My Promise to the Armenian Community of the World

Hello, I am Talin Orfali. I am a proud and happy Armenian. Even though I do not have a Ian or Yan in my last name, I am still fully 100% Armenian. I will never stay silent in telling people I am one. I will never stop telling people about our culture and I most certainly will never stay silent about the Armenian Genocide for as long as I live.
I love Armenia. Being Armenian is a blessing and we should never take who we are for granted. We have so much to celebrate about us and our rich in beautiful culture, alphabet, churches, landmarks, picturesque views, Statues, and of course our country.
We unfortunately also went through a lot as well. The Armenia earthquake of December, 1988 where 25,000 Armenians died.
Our ancestors, family members also went through very terrible hardships, something so horrible with the Armenian Genocide of 1.5 million lives displaced from their homes, exterminated by the hands of the Turkish Government on April 24, 1915. We also had our lands and Mount Ararat stripped away and stolen from us.
With that, we need to be a great example in keeping our culture alive and strong by always working hard to raise awareness on our Heritage, Culture and on the Armenian Genocide. We must never stay silent. Silence doesn’t get us anywhere. Nothing gets done. So we must participate in our Armenian communities as much as we can.
We must stick together, help each other out. When we are strong together, we can combat through anything. We are the future of Armenia and Armenians.
Thankfully, Armenia is still on the map, and there are millions of us still walking on this earth and we Armenians will never die.

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