Depression, Loss & Mental Illness

Depression, loss and mental illness is real. Its evident on how our lives can change in an instant when something terrible happens and we don’t know how to cope with certain issues and sometimes for some people it sets them off. It is important to always be kind to everyone. We may not know the struggles a person faces behind closed doors.

We truly have no idea unless we have been in that person’s shoes, but then again we can never be in someone else’s shoes because everyone has different ways of dealing with grief, loss, depression and mental illness. Unfortunately, sometimes peoples actions mean for them to cross to the other side.

It is very important to always be helpful, and to understand. It is really imperative to always listen. Sometimes people need a listening ear to pour your heart out and the struggles you face and to tell someone what you are feeling.

Certain circumstances in life changes us forever and we are truly not the same when all these unfortunate events of life happens and and when some people can be so rude, mean and bully another person emotionally and physically. All that adds up and it can put a huge dent into someone’s life and that will lead to someone’s breaking point.

It needs to stop and it needs to stop now! These people deserve a happy and joyous life they are yearning. We need to kick depression to the trash. It doesn’t take much to be kind and welcoming to others and treat everyone equally, to love one another and to give a helping hand, ear, and do great things in life so everyone can have a chance at happiness. Put negativity away and start to really be serious about how people treat people. Respect and love is incredible.

Put positive energy into those who need it. Put a real smile on someone’s face and make a difference in one’s life. It goes a long way more than you know. Optimistic approach to everything is the way to go.

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