In Loving Memory of Beautiful Sevan Magarian Atherton

In Loving Memory of Beautiful Sevan Magarian Atherton

In recent months it has been difficult for me to put into words of how heartbreaking it was when I unfortunately was informed of the passing of one of my dear childhood friends in our Armenian community. It absolutely shocked me. Sevan Magarian Atherton was a loving daughter, wife, friend, cousin, colleague and mother-to-be to her son Melik. I have still been in disbelief.

I was finally able to write about her and how much she meant to me. Just so much to say, so much to share about her. Sevan was one of my very first friends at our Armenian community Centre of Toronto when I was around 10 or 11 and she was around 8 or 9. I can’t remember the exact age and when, but I guess that doesn’t matter. All that mattered to me was meeting her. Sevan was one of a kind.

Every Friday nights, we used to hang out together to make memories and have fun and with her other friends and cousins. I never had friends and was heavily bullied emotionally and mentally in my regular school, but when I heard about and began to go on Fridays to join the Armenian community, I walked into our Centre and about an hour or so later a lot of people were coming and Sevan was there to welcome me with open arms. I felt welcome, accepted and she involved me. It was so refreshing and I felt important and I felt like I mattered. our friendship circle grew as time went on.

I am forever grateful to her and love her. She had such a golden and beautiful heart who was always selfless, who cared about people so much I wish we took photos with each other so I can keep them in my heart, but back then we had no smartphones, none of us carried cameras with us either and we were just living in the moment making memories of which I still remember in my mind.

Our Friday nights diminished. Everyone started with responsibilities and as we got older, We lost touch after a few years and then I would see her at certain Armenian events after, but I don’t know what happened. I guess we were trying to find ourselves, and our lives took us to different paths. I was going to reach out to her on social media a few years ago and catch up on life and everything going on in our lives, but wasn’t able to which I regret. She was and is always in my thoughts.

Her childhood friend Sirusho who is an Armenian Artist/Singer who resides in Armenia, she made beautiful videos on YouTube and it was a tribute to Sevan and Sirushos life in Toronto. It is called Armat – Sirusho in Toronto, Canada. Sevan was talking about how she met her Husband Michael Atherton, her memories with Sirusho and at the school they attended at Arpi Nursery and so much more. I have watched it maybe 10 times already just so I can hear Sevans voice. I never attended Arpi Nursery, but I heard of how awesome the school was and how incredibly awesome the Late Arpi Meras was. Her beautiful personality, her dedication and devotion to everyone was incredibly beautiful.

It is times like this where we should never ever wait to reach out to those who we love, respect, cherish and appreciate. It is important to keep in touch with people who have made life better and a great positive impact. If you wait, it can be too late. These are life lessons to learn. Never put anything off. Always do what you can today in the present and don’t leave putting things off for later. Tomorrow is never promised. Young and elderly. It has no age limit.

In the last few months Sevan has been appearing in my dreams and she keeps smiling at me and I know she is looking down from heaven and she is comforting me. Thank you Sevan for everything. I never got to thank her for accepting me for who I am and now I finally have. Sevan, wherever you are in heaven, always know that you are and will always be in my heart and I am forever grateful for you. I love and miss you Sevan. May you rest in peace. I know you are watching over everyone in your life.

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