Having Imaginary Friends is Actually Great

In life, there are things that brings us joy and happiness. Our imagination is unlimited and it is a great thing to have and to be. When you were a kid and when you were growing up, did you have imaginary friends? Were you always the teacher teaching imaginary kids in a classroom you made up?

Well, that person was definitely me. I barely had friends in school and I remember when I was bullied so heavily emotionally and mentally at there and I was made fun of a lot by others because my beliefs are different, and I was too, and I looked different. It was absolutely a horrible time of my life going to school, so to take my mind off of all of that, I began to discover ways to entertain myself at home and outside in my backyard, so I decided to make up imaginary friends for myself and as well as become an imaginary teacher, teaching the students different subjects.

It brought me so much joy and happiness and reaping the benefits of all that. I then didn’t really care much for real human interaction, so I came up with ways to entertain myself. I used to play with my dolls and toys and do imaginary stuff with them too. After a while when I graduated from grade school and high school, life totally changed for me.

I was more positive, and I then started with real human interaction and my imaginary friendships, became the real deal. I was really happy with my imagination and when it became an actual reality, my dreams came true and the things that I re-enacted with my imaginary friends came to be real. It was something so monumental and a big step in my life. I always maintained to be a strong individual when things were not going right for me.

I remember one time, when I was in school at recess and lunch hour, I always entertained myself. Although I was not having such a great time, but my head was always above water and I did not let that water drown me. Having imaginary friends changed me a lot. I never thought in my life that I was going to be happy and I never thought I was ever going to see the day where I was going to have friends, but all that turned around drastically.

I guess, when I was growing up luck wasn’t on my side, I guess I was a target for people to bully me and to make fun of me. I was just a normal girl, going to school, minding my own business and the other kids were just so cruel to me. I was absolutely heartbroken, crying and some days I did not want to go to school to face people. I would sometimes lie and say that I am sick and won’t go to school.

I am glad that my grades and marks were not affected and I kept my head up high and came out with ways to entertain myself. So, if you want to have an imaginary friend, and if you did that when you were a kid, then I salute you and I support you for it. It is so therapeutic and so incredible. The feeling is amazing and I am glad that I did do that.

If you feel that you need to do these things to give you joy, and have a great imagination, think of great and happy scenarios and that is a big stress-reliever, and that is something that is totally acceptable by me. Do what you have to do, to keep yourself happy. Life is too short to dwell and to focus on what negative people say and never let bullies destroy your inner peace.

Bullies and people who make fun of you, always mask their own insecurities and they were not brought up properly in a great environment at home, and negativity and treating others terribly is what they are used to and they were not raised to be proper. When you live in negativity all your life, that is all you will ever know. So it is always a good idea to always surround yourself with positivity, and do things that are joyful and what you enjoy.

Life is a great thing to discover, adventures of greatness you can even think of in your mind and its incredible knowing that you can make a difference within yourself when you come up with ways to be optimistic. Life always has its ways of working out for the better and never give up and give others the satisfaction that they won, and that they found ways to hurt you. Never let that happen. Ignoring is the best thing you can do although it is very difficult sometimes, but you just need to learn to get past it. You will.

I did and life turned out to be amazing. Yours will too. Wishing you all the best in everything and you will find your happiness and joy where ever life takes you. Don’t forget to live your life with positivity and never let others disgusting behavior get to you. Remember that. All the best to you.

One thought on “Having Imaginary Friends is Actually Great

  1. My sister had an imaginary pony that had to be tied to the car when we travelled on vacation…she is now an ultra right wing evangelical nut…I am sure your imagination took you to more ‘stable’ places…I imagined saving girls I liked from distressful situations..floods, menacing guys, a raging fire…I think most of the people who subscribe to wordpress have imagination stories to tell…nice story!

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