Cineplex Theatre Concessions – Beware of being jipped.

Some of us love to see new films in the theatre, and venture to go to the movies, some of us want to munch on popcorn and have a drink or something at the concession stands. Some of us just grab a popcorn bag and drink and head to an auditorium to see our chosen film without sometimes noticing something that is not a big deal, but it is when we pay for overpriced popcorn and drinks.

Do you really think the employees at the concession stands are being honest with you? Do you think you are really getting what you ordered? They fill up your bag with popcorn and you are thinking it is all the way to the top? Think again. Sift your popcorn bag and watch what happens. As you are shaking your popcorn bag, a ton of room is left on top to fill enough for a small to mid size popcorn bags.

Always ask for them to top it off for you. It is in your right. You bought a large popcorn or any other size, so they must honor and fill it up to the top and you should see the popcorn above the top just by a bit.

When you are buying a combo that has candy in it, make sure you are getting what you want. If they offer you a bonus candy or chocolate bar, make sure you get it. It happened to me. I ordered a large popcorn, large drink, candy and it comes with a bonus Mars Chocolate bar which is being promoted now and I get my 100 SCENE Points. The employee took away the Mars Bar, then I noticed something was wrong. I said, Hello, there is supposed to be my Mars Bar Candy that was left by the cash register for me to take.

Then he said, Oh I thought you took it, I said no. I said I want what I paid for. Then he gave it back to me. Trying to jip me so I don’t notice the bonus candy. I was absolutely appalled. They charge an arm and a leg for concession items, they should give us more.

I cannot believe some customers do not notice and see what is going on. People are being ripped off but some people do not say anything and do not take action. Before I leave the concession counter, I make sure I shake that popcorn to get it topped off, I make sure I get what I paid for and they should load everything up instead of being cheap and barely adding enough of what we want. Some people really need to open up their eyes and get what they want. Some people need to speak up.

I’ve said to myself, this is the last time I order things from the concession stands at the movie theatre, but then again I cave in and buy items anyway. It is very expensive and its just so ridiculous to charge people so much for food. You can make Popcorn at home for less than $2.00. You can buy a hot dog at Costco for $1.50 and that includes a soft drink. You can buy pop for a dollar or 2. You can eat and drink for less than 5 dollars.

I realize they need to pay their employees, overhead, and other expenses with electricity and such, but they need to realize that charging people that much is absolutely ridiculous and it is like robbery. They do not think. When they charge people way less for items, they will gain more customers and more people will buy popcorn or whatever else is on the menu.

So be very aware of getting jipped. You have every right to more quantity when you pay all that money for it. So keep all this in mind and don’t fall for their tricks.

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