Say Yes to The Dress TV Show is absolutely horrible.

Most of those brides are so stuck up, high maintenance, and really don’t care about comfort. All they care about is vanity and no matter how ugly the dresses are, they choose some of the most ridiculous dresses ever and that is so inappropriate, that they can’t even walk in or manage in and spend ridiculous amounts of money for just wearing it for a few hours for one day. Some of the dresses are so extremely heavy too! It is beyond me. Some show way too much cleavage.

I have not once seen a half decent dress on the show and Kleinfeld is supposed to be pro, but I beg to differ. Those big retail bridal stores will sell you bizarre dresses for a whole lot of money…

Then a crowd of family and friends show up to view your wedding dress and getting so many opinions about it and I find that ridiculous too. I’d only take one or two people at the most and that should be your matron/maid of honor, mother, or sister, aunt. Nobody else should be involved in choosing your dress.

Some of the dresses are so revealing and show way too much skin and some are not practical at all especially when you will be in it all day, dancing, walking, taking pictures, and all that.

Sometimes, I don’t know where designers minds go with designing, making bizarre wedding dresses, and some of them are so ridiculous and not practical and yet some brides go bananas over them.

Sorry, but I think logically when choosing a dress. I look for classy, comfortable, and appropriate especially when you will be the star of the day, and everyone will be looking at you. It is your wedding day that will be witnessed by friends and family.

I got my dress within a week and super great quality.

I stopped watching Say Yes to The Dress. It plays with your emotions and it looks like it is all staged and looks like they are acting. Not for me.

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