All Inclusive Resorts Orientation – Resort/Excursion information.

Several people have been asking me this question if it is important to attend the orientation at the All Inclusive Resort the day after arriving on your holiday. For me, personally, I do not think it is that important to attend the orientation. You can always find information out throughout your stay and you can always look at your flight schedule and bus time back to the airport in the binder booklet they have in the lobby area of your resort. Look at your flight information the day before you go back home and the day of. Do not look at it at the beginning of your vacation.

As for locating places around your resort, You can always look at the resort map, you can always read the signs around. I always recommend doing a tour skim through on the day you arrive so you can familiarize yourself with the resort.

If you want to find something out about the restaurants and a la carte options, you can always ask around.

These orientations are designed to get a representative to upsell you excursions that are an arm and a leg and which you will end up paying double-triple the amount. Remember, they make commission off of you. They will lure you in to make more money off of you. If you are seriously considering going on excursions, research and find better ways online to go on those excursions, where it will be a lot cheaper and a lot better. Do not ever go on their time. Go on your own time, You paid for your holiday and you are there to relax and enjoy yourself away from reality.

Find affordable taxi’s and make a deal with them. Don’t just say yes, always do your homework before you attempt an excursion.

Do not waste precious time when you can be relaxing on the beach, pool, or dining. Orientations sometimes take too much time. Remember, you are there for a short period of time. Make the most of your trip, and do not waste a second of it.

Talin’s travel tips
Talin Orfali

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