Some Travel advice from me to you.

Talin’s travel tips:

Zone boarding – At the Boarding counter at the gate before heading to your aircraft. Important tips to follow.

Zones are put on your boarding pass for a reason to make going to the aircraft less congested and keep things organized when you are finding your seat and getting enough time to get settled in with putting your carry-on baggage away in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you.

When your zone gets called, that is when you line up. When it is being announced where families with children and those who need more time and assistance with those in wheelchairs and who requested wheelchairs and those in priority seating need to be seated first.

Then Zone 1-4 or whatever the case maybe follows. Do not worry, all of you will get on the aircraft and they won’t leave without you when you are there at the gate.

Depending on the size of the aircraft and how many seats there are, they sometimes begin by zones in the back of the aircraft, then mid zone, and then the front.

I know sometimes it is difficult to find space for your carry-on baggage in the overhead compartment when it is a full flight, but sometimes you have no choice but to put your baggage under the seat in front of you or unfortunately have your carry-on checked for free if there is no space left. That is what gets people to not follow instructions because they are afraid for these reasons.

No worries about these little things. Have a safe trip and what is important is that you are on the flight and heading to your destination. Have fun.

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