Living in Fear of Travel To See The World

In recent news when we have heard about a cruise ship encountering choppy waters of a Norway ship, and when we heard about the plane crashes involving Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 aircraft, and mishaps happening on cruise ships and airlines, I think that when these things get heard on the news, it deters some people away from traveling the world. I do not blame them, but why live in fear?

Yes, although the thought of these things can be scary and you can easily grow fear, but when you live in fear and hear all the media and news about things like this, you won’t go anywhere, you won’t explore a world waiting for you to explore in all kinds of transportation.

I am someone who has experienced a lot of travel in my life since I was a child. I have not stopped traveling since then and until this present time. I have heard all kinds of things, but that does not deter me from one of the things in my life that brings me joy is the gift of travel. It truly is an incredible feeling when you venture out of your daily life and just go and explore.

When you live in fear with anything in life, you will not want to do anything and you will be stuck in just one place, and seeing the same scenery and being in the same areas over and over again can get boring. Travel while you can, enjoy your life, and don’t feel that you need to be afraid to try new things.

A lot of people have bad feelings about cruises, some have never even been on a cruise ship and do not even want to attempt to try it out. I think that is a bit much. I truly think that because of the Titanic and a few mishaps here and there, people are afraid to go on ships. I tell you this. Titanic was in 1912. Now, we are in 2019. A lot has changed in terms of technology, better work and better material for ships, and they are built so huge now, you won’t even feel barely feel the ship moving. It is such a great experience. You need to try it and put your fears away.

Some people do not even want to fly on an aircraft either. It is such a great experience as well when you begin taking off and when landing. It is such a fantastic way to explore the skies and below you when there are no clouds in the sky and when it isn’t dark. You will see different cities and towns, shapes, patterns, different patches of land and sea, amongst a lot of nature and within hours or an hour or so, you will be in another place in the world within a day or so. You will see how life dynamics differ from each place in the world.

The problem with today’s society is that, when media has a role with everything we hear and they make a story so big that they make you live in fear, and it makes you feel like you should not try new things. Life is beautiful and meant to explore.

Unfortunately with what has happened is so terrible with the cruise ship mishaps, the aircraft problems. My thoughts and prayers go out to families and friends of those who were lost in the plane crashes and those injured as well. It is absolutely heartbreaking to have your life changed forever.

One thought on “Living in Fear of Travel To See The World

  1. I think you’ve raised a good point here, Talin. While living in an information age has many benefits. I’m still thrilled every time I chat to someone living in another part of the world – like you – from my small sitting room in the south of England, but the downside is that we can become overly afraid if we hear of all these catastrophes…

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