One of the most Ridiculous Traveller Complaints ever

I just heard one of the most bizarre yet really insanely ridiculous complaints I have heard from someone who went on a cruise ship vacation on the first embarkation day. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing.. Such selfish and disgusting behavior. What makes her special more than anybody else? So, here is what took place.

So, this couple went crazy and started to complain about something that should not have been bickering about. Okay, so what happened was that this couple gets on the ship late on embarkation day around 4pm and the ship leaves at 5pm from Miami. 4pm is when the mustering drill was happening before sailing out on the itinerary. This couple missed the mustering drill which they must attend the next day..

. So, this couple complained that their baggage did not make it to their cabin until 7pm, and they were nagging and making a huge stink about it because she did not have an outfit to wear for their early dinner. She then said that I am going to cancel my trip and get off at the next port… Just for a mere 3-hour wait for baggage for A MASSIVE Cruise ship that has over 7800 guests and crew on board this ship.

Do the Math of how much baggage that is coming on board and they have to sort through, go to the right cabins, and have to be delivered through the service lifts with huge cart fulls of them. It takes time for them to be delivered. Plus every bag gets screened before getting on the ship. This couple thinks that miraculously the baggage will be there right then and there.

They are so selfish and do not even think of the workers on the ship. Mind you, there is a lot of heavy lifting involved. It’s absolutely mind-boggling of the stories you hear.
It is one thing to lose your baggage altogether and left behind, then its something to take up with the cruise line, but in a respectful manner though. Not being rude about it, but when you receive your baggage and STILL COMPLAIN then that is a Problem and its terrible.

Not a big deal so, if this couple is complaining of a lousy 3-hour wait for baggage on a massive cruise ship, you often wonder what kind of complaining they do on a daily basis for something that is irrelevant, small and really nothing to complain about. There will always be that crazy, selfish ridiculous bunch who will do nothing but cause trouble for no reason at all. It is insane on what I hear all the time from travelers.

One thought on “One of the most Ridiculous Traveller Complaints ever

  1. Perhaps they’d already been overly stressed prior to their arrival… It happens. You do of corpse realize you’re complaining about complaints? How would we ever hone our skills or change a thing for the better without them? Just some food for thought. Anyway, thanx for the cruise :o)

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