The 105th Armenian Genocide Virtual Commemoration Take Place around the World

On Friday April 24, 2020 marked 105 years since the Armenian Genocide of April 24, 1915. 1.5 Million Armenians were massacred by the hands of the Turkish Ottoman Empire and also they stole a lot of our precious land and our Mount Ararat. They still deny and lie about committing those crimes perpetrated by them. A lot of raw emotions and tears were felt.

This year our commemorations were a lot different then other years. We commemorated, remembered and got together virtually online in social media, going live with videos, sharing photos, and previous years of commemorations, peaceful demonstrations, and gatherings. Armenian Churches, Organizations, Armenian People were sharing from their homes.

The reason for us going online this year is due to the obvious of the whole COVID19 virus Pandemic, physical and social distancing protocols which prevented us from gathering in large crowds and beside each other for our health and safety.

I am sure The Turkish Government around the world found it to be a sign of relief and joy that we were not together physically around the world in large crowds in front of embassies, memorials in dedication to the Armenian Genocide, however, that did not stop us from gathering virtually and spiritually, so basically we came out once again.

We will never stop remembering the victims of Genocide no matter how we voice ourselves and those who survived in the aftermath. Recognizing, spreading awareness and acknowledgement is key to prevent from history from ever repeating itself.

Hopefully and God willingly as COVID19 passes quickly out of the world and in 2021, on the  106th year we will get together again physically to share our emotions, grief and stand strong together. In Memory of the Armenian Genocide. We will never forget.

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