Cruise Vacations – Pier Runners & Late Passengers – Paying Fines

In the last few decades, cruise vacations have been a very popular and incredible way to see the world, to travel to so many destinations in one vacation, to experience, to enjoy and be amongst different walks of life.

However, there are those certain few who do not follow rules, guidelines and do not care about anybody else, but themselves and are so selfish and do not take extra measures to do research, look at the time, read newsletters and hear announcements onboard cruise ships like pier runners and late passengers to cruises where some people get lucky to get back to the cruise ship after visiting a port and some passengers that aren’t so lucky and the ship leaves them behind and have these left behind passengers figure out how to get to the ship in the next port of call.

Cruise lines have to pay the big bucks and hefty fines if they stay in the port of call for more than they are allowed to and depending on the cruise itinerary, and if they are late by half an hour to an hour because some passengers do not want to follow the rules and stay ashore, chances are that Gangway will be disconnected, the ropes will be untied and be reconnected to the ship, the horn will go off and thrusters and propellors will begin to work and off the ship goes.

Then you see stranded passengers on the pier trying to flag the ship’s captain and crew, but it is too late. It doesn’t matter what the port time is, Cruise ships operate on cruise ship time. you need to set your watch or your cell phones to the ship time, so you do not miss it. They always say to be back onboard half an hour to an hour before disembarkation from that port of call. Some people still do not follow it even when it is announced many times and even written in your daily cabin newsletter of what is going on throughout the day.

Some people still do not get it. It is absolutely ridiculous having grown up adults still not following rules and have trouble to understand that it can be a costly mistake if you are late and left behind. It will be your responsibility to get to the next port on your own expense which means transportation, food, going to the local embassy, talking to port officers, and a whole lot of trouble just because those passengers do not want to follow the rules and those who are constantly late for things in life. Lateness is no excuse.

Did you know that if cruise ships are late just by an hour or more the whole cruise itinerary may change because of those certain passengers, and sometimes the weather can play a part too, or local protests or something going on, but mostly its to do with late passengers? Did you know that if the cruise ship goes to next port of call, the time spent there will be less? sometimes it can totally be avoided. Time is very serious onboard a cruise ship.

Cruise lines should come up with changes that whoever is late arriving to their ship and whoever disobeys orders, should get a huge fine and must pay. Why should cruise lines pay late port penalties because of passengers who are late? It is not the cruise lines responsibility. It is yours. If you booked something on your own and go off on your own without a cruise shore excursion, it is all up to you on how you get back and to always look at the time.

I am currently writing to cruise lines to implement these changes to fine late passengers. I have no sympathy for people like that who miss their ship.

If a shore excursion is organized, approved by local authorities especially by the cruise line and if they are late, then the ship has to wait for them regardless and port authorities are contacted so the cruise line won’t pay for penalties.

Bottom line is that people need to learn not to be late for things. This is also a life lesson to learn. I am sure those stranded passengers on the pier now have maybe learned a lesson that lateness, selfishness, and disregard for rules and regulations is wrong.

Traveling gives you some sort of responsibility to take time seriously and to manage time well, and to do lots of research, calculations, and to always ask questions, read updates, and so much more.

So, if you are one of those types of people who are always late and don’t care about others and not respect time, then cruising is not for you.

Cruise ship vacations are awesome and fun. Do not allow others stupidity to ruin it for you. Do not blame cruise lines for error, blame those certain passengers that ruin things for everyone else. Your time is just as valuable as those who are waiting for you to board your ship. Don’t be selfish and enjoy your time.

next article, I will be talking about selfish passengers and bad behaviour


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