Talin’s 10 Ways to Make Cruise Ship Vacations Fun, Relaxing & Enjoyable

10 – Always read your daily newsletter which comes to your cabin every day of your trip and read up on information on ports of call, things that are happening on your ship and it notifies you on what time to be back on the ship before sailing to the next port. Also, it will state if you need to bring extra identification in some ports. Always bring ID from home like a drivers licence or other forms of ID or your passport. Very important to follow the procedures to avoid missing your ship.

09 – Try to participate in events happening on your ship, get into the action of when there are trivia games, dance lessons, sports and rec, entertainment shows to go to nightly, enjoy the views around, meet new people, join in on conversations on meet and mingle events. Also, go to the shops onboard.

08 – Familiarize yourself with the ship on the first 2 days of your trip. Check out the restaurants, bars, lounges, dining rooms, enjoy yourself with all that too.

07 – If you are not the type to join in on the shore excursions cruises provide, and you just want to go around where the ship is docked and enjoy the areas, wanting to take pictures of the ship and ships in your port of call, joining in on the local fun or you just want to go back quickly to the ship and enjoy the sights.

06 – Always a good idea to be friendly with the staff onboard the ship, try to meet your captain and officers of the ship, make conversation with the some of the staff and learn about the cruising industry more and ask where they are from, so on and so forth. They are away from their family and friends for so many months. Always good to cheer them on and be kind.

05 – When you are in your cabin, always a good idea to prepare your clothes, and everything to wear at night before you go to bed and so you don’t waste time in the morning to prepare your stuff where you wake up very early in the morning to start your day. Wasting time on a cruise is a no-no. Try to sleep late and Always wake up early. Time is of the essence.

04 – The bigger the ship is, the more things there are to do, see. Always manage your time well on a cruise and try not to spend so much time in your room and try not to turn in early where there is nightly events happening or you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful Seabreeze, and hear the ship sailing by.

03 – Sometimes it’s good to explore the ship on your own. Try to take a couple of hours for yourself in the evening once or twice instead of always being with others, take a walk, reflect, and don’t think about anything else, just enjoy yourself and try not to sweat the small stuff.

02 – Try to live in the moment, don’t complain about everything, nothing and nobody is perfect. So don’t be rude and cause problems onboard, if something doesn’t go as planned or you feel like things don’t go your way, don’t come home and write reviews that are way too exaggerated and over the top on a very small issue which people tend to do a lot of on review sites and on social media. Things can always be worse. Don’t be negative and take things lightly. It is what it is and make the best of it.

01 – Have fun. There is no room for boredom. There is so much to do. Don’t come home spreading fake things about cruises that they are boring. It is how you choose to vacation, it is how you spend your trip, and what you make of it. Be positive in your life, and don’t be afraid to try a cruise. Do not live in fear. You never know until you try this form of travel. Try it out. If it is not for you, then you know, but when you don’t know and you have not tried a cruise, and you make all these assumptions and go with what other people say, you won’t go anywhere at all. Live a little and get sailing.

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