Benefits of efficient traveling – Toronto Pearson International Airport

Toronto Pearson International Airport is one of the busiest Airports in the world, and many tourists and locals of Toronto go in and out of the airport daily. Traveling has changed a lot in the last 20-23 years. A lot of new technology has been added, the face of air travel has changed, the laws are constantly being updated and many new security measures have been added in addition to how airports operate. The benefits of efficient travel is vital to keep the flow of passengers going as well as employees of Toronto Pearson Airport.

Here are some ideas of benefits of efficient traveling and to create a New Toronto Pearson International Airport:

– Terminal 1 should be focused on USA/Canada travel. NEXUS and entering US customs and security should be in T1. Canadian Travel should be there as well since majority of US/Canada flights are there. Security screening would be more easier and quicker if more machines from T3 US NEXUS/Customs can be transferred to T1.

– Terminal 3 should be focused on Southern, Caribbean and International destinations. The benefits would be to make more room for international and eliminate all US/Canada travel from the terminal. Normal security screening and moving the machines from T1 to T3 would make getting to flights on time and less lineups.

– The Airlines that fly to US/Canada/ International/Southern/Caribbean destinations can be split between both terminals. For example, Air Canada flies to Los Angeles LAX, and the same Airline flies to Paris, France, then both terminals can separate between International/Domestic and Southern flights as well as Nationwide.

– Airports should also be pet friendly. Say, a passenger flies away for a while and returns back and gets picked up by loved ones along with their pets, it would be a great thing to see pets reunite with their owners and the reaction the animals get when they haven’t seen their owners for a long time just like how human reactions can be. It would be a great incentive and the benefits and the joys of seeing human and animal reactions can be a positive and rewarding thing at the airport, as long as they are attended to and kept leashed.

– Allowing people who wait for passengers at the arrivals to wait right at the terminal round-about for 15 minutes. Allowing passengers to stay instead of circling around.

– Spotting aircraft locations in the airport premises. Allowing non-passengers to enjoy the airport and more pre-security departure options to allow people not traveling a great experience at Toronto Pearson and permit leisure time for aircraft, airport enthusiasts.

I think these key points is an imperative part to improving operations at YYZ Toronto Pearson Airport of Toronto. It is important to keep things efficient as tourists are increasing, line ups are long and sometimes check in processes can get super busy especially during the holidays, leisure and business travel.

I am certain that these changes will take the step to the right direction and that passengers, non-passengers and airport employees, aircraft and airline crews will all appreciate it. Separating the destinations per terminal is important.

USA Travel should be catered to one terminal where customs, check in processes and NEXUS entry areas should be in one area and opened up make room for that as the security procedures differ from the regular security screening.

Toronto Pearson is an airport that is near and dear to my heart and it is a place where it is sentimental for me. These ideas and suggestions are things that I have observed and would love to see them considered and happen in the near future. I get excited every time I come to the Airport whether I am flying, picking up passengers, spotting to watch aircraft take off and land. Its a beautiful airport that I love so much and this airport means the world to me.

I am glad I have all these memories and I cannot wait to continue to make more travel memories throughout the years.

3 thoughts on “Benefits of efficient traveling – Toronto Pearson International Airport

  1. I wish traveling wasn’t such a pain and that airports were open to suggestions. I also wish they’d stop shrinking let space. How many more people do they need to cream on a plane? 😣

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