Humans Destroying Other Humans

Today’s society has become a huge blunder. Nowadays some human’s are finding ways to harm and be bad examples to other people whether it is sharing a terrible trend on social media, creating videos that cause harm, showing people terrible videos to do self-harm, being bad influences on children, teenagers, and adults too.
 What a world we live in now that when we think we have seen everything, something else comes up that is unthinkable. Humans are ultimately destroying other humans. Nowadays, people are always out to get others from stealing people’s stuff, money fraud, damaging property, disrespecting each other, criminal activity, frauding others in other ways, staging car accidents, faking, tricking and doing other unspeakable things and also killing with stabbings, shootings. You name it.
   Now, people are out for themselves and it is so rare to find good people these days without any strings attached or without payback. Selfish and jealous behaviour causes people to do terrible things to others without thinking.
  Prominent figures of society need to really step up and give us great influence and inspire the world and famous people and ordinary people like us have a voice, and we need to use it, and we need to put our foot down and begin to think seriously of what we are doing to this world of humanity.
    When and how do we draw the line? It is absolutely ridiculous in this world we are in now. It is pretty sad on how humans want to destroy other humans. Where is the love? where is the kindness? Social media is a very prime example as too ridiculous and terrible trends come to play. The internet poison is social media and those who are vulnerable and fall for things quite easily get poisoned with videos, posts and pictures that is pure nonsense.
I think that this world needs a huge makeover. The more bad influences that are given out, the worse humans are getting when it comes to all that. There are reality shows on 16 and pregnant or shows that depict a lot of bad influences. I’d like to see success stories of inspiration, goodness, sharing good news, love, respect, and things that need to be seen, lessons to be taught, and quality shows where morals are taught.
Parents really need to be more alert when it comes to their children viewing videos, photos, and looking stuff up on the internet. You really need to be vigilant and spend more time looking closely to what your child does on the internet and limiting them from screen time. They really need to be taught the right and wrong and what they need to stay away from. Don’t let them get into the latest bad influence trends, and better yet, kids should not be on those screens. They need to find other ways to occupy their time. They are so young to be on social media and watch videos.
If you really want your child to be on a screen, buy DVD’s, record good videos for kids and let them watch it on television. Nowadays with that momo telling people to turn the stove on, to slit wrists, and do self-harm and teaching kids wrong things to do in their lives is very concerning and alarming.
These things even apply to teenagers and adults. There is no age when it comes to online safety and things that cause harm. Do not listen and try things you see online that can be really terrible. Ultimately, everything happening now has something to do with destroying and doing harm.
Suicide rates, mental illness, emotionally disturbed, abused physically and mentally and people who are losing their will has something to do with how they were raised, the influences of others, the things they may have seen in life, how they were treated, being bullied, hurt, made fun of, being lied to, having trust issues. Everything goes hand in hand with harm, with terrible things humans do to other humans.
It needs to stop and it needs to stop now. Go and be kind to other humans, spread positive and goodness in the world, start good trends, invent things that can benefit others, love each other, be each others guardian, protect each other,  create videos that can benefit society, make kindness go viral because this world is in dire need of it. We all need it in our lives.
It is a serious matter that needs to be dealt with. More strict punishments need to take place, people need to learn lessons that if you do something wrong, you must pay for your mistakes and hopefully learn from it. Life is fragile.
I don’t understand why people need to hurt others. Life is way too short to inflict damage to others. Live your own life, enjoy the world of humanity, help each other. It is such a beautiful thing that people are missing out on. People miss out on a lot because of stupidity and what they do. It really does not take much to be kind, to say thank you, to be happy.
Once we begin to do good and happy things, once we get out of the poison that is dealt with us, you will see the world and peoples dynamics changing, lifestyles, and the way of life can and will get better. Trust in me. Humans destroying humans is not the answer to life.
Be who you are and spread good cheer. The world definitely needs it desperately.

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