Social Media Vs. Life – Importance of Balance

Many years ago before social media websites were created, life was simple, we used to take a pen, marker, pencil or whatever writing instrument in our hand and write journals, diaries, doodle, and do all kinds of things. We used to lock our diary so that people do not go in and read what is being written. It was top secret stuff.

Most of us used to send letters, cards, photos that were developed and all that in the mail. We used to contact people the old fashioned way where they would get our letters and cards days later. Back in the day this was social media. Now that technology made its appearance, sending cards, letters, photos, messages are sent in seconds. Not days.

There are so many things on our phones and on our computers now. Everything that you can think of is there. Apps, Games, Social Media Sites, photo enhancement entertainment, music, calculators (we don’t even have to do math anymore in our brains), navigation system, and whatever else you can think of. A lot of people are interested in seeing what is happening on their devices rather than looking around them and actually living life.

Now, here comes important questions. Are we living life? Are our lives revolved around online presence? Are we creating a balance to live life without gadgets, computers, smartphones? Do we look up away from looking down on our screens to look up and see real life around us? Do we look at each other and talk anymore?

Now, what can we do? We need to find balance. I am not saying to entirely block yourself out from social media and reading content online. I wouldn’t be writing this right now on a social media platform. We just need to prioritize our life and take care of what is important first. There is a time and limit to everything. We have to take a break. Our posture, our eyes, our physical and mental being. We need to take care of ourselves.

A lot of time goes by being connected online and we don’t even realize it. We spend so much time per day being on screens, but little do we know that life is passing us by. Days are going by more quickly. We get entertained from the stuff we see online. Some people create things to spread and make things go viral within seconds and few hours.

It is great to communicate with friends and family on social media, It is incredible to see people commenting, liking posts, and interacting with each other. We all know face to face interaction and being together is what’s more important, but sometimes we have to do what’s simple in communication where online we get to talk to each other instantly.

We just have to balance ourselves. We shouldn’t dedicate all our time to screen time. Life has to be lived too. What do you like to do? What are your hobbies? What interests you outside of the internet? You don’t have to answer to me, but answer to yourself. What can you do to fulfill your life? Are you helpful in your community? Do you volunteer? Do you get outside and admire nature?

Try this out for a day and see what happens. Leave your smartphone or tablet devices at home from the morning. Don’t come back home all day. Go to a mall, go for a walk, look at different people, and do stuff that does not involve screens. When it becomes evening, come back home.

I am sure that by the early afternoon you go crazy without looking at your phone. You are inching, biting your nails, and having anxiety without it. When evening comes around towards the night, you come home, you go rushing for your phone, you hug it, you kiss it and say I miss you. like you have been away from a family member, child or whoever. We have become so dependent on it. You then promise that you will never leave home without your device. This is just after 1 day not using your phone.

All of life is a balance. Everything has a time for it. You just need to know how you spend your time. Don’t depend on smartphones and technology to get you through life. You are missing out on real life, you are missing out on your own talent and what you are capable of doing. Spend time with loved ones, spend time with yourself and leave the phones behind. Life is too precious to pass it by. Get going and make the most out of it. Life comes by once. Do everything you can. All the best to you in finding your balance.

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