The Big Bang Theory Series Finale — In My Opinion.


– The elevator worked once again which was awesome
– Sheldon and Amy’s speech at their Nobel Prize ceremony was fantastic and so touching. It was also great to see Sheldon express his true feelings.
– Leonard & Penny are expecting a baby (Wish they introduced that 2 seasons ago so that we can see them parent a child like Bernadette and Howard did)
– Nice to see Stuart come into the final show as well.
– Great to see Sheldon change his ways toward the end.
– Nice to see Raj with Buffy. That could have been a great combination.

Cons:– Priya Kuthrapali, Leslie Winkel, the parents of Raj, Leonard, Penny, Bernadette, Amy, Sheldon’s should have made an appearance.
– They should have continued at least 3 more seasons as stated in the contract. They could have grown Leonard and Penny’s child, and Sheldon and Amy could have had a child too after winning their Nobel Prize.
– Bad timing to finish the show. It still had so much potential and storylines could have been introduced.
– Raj could have found his true love and got married.
– A big mistake of ending the show.

Otherwise, the series finale was well done. Wishing the cast and crew all the best in their future opportunities and everything. Now there isn’t anything worthwhile watching on the television now. I am not happy with their decision to end the show. It was not a good time at all.

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