The Hard Truth & Sad Reality of Social Media – Devices That Consume Us

The sad reality of how smartphones and other devices are consuming us and face-to-face human interaction and communicating is diminishing and at a rapid rate. We need to set limits within ourselves to go offline, explore our world around us, connect with humans at a personal level, show emotions, and develop our personalities.

This is the fact and the hard truth and it has become a huge problem in our society, when we prioritize what’s on our screens, and play with apps. We no longer need to do any critical thinking anymore, we no longer need to learn the basics, even mathematics, spelling, counting. Everything is done for us and there are apps for everything.

We are putting smartphones and devices first in our lives, and physical communication with people second. Even paying attention to our families and friends have diminished. I see it happen far too often where people get together at restaurants and coffee shops and they sit around not talking, but they are on their phones and showing no emotion, and no personality. It is so sad. Why have we come this far? Why do we have to do this 24/7?

Here I am talking about this on a social media blogging platform.

We have become so dependent on these devices that we even ask Siri and Alexa to do basic chores around the house like taking down decorations for example, but we know that it won’t happen that way, but maybe one day. I wouldn’t put anything past it. Screen time is consuming our time at a very alarming rate.

So much of our lives are going by and we don’t realize it. Spend time with your loved ones and create memories without these screens. want to take pictures? Buy a digital camera and take pictures and then look at them later. Smartphones have made it easy to take pictures and to share instantly too

Our brains are no longer functioning without these devices that we stare at for hours and hours a day. People cannot even put these devices down when driving, walking, and even shopping. This has become a big disease and it is running people’s lives.

It’s very serious. I am very concerned about the coming generations.

These images are so powerful and the description exactly and spot on of what these devices are doing to us. Hopefully, it will make people think about their actions and take these matters seriously. What can we do to combat this? How can we take a break from this all?

I am definitely making changes in my life. Life is too short. 

3 thoughts on “The Hard Truth & Sad Reality of Social Media – Devices That Consume Us

  1. A great article. And while I love blogging and spending time online with my book blogging friends, it does soak up a lot of time… And I am not on many other social media sites or spend much time on my phone. You’re right to be worried about children – far too many of them are already addicted to games such as Fortnite and it does dreadful things to their tempers and social awareness.

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  3. A few years ago, in Athens, Georgia, where I live, a university student caused someone’s death. The innocent person was standing between two vehicles. The student, a young woman, drove into the back of one vehicle, pushing it forward and trapping the victim between the vehicles. The student, en route to a restaurant she had not visited, had been looking at directions on her cellular telephone.

    You asked an important question: what can we do? Responsibility comes in two varieties: collective and individual. Governments and other institutions can act on the collective side of that question. The State of Georgia has, for example, made holding a cellular phone while driving illegal. On the individual side of that question, each of us can decide to put the screens away at certain times. That is possible.

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