The Armenian Genocide Recognition Must Continue

Over the past 2 weeks, I have been on a site called Imgur where they share memes, and other photos, gifs, and little video files from across the world. When I shared the Armenian Genocide, over 220,000 people saw it and so many people upvoted my content I had posted which was educating to those who already know about the Genocide and there was a vast majority of them who did not.

I was going through the comments and some of them did their own research after posting and they were really shocked as to why they did not know, and they thanked me for my informative education towards the Armenian Genocide. It soon became a viral post which made it to Imgur’s front page. People were intrigued and they got involved. It was so empowering. Some did not even know about Armenia as well.

It was absolutely a delight to teach them about Armenia, I shared photos, educated them on prominent figures and who we are. Now, I have people who have written to me, that they will be visiting Armenia after my post and they want to go this year. They fell in love with the churches, the scenery and our alphabet too.

I learned so much in the last 2 weeks about how these people who are total strangers from around the world whom really became involved in what I had posted and how I gave them my point of view. They were absolutely so interested. I really couldn’t believe my eyes. It was so amazing.

The Armenian Genocide must still be recognized, shared, educate people, gain acknowledgement, raising awareness. Imgur is a great site and it really impressed me about the comments I received and how much people despise and detest Erdogan, Turkey and the government. I even saw some vulgarity on taking their frustration out on why The Armenian Genocide has not be recognized by the USA and most importantly the Turkish government on the way they lie so much. It is really time to wake up and to get the word out even more..

Every social media network in the world, meme, and blog sites must get us out there. We all have to take a hand in this and work in this together and not wait for anyone. We need to educate as much as possible.

I know we have done a lot of hard work thus far, we have been through a lot of recognition, demonstrations, and so many recognition gathering events across the world. I am grateful for this very much. We still have a long road ahead of us.

April is coming soon.

Now it is social media’s turn. I know a lot of us have written about it, with news sites, Newspapers, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Imgur and other social media sites, but we have to do much much more. Social Media is empowering and one of the biggest arteries in communication these days as that becomes part of life now. It is the norm of society and we must cater to what this generation is now.

A lot of work still needs to be done and if we all don’t do our part, then there will still be people that have no idea about The Armenian Genocide and beautiful Armenia. We must all get this trending. It will take some hard work, but nothing ever comes easy without working hard.

We must do this for all genocides that have happened, we need to do this for other countries and their people who have been affected about Genocides.

What will you do? How will you raise awareness?

1.5 Million Armenians Killed,
April 24, 1915
The Turkish Government still denies, lies and tries to steer away from this subject.
Armenian Men, Women, Children displaced and left homeless, were left to die, were raped, dismembered, destroyed families, let them out to the desert fighting for their lives.
Lands were stolen away, Mount Ararat was as well.

Awaken the world

Communication is key and raising this awareness is so important and vital. It definitely makes a difference.

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