People of all ages Seeking Validity with Social Media

Many years ago before social media and internet came around, a lot of us had personal diaries and journal books to write notes, letters and personal secrets to keep to ourselves and a lot of them had locks and keys on it so nobody else had access to it, but yourself and you didn’t want people to know what is written or drawn inside and it was it the time where we didn’t seek validity and attention.

As the internet and social media came about, the tables turned around quite significantly where people of all ages began to create social media accounts where people would start posting, sharing, commenting, sending videos and pictures, and amongst creating things with apps and software. Nowadays, a lot of people mainly targeting young children, teens, and young adults are trying to seek validity, creating trends, and posting things for the sake of posting where they share anything and everything about themselves, what happens at home and amongst things that do not set a good example to others.

Now, its all about the comments, likes and how many views, followers and quantity to do anything to get famous. Before people would get mad if some people found their diary or journal and begin reading very personal stuff, and turning the table, people now get mad if you do not read, and view pictures and videos and no comment or like the posts. Nowadays people take social media way too seriously to seek attention for maybe positive reasons or maybe negative and terrible reasons.

In the warm months of the year, I remember back in the day where people used to be outside on their streets, bike riding, playing basketball, road hockey, hopscotch, jump ropes, playing and interacting with each other, and now as I drive on streets, you do not see anybody outside anymore playing interactive games and sitting down and chatting without the use of screens. They are all inside either looking at their phones, playing video games that aren’t any good anymore sending out negative and bad examples to kids with fighting in it, violence and so much more.

Now, when people get together, they do not discuss about each others day and everything, they take out their phones and send each other photos, and talk about the latest trending apps, using filters to alter their faces, creating boomerang effects, sound effects, and amongst doing selfies and staring down at their phones to do stuff to seek attention for the world to see.

Now, people know everything about each other through social media. No need to ask people anymore and no need to talk anymore when people get together. Phones and tablets are super important now and some people cannot do without them for even 10 minutes. People even take them to the washroom with them when they do their business to seek entertainment out of them. When people get engaged, the latest trips people take, who had a baby, who is pregnant, when people get married, the latest news in the world. Everybody is aware and knows everything except for the art of socializing and communications.

Nothing is private anymore unfortunately and it is concerning having to be in this era now. What if social media was never created? What would happen?

Back in the day when we did not have these devices, we were talking non-stop, and making all this noise and everything and our parents and elder people used to tell us to stop making all that noise and take a break, now, you do not hear kids and young people even adults talking. Everyone is glued to their screens and now parents and elderly want them to talk to each other and put away these devices. People text each other when they are in the same room or beside each other too.

Now, people expect to get attention and viewership online from strangers and seek validity from people they do not even know and haven’t even met them. It is so sad to have to come to this generation of people who think social media is everything and that life now revolves around with that and people think that if they do not get exposure, they don’t matter.

Well, let me tell you something. You do matter and your life shouldn’t revolve around social media. There is more to life than sitting in front of a screen. Go out and get fresh air, take a walk, explore around you, take up a hobby or do crafts, hands-on things, talk to people face-to-face, go to a library and read physical books, do chores, pick up responsibility, put essence and meaning to your life, and stop thinking that social media is the only way. Enjoy your life, and put your time and energy on things outside of the screen and spend more time with your friends and family.

Make memories with your friends and family and yes take the pictures and videos and document those memories, but it should end there. This time we have with important people in our lives shouldn’t be taken for granted. Don’t try to seek attention from strangers out in the world in social media.

I am not telling you not to enjoy yourself and have fun, I am just trying to get the message across that social media, phone apps, and screen time isn’t everything. Be who you are without seeking validity, be yourself, and discover yourself. Think about it.

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