An Interview to myself about travel and my travel style.

Get to know me and the way I travel.

1. Describe My Travel Style…

I like to be open to always trying different places and new things. I do not like to commit to just one place, one all-inclusive resort or the same cruise ship, and always going to the same place. I am always experiencing new places to further my travel background.

2. One thing I cannot travel without is…

Everything I take with me. being organized, and being well prepared for everything. It is super important to me.

3. The worst travel advice I have received from others…

To look at travel reviews. They are the most misleading and yet the most ridiculous things I have ever read in my life. I never read reviews. I like to experience things with my own preference, with judging things for myself and build my own perspective. It is quite possible the person may be lying, or making things up and having never even been to that destination or whatever the case may be.

4. The way I prepare to travel is…

To do research on my destination without reading the reviews, to have all the necessary travel documents for the destination, travel insurance, to start packing and putting things aside 2-3 weeks before travel, packing efficiently and packing well and not leaving anything to the last 2-3 days before traveling, that is where you focus on just getting your handbag/carry-on together and getting pampered.

5. The thing that gets me excited most about travel is…

Sharing the experience with loved ones and also the adrenaline and acceleration of the aircraft I am on about to take off to the sky to head to my destination and the landing as well. It really gets me excited.

6. My most favourite experience in travel has been…

Visiting Armenia my motherland. My experience in Armenia has been one that I will never forget. It is filled with beauty, culture, churches, landmarks, delicious food, and Armenia is so photogenic. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I definitely want to go back and take my husband-to-be there as he has never been.

7. Would you ever travel alone?

It depends on the geographical location. I do not mind traveling within North America to lets say Los Angeles, Vancouver, Boston (which I have been to all, but with family and friends) or as far as the Caribbean Islands on my own, but if flights are over 6 hours long and going to destinations in Europe, Middle East and parts of Asia, I would definitely want a travel companion(s). I have only travelled to Boston on my own. The rest of my trips have been with family and friends.

8. Has travel opened up your eyes to see life in a different way?

It definitely has. It has put everything in perspective and I truly appreciate life. I have been to countries such as Dominican Republic, Cuba, and other places where the local residents have very little and yet they are happy and still living life. I have been in villages in Cuba and Dominican and have met a lot of people. Their income is not like ours where we make 20 dollars or more in an hour, whereas they make that in a month.

9. Lastly, The best travel advice I can give to others is…

Never to leave things to last minute and research. Be prepared for everything. Never hesitate to ask me anything. Travel should be a fun, and a great experience to explore the world and to get out of your daily reality and see new places, and change your scenery. You can always contact me.

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