COVID19 – Masks and Gloves Being Thrown on The Ground – Littering our World

Recently with the COVID19 Coronavirus outbreak, people have been going to grocery stores and other essential places to buy necessities and essentials and then going home protecting themselves with Masks and gloves to try to prevent themselves from getting the coronavirus COVID19.  There are people who are really disgusting and who litter and little do they know what they are doing is causing the problem to be worse. It is creating a huge problem for our world and in our backyards.

It is so disgusting. To those who throw their gloves and masks at the parking lot’s at grocery stores and other essential stores leave them in the carts. Stop littering and stop being so irresponsible and throw them in something invented called the garbage bin. They are there for a reason. Just some people do not understand the concept of what the Garbage bin is used for.

I have seen hundreds and maybe thousands of gloves and masks on the ground and it is absolutely horrible, inhumane, and so crazy. Here we are trying to prevent ourselves from getting sick and boom, there are these people who are doing just the opposite.

People are so focused on social and physical distancing and yet some just throw them on the ground and leave them in carts with whatever is on those gloves and masks being spread around.

I even saw them flying around and that causes a bad environmental disaster as well causing harm and danger for them to get into waters and streams where fish and other animals live and other places too. People have no idea what hazards and havoc this causes and ultimately we pay the price at the end with more people and animals getting infected with this horrible virus. It is unbelievable. There need to be strict penalties to enforce on these people who litter and there should be security and police monitoring parking lots and other places to catch these people who litter.

it is a very disgusting thing. I will call people out on that if I do see it happen and I will make sure they throw it in the garbage disposal. I will definitely be keeping my eye out next time I do groceries. This is crazy and people need to be educated. I cannot believe that we have to teach people how to throw things in the garbage and I cannot believe we have to tell people to do this and where they can’t think of it with common sense by themselves and people have to tell them. That shouldn’t be. It should be automatic and a lightbulb going on in someone’s head. It is ridiculous.

We need to help each other and our world to flatten this curve and with littering, it is not helping at all.

People just don’t get it and don’t understand. More needs to be done to stop these people.

One thought on “COVID19 – Masks and Gloves Being Thrown on The Ground – Littering our World

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