

One thought on “The Social Media Attention Seekers

  1. I agree. Social media do more harm than good, overall. Corporations have their responsibility, and individuals have theirs.

    Even worse than the original content are many of the comments. “Don’t read the comments” is excellent advice much of the time.

    If people want attention, we can deny them that much, at least.

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