Cruise & All-Inclusive Resort Vacation’s – Bad Behavior, Disgusting, Disrespect and Selfishness from people

In life we will encounter all kinds of people in this world, especially when we travel to different destinations, seeing people from all walks of life, witnessing how people behave and carry out themselves, especially on cruises and all-inclusive vacation’s. We will see people who lack manners, hygiene, bad behavior, disrespect, selfishness thinking they are the only ones who matter on vacations and they don’t care about others.

Manners, respect, dignity, courteousness cannot be bought. It does not matter if you paid $1000 or $10,000 or whatever amount for a vacation. It doesn’t make anybody entitled to treat resort and cruise staff with disrespect, and treating them like total garbage. It is absolutely uncalled for. Respecting, being kind and good to people matter and it can make a big difference in how people work, on how they get treated. I just cannot stand people who feel the need to be entitled.

The things I have seen in my travels are absolutely ridiculous where I can write so many stories about. People are absolutely selfish, disrespectful and disgusting around the buffet areas and they lack manners too.

I never blame resort chains and cruise lines when it comes to hygiene and all that. I blame passengers who come on the cruises and resort guests at all-inclusive resorts. I see people grabbing food with their hands, using washrooms without washing hands, people who use the utensils at the buffet and actually eat the food with it and put it back and each time they do, I always call people out and tell them what they did wrong and I tell the staff right away when I see things like that. When you travel with me, and if I see something or someone behaving badly, I will be calling them out and I will get involved. I will not let others get sick and myself included because of a disgusting behavior from another person. Not on my clock. that is for sure.

People then come back from their trip or during their trip and complain that they got sick because of the resort or cruise line giving them a bad name and making terrible reviews and going way over the top spreading false information, and some people may lie and send negative messages to people for them to avoid it, but I truly believe that hygiene, behavior and everything starts from guests and passengers. Cruise lines and resorts spend a lot of time cleaning and preventing germs and bacteria, whereas these people blame the workers that they got sick. I do no believe that even for a second. I am not naive and believe in every review I read online. I just simply don’t bother spending my time focused on negative reviews where more than half the time, they are exaggerated and falsely written.

Nobody can fool me. I’ve traveled way too much in my life to know and I have so much experience. 

Some guests and passengers then play the innocent and think they are always right when they travel and they have the entitlement. Well, newsflash, you do not and you are not. I think tougher laws and more security needs to be hyped up to oversee what is happening, especially in places where people eat, and mandatory hand sanitizing and washing before entering buffet and restaurant areas on cruise ships, and all-inclusive resorts. I’ve been writing to cruise lines especially to do this and to make sure kids do the same.

People who bud in line in front of you to get the food they want is an absolute no-no for me. Wait like the rest of us in line. I will absolutely not allow that to happen when it comes to me. I will be having a good choice of words and I will politely ask to get behind the line and the second time, I won’t be so friendly and I will get staff involved. Budding in line because you are so “special” and more important than everyone else in line. I will not let that happen when I witness it. Some people’s eyes are so much bigger than their stomach and they just want to finish everything and not let others get those foods being selfish.

Another thing I don’t like is people filling their plate and getting another plate and filling it up like a mountain and then go to their table, eat and then leave more than half on their plate and wasting the food and seeing those plates being picked up by the staff. Such a shame. There are starving children in this world in poverty and these people who travel waste so much food. I think people should be charged for food waste like how All you can eat sushi restaurants charge. Such terrible behavior. That food could have been eaten by someone else. Some people have to be selfish and get everything.

Another thing I despise is when you are watching a show or in an entertainment establishment on the cruise ship or resort, band members playing, singing and everything when you are sitting down, relaxing and enjoying where people in front stand up and watch and blocking your whole view where you maybe want to video, take pictures and maybe not, just wanting to see. People act selfish and think they are the only ones in the room where you say excuse me, you are blocking my view and can you please move so I can enjoy too? and they don’t even budge to move and go somewhere else. It just makes my blood boil. Some people wear hats and who are so tall which is even worse.

Bottom line is, so many people these days are selfish, and only fend for themselves. some people do not think about the others. It is so terrible.

Treating cruise staff with disrespect and mouthing off at them. You do realize these people come from all over the world to serve you and they leave their family, friends, and homes for so many months at a time and they are probably homesick and are depressed not spending time with their loved ones so they can make a living for them and for themselves and treating them with disrespect and bad behavior makes it worse for them. Some have gone overboard. Bottom line is to respect people. You are not entitled. doesn’t matter who you are.

When it comes to etiquette, manners, respect, courtesy, and behavior, I take it very seriously. The way a person is brought up and raised has a lot to do with personality.

I truly believe things need to change in the travel industry and before people travel, I think they need to take a course on travel etiquette. This is serious. I know with millions of people traveling, it’s nearly impossible, but in a way it is possible because everyone needs to go through security screening at the airport and before going on cruises, the same thing should happen on taking a mandatory course before traveling, answering questions and reading on how to behave properly.

It is getting out of hand. What have you seen in your travels? I would love to hear stories. You can write in the comments below. Thank you

2 thoughts on “Cruise & All-Inclusive Resort Vacation’s – Bad Behavior, Disgusting, Disrespect and Selfishness from people

  1. When you say “some have gone overboard” do you mean that they have literally thrown themselves overboard? Into the ocean?

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