Never Allow Someone’s Miserable Behavior to Rain on you

This quote is so absolutely true.
I can relate to this so much. Another issue is when people start problems out of nowhere then pin it on you, walk all over you, and then they run a squad to gang up on you and then talk crap behind your back, and then they have people acting like surveillance cameras to watch your every move.
I have no time and energy for bs from other people. They start problems out of jealousy and intimidation and they can’t handle it because of whatever insecure and miserable thing is going on in their lives so they have to hurt and gang up on another person for stupidity to feel superior, mighty and who think they are all that and to make someone miserable too. Some people can’t handle it.
God protected me from these people and he led me to the right path where I can be surrounded by people who genuinely love and care about me for me, who I can be myself around with and who don’t start issues out of nowhere. 
I believe in kindness, respect, and being happy for people of what they do, where they go, and how they want to live life. You owe nobody an explanation of what you do on your terms in your lifestyle. Who am I to judge other people? Everyone’s circumstances in their lives differ from yours. Never ever let anyone walk all over you. stand your ground and get away from people who belittle you.


One thought on “Never Allow Someone’s Miserable Behavior to Rain on you

  1. I like the way you wrote that seeing it from opposite sides and how you are the right side . Genius. I need to learn to write like you do about beliefs, etc. Very impressed. Because that was a horrible topic.

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