All Inclusive Resort Chair Hoggers

An Issue that must be changed in All Inclusive resorts and our daily lives.

In life, we all want to take a little break from our daily life from priorities, stresses, work, school, and the whole 9 yards. We begin by looking for an all inclusive place to travel for a week or 2 or whatever the duration. We book the vacation and as the day arrives to our preferred destination to the south, we are looking forward to much needed R&R(rest & relaxation). We get there with anticipation and excitement of what we imagined, by settling in and by lounging by the pool or beach on the lounge chairs provided by the resort.

Unfortunately, our anticipation and excitement comes to a halt, when all chairs at the beach and poolside gets reserved and then we are left standing around with no luck in finding that relaxation spot in the sun. Many people begin by waking up before the birds and the sun to go out to the pool or beach to put resort towels, and belongings on chairs and then go for a few hours. Some do not return until the afternoon and yet those belongings and towels are still on those seats.

If you don’t agree with what I am saying, then that means you support hogging and being selfish. It is not good.

I think it is unfair to be chair hoggers, and to be selfish about it. Resorts need to implement changes to chair use policies. Security and on-lookers from the resort must be present at all times observing what is going on without asking for tips from vacationers. This is a job to ensure everyone has equal rights to chairs. There should be rules about this kind of selfish behavior. I have noticed that a lot. People just stand around waiting for chairs to become available. There are people who just look at you and do not even offer their chair if they are not using it at that point in time.

For example, if you are in a parking spot for more than an hour, or 2 or whatever the limit is, should be ticketed right? Or restaurant time limits or whatever the case. It is the same thing, if you leave you chairs unattended for a long period of time, you should lose that chair. It is that simple. Strict rules should be enforced about this.

I understand that sometimes people who put their belongings on chairs are in the water or getting a drink from the bar to return to their seats. That is understandable. I understand that if you are occupying the seat with actually laying on it and relaxing that is no issue at all, but if you are one of those people hogging and go for hours and then returning afterwards, that is a very terrible thing to do. If you are not within those premises and not keeping an eye on your belongings, then you should not save chairs.

If you are the type to keep their stuff at their chairs, then go for a meal for hours and then go grab coffee or something at the Lobby bar and walk around while your belongings are on a chair that someone else can use, kindly pick up your stuff and bring it with you, so some other people can use the chair that need it. It is only common courtesy to do so, and it is helping another person out.

People need to stop thinking about themselves and stop being selfish and think about other people. Everyone pays good money to go to these resorts. Everyone deserves equality, everyone deserves to have fun, relax, enjoy themselves without hoggers trying to make sure another person doesn’t get a chair. There are people who will ruin the mood and vacation for another person. It is not right at all. Everyone is entitled. You are not the only one at that All Inclusive resort. There are hundreds of others too.

Whether I am at the beach or the pool, but I am mostly at the beach. If I am in the water for a while and come back that’s okay, and security should be watching all this happening and that is why security is on the resorts too. they should watch for chair hoggers too. If you leave the beach, you take your stuff with you. If you come back, there should always be chairs available.

I always give my chairs away if I don’t need it for a couple of hours. I allow others to enjoy relaxing time. I never hog chairs and that will never happen when I travel. You also make friends that way and you are helping another person out. You are actually making their day better and enjoyable to care for others, and think of others. You cannot just grab everything for yourself.

Resorts also need to bring in more chairs for each resort and keep some on standby in case needed. Super important traits to develop in life. This is about a trait too and this should be a lesson in life too. Not just in resorts, but also in reality coming back home. Selfish arrogance and being ignorant is not good at all.

Respect others so that respect can come back to you,
Be reasonable, and thoughtful of others and don’t be a hogger.
Be selfless and don’t be selfish.

One thought on “All Inclusive Resort Chair Hoggers

  1. What if your in the pool for over an hour it happens my brother in law was in pool and lady came over threw his stuff on deck and took chair I took it back you just don’t know?

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