My Vision in Being involved in the Armenian Community

As being an Armenian and being part of the Armenian community, I take it very seriously. No matter what part of being involved in the Armenian community , it is all very important. I attend the Armenian Community Centre of Toronto and I attend church at St. Mary’s Armenian Apostolic Church of Toronto in Canada as much as I am able to. I also take part in the St. Mary’s Armenian church Bible Study sessions. I attend many Armenian Genocide events around April 24th and right on the day by participating in going to Ottawa. It was my 20th year in a row attending in 2017.

My vision in being Armenian in the diaspora outside of Armenia in North America in Canada is not just by being involved, but also spreading awareness on social media and other online sites and telling people by word of mouth about Armenia, our people, and everything that I possibly can to Non-Armenian individuals. Before, people never really knew about us, but now with all these prominent figures and being on the news and also The Promise Film that has been out in select theatres, we are now more out there and trending as well.

Helping my fellow Armenians and being part of the Armenian community is very important to me. a couple of months back, I had written something about not being appreciated back with a gesture of gratitude to acknowledge my hard work and efforts to the Armenian community by making announcements and getting rewarded with all that recognition publicly, but on the contrary, I really am receiving private acknowledgements and people coming forth to me and complimenting me and my hard work and efforts in the Armenian Diaspora and so much more.

I have since then realized that I am receiving the greatest reward by helping out. I was expecting something in return, but then I said, why am I going to expect anything in return? I give to my Armenian community without any conditions or any strings attached. Being helpful and being part of as many events as I am able to attend to is something so important to me. As long as I know that my help never goes in vain, I will always go above and beyond without expecting anything.

I am Armenian and I am so proud, happy, and blessed by God to be one and that I will never take for granted. No matter what race and culture we come from, we must always be proud, happy and blessed. It is important to keep our culture alive by helping each other out without expectations. God bless Armenians, God Bless Armenia and one day and hopefully soon, The Armenian Genocide will be recognized by all the countries of the world.

I love you Armenians and I love you Armenia!

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