Are you a Sentimental Person? Do you Keep Items Important to you?

Are you a sentimental person?

In life, we hold onto items that are of sentimental value and a lot of the time there is no value into it. Its just sentimental and priceless. When it comes to past assignments from school back in the day, card’s I’ve received throughout the years, gifts from friends and family, some of my clothing as a child, some toys I had that were my favourite, I kept them. I even kept my first tooth and pieces of my hair on my first hair cut. I even kept my girl scout uniform with badges.

I kept all my Armenian School, and High School uniforms, even my student ID Cards.

I keep my airline baggage tags, boarding passes, tickets, resort and hotel stuff. Keep magazines, sickness bags with the airline name on it and everything from my travels, even the soap, shampoo and all that as well

I even keep all the shower invites, wedding favours, wedding invitations, the gifts given from weddings and showers. I never get rid of them. They are sentimental for me and a memory to look at. Plus I cherish and appreciate them because I know that it cost them for those things and a lot of time and hard work went into preparing, shopping for them for us guests to keep. I even keep the table numbers with my name on it.

I even kept all the valentines and birthday cards given to me from my fellow school classmates. I kept my school yearbooks, ticket stubs to games, concerts, places that I have been. I kept them all organized in different boxes.

When I was part of ACYOC – Armenian Church Youth Organization of Canada, and part of other committees, I still have all the papers, the meeting minutes that I wrote down, all the meetings we went to in Kingston, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, New York, Laval and more. I kept the folders and when I went on retreats in the last few years, I kept the folders with everything inside. All the pictures taken throughout the years.

It is important to be sentimental. If you get rid of everything and not keep important things, one day you will look back and regret getting rid of it. Its nice to go back to memory lane and see all the stuff from your life. I do every once in a while and its great.

I don’t go as far as hoarders do, but I am reasonable with what I have, and manage it all.

After our wedding, I am so excited to be keeping everything and creating a spot for our wedding stuff.

It doesn’t take much space. It all depends on how organized you are and to be efficient in creating space.

Are you a sentimental person? What have you kept?

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