The World Needs A Huge Make-Over – Now!

Recently in the last so many years, we keep hearing about terrible things happening in this world we live in. The world will never be in peace and harmony and it will never go forward when constant crime, hatred, greed, violence, shootings, bombings, fraud, lying, cheating and tricking people, negativity, bullying, making fun of people, littering, hurting each other, killing each other and other terrible things are constantly going on. It always seems to me that people now are out to get each other and it’s so sad. Even scam artists and con artists are a lot in this world now.

It is so ridiculous. Enough is Enough! We all need to put our foot down and really makeover this world. Innocent people are being killed, families are being ripped apart, disgusting, and terrible trends are sending bad examples to people and amongst other things.

The world is never going to change unless we change it for the better unless we all come together as one and combat violence, hatred and all the bad things in life. We need to take care of this world or else it will not take care of us. It is a two-way street. Not one.

Life is too short already. So many people die of sickness and other diseases every day unfortunately and people die senselessly due to accidents that could be prevented, suicide that can be prevented as well, and violence that can be prevented too.

Live and let live. I just don’t understand the concept of people killing each other and finding ways to destroy this planet and to terrorize people. I am just trying to make sense of this all, but I can’t seem to find the answers. Greed and Jealousy also play a big part in life. People need to be satisfied with what they have as others in this world have next to nothing, but some of those people are actually happy. I have been in villages and communities in third world countries and that is evident, but we should never neglect them. We need to help everyone in this world and we need to make sure of it.

Committing crimes to hurt and kill people for religion is also a huge issue that needs to be dealt with. It is horrible. People are different, their beliefs, religion, the colour of skin, race, cultural backgrounds and heritage is something that makes this world unique. Don’t take away people and kill them because of who they are. Everyone is born different. You were put on this earth for a reason.

It doesn’t mean that you go and kill and hurt others. You came to this world to add purpose in this life. You have a purpose. Go through life, find your calling, utilize your talent, find it, do good things, share the love and share yourself. Be positive in life and do the best you can, be your best self and don’t succumb into bad trends out there.

All leaders of our communities in our world need to put aside differences and take action. Hate and constant blaming of each other, fighting, war and racism never accomplish anything in our lives, it just makes matters worse. All I see is bad news in the news. It is ridiculous having to always hear about shootings in schools, bombings, stabbings and all these terrible things. It is because our leaders need to step up.

There should be zero tolerance and lawmakers need to put out more strict laws in everything. stop the wars, bring troops home to their families they have been ripped apart from.

We should never live in fear, we should all feel safe in this one life we live, we should all be happy, going on in our lives, doing what brings us joy, doing good things, loving each other and helping each other out. That is what the world needs and that is how peace and harmony will be for all of us. It all begins with everyone and myself included.

Morals, respect, dignity and goodness are very rare in this world we live in now. The world is going backwards. We need to put the world back on track. We can use social media and other tools of communication to do just that. It has become so easy to transmit, post and share things instantly. Why don’t we use social media for goodness instead of stupidity?

This world is in need of a huge makeover and it is in dire need of it right NOW!.

It all starts with you. Be kind to one another and accept each other.

2 thoughts on “The World Needs A Huge Make-Over – Now!

  1. In do not nhave to finish your whole article to know where you are going….let me tell you this: humans are animals. That is ewhy. We are as dawninina theory says. exactly tyhat. We selectively attract to that which we feel most fitting in towards…..we thrive on instinct or power or whatever animalistic nature drives us. Our intellect, which yopu have, is the only thing that separates us. Consider yourself chosen by God. That is the other difference, in my opinion. God only knows why. If he even does. ….depending on our relationships with Him. Which is found in our relationships with each other. LOVE ios all that saves this world. Jewish people understand this. When they have it more than the rest of us do, if you ask me. ok? Thanks, keep writing and i won’t ask you if you are a Jew.

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