Garo Paylan – A Brave Man & A Hero

Garo Paylan was born in 1972 in Turkey. His family is originally from Malatya. He then went onto University of Istanbul’s school of Business. He is of Armenian descent. Garo Became a director of many Armenian Schools in Istanbul. He became a member of the (HDP), Peoples Democratic Party of Turkey. He is a politician and member of the Turkish Parliament. In June, 2015 he was elected in the Grand National Assembly as a representative of Istanbul’s 3rd electoral district.

When Garo Paylan got elected, he vowed to fight against The Armenian Genocide denial when he later demanded that the Armenian Genocide be recognized in Turkey. The Armenian Genocide happened on April 24, 1915 and 1.5 Million Armenians were massacred, and lands were stolen by the hands of the Turkish Government and Ottoman Empire.

In April of 2016, during a speech in parliament he made about the Armenian Genocide, he counted the ethnic Armenian Politicians who were deported then eventually killed from the Armenian Genocide right amongst Turkish Officials. He is currently a member of Turkish Parliaments planning and budget committee.

After several days went by after his speech, a brawl and fight broke out in the parliament which involved the AKP and then forced the parliament to be suspended. Then the Turkish governors in the room began calling him “The Armenian Bastard”, and began being racist to Garo Paylan. The attacks were due to him being of Armenian origin.

He stood for what was right, he stood up defending Armenia and Armenians, and the right to speak out about the Armenian Genocide. He did not care about where he was at that time when he uttered those words in The Turkish Parliament. He is now known to Armenians as a brave man, a hero, and someone who stood up for all Armenians of the World to do his best to get the Armenian Genocide recognized and acknowledged. For that we are so grateful to him.

Paylan’s safety and security is also at risk right now. Wherever he travels, he has security officials around him. At an event in Toronto on April 30th, 2017, where he spoke about the status in Turkey right now and about him, the hall was heavily secured by police authorities, security checks with wanding individuals before entering into the hall where Garo Paylan was to enter and to speak to all of us.

I have met Garo Paylan and took several photos with him. He is an absolutely beautiful person inside and out. He cares so much for his Armenian People and you can tell by his expressions and how he deals with people is something so incredibly beautiful. He is an awesome person with a great personality.

I wish Garo Paylan all the best and I wish him safety and security as always. May God bless him and to continue to do what he does and to keep raising awareness about The Armenian Genocide throughout the world.

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