Beginner Cruise Ship Travel Tips & Advice

Few beginner cruise ship travel tips from Myself, Talin

Cruises are a special and unique way to travel to see the world in not just one port of call, but several while sailing on the oceans and seas of the world. You can just about cruise anywhere in the world as long as its close to a massive body of water. You can travel to the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Canada, New England, Europe, Mediterranean, Asia, Hawaii, French Polynesia, Transatlantic, Pacific, Africa, Australia, Alaska, and many other areas. Cruise ships vary in sizes to small to hugely massive vessel’s. You can also do river cruises but with smaller vessels that can fit on river waters.

If you have never been on a cruise and would like to try it, I am here for you. having been on 5 cruise ships is so amazing and a great experience that I think you really need to try. Do not listen so much to media and negativity. Also, never think of the Titanic as that was over 100 years ago and technology was slim to none back in those days and they weren’t prepared. Cruises have come a very long way, and better built and excellent engineering. You barely even feel these vessels sailing because of how massive they are. Stabilizers are there for a reason.

Here are some beginner tips to get you on your way:

1. Choose where you would like to travel in the world and then begin searching for cruises aiming to those ports of call or if you want to choose a random cruise, that is fine too.

2. Look up cruise lines and check out the ships, deck plans and what they offer. Research is key to the kind of cruise ship you like, whether you like small, medium, large or huge size ships, but I would go for the huge and large ships which they offer more areas of relaxation, fun, restaurants, spa, gym areas and more.

3. Usually cruises just come as cruise only with no airfare included, but there still are packages where you can combine the two which is more beneficial and efficient.

4. cruises often sell drink voucher packages which include soft drinks, specialty coffees, alcohol and smoothie drinks. Each cruise line offers different things, you can buy those in advanced when you plan your cruise and sometimes you can get it onboard, but why waste time on the ship when you can get them beforehand? The drink voucher packages will then be sent to your room with your room steward who will make sure you receive them.

5. Every cruise line requires you to check in way before your cruise vacation online. You have to enter in your personal information, passport ID, booking number, confirmation numbers, and all information must be correct and your name must match your passport. This is all due to security, and so they can prepare on their end so that when you arrive for your cruise, check-in will be a breeze and you can get on your ship quickly.

6. Heading to your cruise embarkation point to get on your ship is super easy. You can call a taxi, uber, or sometimes bus transfers from the airport are included, depending on your cruise package. Some people drive too, and there are designated parking areas near the cruise embarkation point.

7. Baggage handling is super easy. submit your baggage that will go to your room. when you print out your baggage labels from the cruise line, your room number and your name will be on it. attach them when you arrive at the port or at the airport there, and then give your baggage to the personnel and they will handle it. They will bring them outside of your room upon check-in. So no need to haul them around with you. It is the same as check out and disembarkation, but you have to give your baggage the night before and put it outside of your room before a certain time, and then you will see your baggage at disembarkation off the ship in a room full of luggage.

8. All documents, cruise embarkation tickets and vouchers must be printed on paper to be allowed to be checked in onboard. Do not use your phone as most of the time will not accept electronic tickets. they need the actual physical paper.

9. All baggage will be screened before getting on the ship and each port you must be checked along with your bags due to security and safety.

10. Safety mustering and lifeboat/life jacket drills are mandatory and everyone’s cruise card will be checked and you must attend. If you do not attend, the cruise crew will send a note to your room that you did not attend and they will look for you. It is for safety after all.

11. Your cruise card is your credit card onboard as nowhere takes cash, and it is also your embarkation, and disembarkation card to ports of call, also you must show the card at your ports of call and bring extra ID like a passport, drivers licence with you to destinations that require it because security will not allow you around the cruise port without those ID’s and your cruise card. DO NOT lose your cruise card. If you do, you must visit the reception/pursers desk to issue a new one. sometimes they do charge for it. depending on the cruise line. So always take care of your stuff and don’t lose it.

Other information, please contact me.

Thank you.

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