Taking Responsibility and Being Independent

In life, unexpected things happen that requires us to take responsibility, being independent and taking problems that arise and acting accordingly to it. In life there are going to be so many obstacles, curve balls thrown, and so many things are going to happen without us even expecting it. We need to address the situation that happens in a time sensitive and good manner.

In life, when things like this happen, it gives us lesson to learn. Our actions tells everything. Actions that are a mistake that we do, has consequences, but when you learn from your mistakes, it is not a consequence, it is merely a lesson to learn. Life is not all about perfection. Mistakes are always going to be in our path. We need to live up to it, to try to better ourselves with not making the same mistakes.

Being independent and taking responsibility is very mature, it’s a way to strengthen your confidence in life. Yes, asking for guidance, help and advice is great, but sometimes you have to be your own person and take care of your own battles, you have to own up to whatever has happened. Yes, you can rely on others, but not all the time. You have to help yourself as that is the way to learn.

We sometimes don’t tell others about the mistakes or things that have happened to us and it’s totally fine. It is actually good to just keep things to yourself, but it depends on what it is. It’s good to fix a problem on your own without help. It doesn’t mean that you should never ask for help for anything, it just means some issues need to be handled with just you alone.

If you are one of those people who are always dependent on others, who cannot make decisions for yourself and who is confused to know what to do in certain situations, then yes asking for help and advice is good, but the only way to really learn is to take matters into your own hands and do what you feel is best.

Feeling stuck sometimes happens to all of us. In the end we are human, we are here for a short time. Life is not always going to be what we expect it to be. Take each day as it comes and go forward.

Feel proud of being responsible and independent, but also in the meantime help others who are always dependent of others and who are irresponsible. Show them the way to get on track. All is takes is the willingness to do so and to strive to maturity. Life is always going to be learning process. Never stop learning. It is an amazing feeling and keep it up.

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