The Armenian Genocide – Envisioning the World without Genocide

Almost 103 years ago on April 24, 1915, a terrible act of violence, cruelty and crime against humanity happened to the Armenians. 1.5 million Armenians were massacred and left to die, were displaced from their homes, escorted out to the desert and women were raped. Men, women and children were killed by the government of Turkey. The Turkish Ottoman Empire and Turkish soldiers committed these acts and have yet to admit their crimes.

The Turkish Ottoman Empire tried to wipe our nation, our people and tried to commit ethnic cleansing from the world. They tried so hard to clean us all from the world so that they can take over everything and anything we have. They failed and they could not succeed. Armenia is the first Christian nation and the Turkish people got jealous and jealousy led to a Genocide.

Not only was our Armenian ancestors and family members killed, but also our lands, rivers, lakes, churches and our Mount Ararat were stolen from us. Our country of Armenia was massive and we had a huge land. Now, our country map looks like the head and tied up hair of a woman.

Since then several countries across the world, and 48 states of the United States of America have recognized the Armenian Genocide. We are still waiting for the entire United States of America to recognize and acknowledge. Now, the question is, why deny genocide? Why do people have to kill and destroy families?

In our world and how short life is,  I do not understand why people have to kill and terrorize other people. I am envisioning a world of peace, happiness, helping each other out, creating a beautiful world of humanity where incredible, inspiring and beautiful things can happen. We are people who need to develop ways to help the world, to think about people and how we can make a difference in this world. Positivity, optimism, and acting on greatness to our people and taking care of our world is something that must take effect. We all live in this world.

We have to take care of each other. Recognizing and preventing wars, genocides, and other terrible acts to humanity will not only strengthen our bonds, but it will also move past anything. We can overcome it all. People sometimes let problems get into their heads, so they have to resort to violence and killing. We have good and bad choices and those bad choices that we side with can have dire consequences that can cost a life, that can destroy bonds and so much more will be at stake.

The Turkish Ottoman empire and government of Turkey, must come clean and admit their guilt. As long as they do not admit their crimes, the unjust, unrest will continue. Justice must be served. Yes it has been almost 103 years, but the history is there, the evidence, the books, the pictures, the museums, Genocide memorials are all over the world and we have peaceful demonstrations across the world in our Armenian communities and in front of governmental offices and parliaments around the commemoration anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and throughout the year.

Becoming architects of denial is not a way to move forward. When Genocide and other problems of the world get recognized and acknowledged, that will make way for prevention for the future so that history can never repeat itself.

I am just imagining the life of the Armenian people if the Armenian Genocide did not occur. Where would we be now? The 1.5 million Armenians that were killed, can you imagine all the more amazing and beautiful things that would have happened in this world? These people could have done some incredibly beautiful things in our world to invent, to write, to innovate and do so many things. Can you imagine how much more populated the Armenians would be in our world? Its something to think about. Our world would have been more incredibly awesome if these people did not die. All these families and friends would be happy creating beautiful memories with each other.

I am just envisioning the many more millions of Armenians we would be right now in our world if it wasn’t for the Armenian Genocide. It’s such a great thought to think about past the Genocide, past the sadness and the dark days and years that we have gone through.

How would you think of Armenians and Armenia if the Armenian Genocide did not occur? How is your envision?

Not only about our Armenian Genocide, but all the other wars, genocides that have happened to other nations, can you imagine what life would have been like without it all? What would our world be like now?

That is why it is very important for the remainder of countries such as the US that have not yet recognized the Armenian Genocide,  should definitely do. It will not only strengthen bonds of countries getting together, but it will also be a sign of moving past history and seeing a bright future for us people and for the world. If we keep going back to history, things will never change. Looking to make good change always starts with you.

I am so blessed that we Armenians still exist, that we still have a community, we still have our race, culture, landmarks, churches, innovators, writers, the diaspora,  and our beautiful Armenia. We have come out strong and we have definitely seen a lot of change in the many recent years. Many celebrities, many prominent icons of the media and our world have come to support, recognize and acknowledge the Armenian Genocide.

Thank you to all those who have recognized, acknowledged and spread awareness. It is very much appreciated. Our gratefulness to you all is something that will never be forgotten.

I am so happy and proud to be Armenian, I love you all and God Bless Armenians and Armenia!




One thought on “The Armenian Genocide – Envisioning the World without Genocide

  1. Truth can be a sword, and also fire. People who feel their guilt don’t want to be hurt. On the other hand, it requires a level of maturity to be able to distinguish right from wrong. Jesus knew it exactly, so, though to enter to Heaven (or better to say: to create Heaven) there is an absolute standard, yet, it needs to be explained according to the various levels of people’s heart.
    A lot of great Turkish people has lived, the same way as a lot of great Armenian and so on.
    It is never the question of our background, but how deeply we are tempted by power, money and other things to take advantage on anyone who we are told to.
    Jesus meant and acted upon to live the enemy, since He saw the potential in each and everybody’s heart.
    Maybe, this is the way to establish the peaceful world where we can really manifest our true nature, in harmony with each other.
    If we look at the planet, God has never created borders, it is one whole place. It’s up to us to see each other as brothers and sisters and grow to be adults in the eye of our Heavenly Parent with an active life of living for the sake of others.
    When we fill our hearts with love, pain, agony, resentment will fade away.

    Keep writing!

    Have a Nice and Blessed Day!

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