The White Out Story – A Childhood Memory

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about my childhood and the memories that have been made within those years. I distinctively remember one of those memories where I call it the White Out Story. It is because when I was I think around 5-6 years old or a couple of years older, I remember I learned how to turn the computer on.

School was out and it was in the summertime. I was on the computer, and I was playing kids games such as baby math at the time and then wheel of fortune, as well as a car racing came. After playing for an hour or 2, I decided to turn the computer off. Then near the computer, I saw a tube or 2 of White Out. So, I was very curious about that and I had never used it before, so  I began to open up the tubes and started covering the monitor screen of the computer with Whiteout. I then began to do the same to the outer part of the monitor.

After that, I began to add some on the surface of the keyboard. Not everywhere, just a few places. So for a few hours nobody came into that room until my dad came home from work. He went upstairs to put stuff in the office. Then he was about to turn the computer on so he can play a few games too. I was downstairs watching TV, then I hear this shouting and screaming from upstairs…. ” TALIN! What did you do to the computer?” I was so scared that I was going to get it. Thankfully it was just yelling then I was grounded from using the computer for a month, and then after that I had to be supervised at all times using it.

Then I promised I would never do that again. There was no white out in sight and they were taken away from the office and even the permanent marker. All locked and hidden away.

To make sure, My dad would lock the office door every time he went to work and hide the key somewhere that I could not have access to it.

So my mom and dad spent 3-4 hours cleaning the computer screen and keyboard with nail polish remover that my mom had. I definitely learned my lesson after that. The White Out is for using it on paper when you make a mistake with a pen and putting it on a computer is very wrong. Every time I see white out now, I always think of that moment.

I was just a kid and didn’t know. I thought I was doing a good thing, but then ended up to be a totally different thing. Now, My parents and I laugh about it and sometimes bring this memory up. Mind you, computers from back in the 80’s and 90’s were super expensive. One of the most expensive things people owned back then. The computer we owned was one of the best in the market at that time.

I wish we still kept it and kept it in our storage, but we gave it away to someone else who needed it after we upgraded our computer. Fun times when I was a kid, but then I learned to never make that mistake again with white out.

Did you do something wrong like this when you were a child?

What are your childhood memories?

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