Talin’s Tips to getting through airport security screening quickly

Talin’s Tips to getting through airport security screening quickly

We all know that you cannot avoid security screening when you check in and you are ready to head to your gate to meet your aircraft that will fly you to your destination. Then comes the process of screening. I am here to give you tips on how to get through it all quickly and efficiently.

1. Organize and neatly place items in your carry-on baggage/handbags. Don’t leave wires for electronics dangling everywhere, and make sure you are carrying items that are on the permitted list. Always check with what is permitted and not permitted in carry-on baggage. – All Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones may be subject to screening and swabbing. Be ready in case they ask and all must be charged upon heading to security.

2. Make sure you have liquids that are 100ml or less in a clear resealable plastic bag and leave that out separate to be screened in screening bins along with your handbag/carry-on baggage.

3. Make sure you have your boarding pass/passport on hand

4. Before you head toward the screening area, make sure all pockets, jackets and everything are all empty. Make sure to take your belts off and depending on the security process, take your shoes off if asked.. Always make sure to wear socks and never go barefoot when flying.

5. Be respectful and patient. If you are rude or give a threatening bad attitude, you may be denied boarding and they will further question you and take you to secondary screening. Remember, the security screening officers are the ones who will allow or not allow you through the gates and to get on your flight.

6. Do as you are told and follow instructions on how they want you to place your items in the bins and don’t refuse.

7. If you have medications that require water, and if you need water/sweet drinks tell your security screening officer that you have a water bottle that is filled with water. Some cases they will allow it through. depends on how you approach it.

8. Do not wear t-shirts and other clothing items that display violence, weapons, racist, and other threatening forms of display. You may be denied boarding.

9. If you get selected to do a random swabbing of your palms, fingers, and extra wanding on your person, Do not refuse.

10. If you have any questions or concerns before heading to the airport for going through security screening, always check the website or call the security customs office to clarify whatever it is you will ask about.

11. Always do research, plan ahead and always be ready.

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