Adiss Harmandian – A True Armenian Legend, Maestro, Singer, Artist

Hello, It is a pleasure to introduce to you A True Armenian Legend, Maestro, Singer, Artist and a talent that is truly one of a kind and very rare and his name is Adiss Harmandian. Another name is Avedis – Adiss was born on January 14, 1945, in Beirut, Lebanon. He kicked off his musical career in the 1960s with his iconic song “Dzaghigner” and amongst other songs which then he became popular in Lebanon and the world began to know about Adiss and music. The diaspora quickly got hold of his music and he began to travel the world to perform on stages to grace the crowds with his presence.

Adiss now resides in Los Angeles with his family. The family owns the iconic Baklava Factory in Encino which I had the pleasure and excitement on visiting 3 years ago or so. It was exciting to meet his son. Many prominent figures, actors, actresses have visited the Baklava Factory to buy Middle Eastern sweets and more from there. He has had a restaurant in Lebanon called Adiss Signature and amongst other things.

Adiss has 2 daughters and a son. Taline, Liana and Norayr.

Adiss’s energy was felt through his music and singing. He sings from the heart and is truly a dedicated Armenian to his people. He has hundreds of thousands and even millions of fans worldwide who has become a staple in homes, vehicles while driving, stages, Armenian community centers, Armenian restaurants and more with his music blasted up, sung, and CD’s, Cassettes, and Vinyl records bought by so many people.

He has become a pioneer in Armenian/Arabic and International music which then other musical performers began to follow in Adiss’s footsteps and his talent blossomed to others as well.

His iconic musical career blossomed as he created 30 albums and over 400 songs that get you addicted to listening to him. Noune, Karoun Karoun, Kisher eh Kisher, Ashoun Eh Ashoun, Taline Anoushig, and Liana Liana both songs dedicated to his daughters Taline and Liana. He also has heratzir moratzir, he also has an album with the Iconic International Vatche, and he has had numerous duets with several singers and one of them is Ararad Aharonian. He has a whole lot of other popular songs of which I cannot share all of it, but if you search him online, you will see and listen to his music. He has had several band members and collaborated with Levon Ishkhanian and his band as well as local bands of certain locations in the world.

Adiss has also written a book called Yerki Jampov, meaning musical journey/road, and he tells his readers all about his life, music, some lyrics, amongst challenges and yet success stories, his tours all around the world and more. He has received many honorary awards from priests, dignitaries, amongst the Armenian community and in the world. He also earned a well-deserved medal called Mesrob Mashdots rare medallion!

Adiss is so near and dear to my heart and soul and to my family and to a lot of people I know around my Armenian community in Toronto and in Montreal in Canada and I know of many people around the world who share the same sentiments as I do. I have had the pleasure of speaking with Adiss Harmandian many times face-to-face. I have met him numerous amounts of times in Montreal and Toronto, Canada. Every single time I would hear him coming, I would definitely secure tickets to see him with my family and I would go to Armenian Summer festivals in Toronto and Montreal for the purpose to see him. I took pictures with him every time and I love our pictures so much.

Adiss is a kind-hearted, dedicated, driven, passionate, and an incredible person inside and out whom will forever be my #1 artist. The world become a lucky place with him. I truly appreciate all the hardships and hard work he went through to go through and to create his lovely music. and more. There truly aren’t enough words to describe this incredible man.

Adiss has been part of my life since I was a baby. My mother always put his music on at home while cleaning, cooking, and just sitting down and relaxing and when we are driving somewhere. My favourite is when I am driving to Montreal on the highway and I would put Adiss on in my car and it is so suiting and fitting to drive to his music passing through cities and towns. It is the absolute best. Greatest feeling ever. When we also had a cottage, we would drive up there too with his music.

We have all of his music and we have listened to it for probably over a million times, and we will never stop. I became quite close with his children with many conversations throughout the years and recently in the last 3-4 years and even more. It is such a pleasure to know his family and to be connected to them.

Adiss’s family has written the following in a recent news statement that has devastated other fellow singers and performers, fans/family worldwide and we are thinking and praying for him and his family and for Adiss to recover soon and grace us with his presence of performing once again. below is what was written on behalf of his family.


“To all ADISS friends and fans worldwide:
On behalf of our family, we would like
to share our father’s health issues.

In 2003 our father was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer on his neck area including vocal chords; however, he continued to record more then 100 songs and traveled around the world to perform for his fans.

Presently, administering more chemo
and radiation therapies have no more effect in reducing his cancer cells.

The good news is, that the FDA has approved new innovative therapies that gives us some hope. Following weeks UCLA doctors will administer what is called CAR-T cell therapy and we hope together with your thoughts and prayers Adiss once again will beat cancer.

Sending our love to you all.
The Harmandian Family”


Adiss Harmandian we love, we appreciate you and we give you and your family positive vibes, well wishes and all the best in this time. We are with you in spirit, we are praying. God bless him with healing hands. please spread #AdissBeatCancer around and please send well wishes. Let’s all stand together.

There is so much that is still left unsaid about Adiss but take a look on the internet and you will find so much about him, and you too will fall in love. Truly one of a kind.

Thank you. With Love, Talin Orfali Ghazarian.

3 thoughts on “Adiss Harmandian – A True Armenian Legend, Maestro, Singer, Artist

  1. I wish God interfered in this situation , to sweep away the evil cells from Adiss’s body and return him back to his family and us ,clean of all bad cells.

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