Talin’s Signature Rice with Orzo Noodles

Talin’s Signature Rice with Orzo Noodles

serves 4-6 people

I love to cook rice a lot. I find it is so healthy. I know the experts say it is filled with carbs, but there are health benefits to eating rice. It has nutrients and I think they are good carbs. We can’t let go of carbs entirely from our diet. We need balance and if we get rid of something entirely, it is not good. I pay very good attention to detail and taste when it comes to cooking. Rice with Orzo Noodles is something that I have been doing for so many years, so I decided to share my recipe with you all. My family and friends love my rice and they enjoy it so much they always get seconds.

The secret to making good rice is to never let it get sticky, mushy, and way well done. Sticky rice is meant for sushi, basmati rice is good too, but the best rice I find is parboiled. The texture is amazing. The key to cooking rice is to make it al dente just like pasta. Never overcook the rice. When you are cooking rice, always keep your eye on it. So important. Also to keep in mind, make sure the head is always on medium. Never cook rice in a low heat setting.

Remember, you can always tweak the numbers of servings with the number of people you can cook for. Rice is something that goes well with a lot of meals, especially if you make meals like chicken with sauces, roast, Stir fry, and all other kinds of food. Well, here is the recipe. Enjoy 🙂


5 tbsp of vegetable oil or 3 tbsp of unsalted butter. your choice.
2 cups rice – parboiled
5 and a half cups of warm water
2 chicken bouillon cubes – to add flavor. no need to add additional salt.
half to 3/4 quarter cup of orzo noodles

How to prepare:

1 – put the unwashed parboiled rice in a strainer with thin holes so the rice does not go through

2 – wash 4-5 times with cold water – until water is crystal clear

3 – put 5 and a half cups of lukewarm water in a separate bowl and set that ready to go.

4 – use vegetable oil or butter and add in the orzo noodles beginning with high heat in the pot and then lower it to medium heat and until it becomes golden brown or lightly browned.

5 – Add the warm water into the orzo and put it back to high heat and let the water boil really well.

6 – add the chicken bouillon cubes into the water until they dissolve.

7 – after the cubes have dissolved. time to add in the rice – I have learned that it cuts the cooking time in half when you preboil the water before adding in the rice.

8 – bring the rice to a boil and then cook it covered by leaving a little air so the steam releases.

9 – every 4-5 minutes open the lid, mix the rice.

10 – the rice should be done in 15 minutes with the water dissolved.

11 – let it rest for about 2-5 minutes before serving or you can serve right away which is what I prefer. The texture of the rice will be just right.

12 – enjoy 🙂



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