iTravel2000 – One Stop Shop For All Things Travel

iTravel2000 is a travel planning company and website. Since 1994,  which is now one of Canada’s Largest independent travel companies. when iTravel2000 was founded, the purpose of this company is to offer you the best travel deals around, providing customers excellent service, the lowest price guaranteed and the best value. That goes for all travel-related and travel products. It is the nation’s trusted source of all things Travel.

The Award-Winning team of knowledgeable, professional travel experts are always available to assist you in anything you need, any questions you have about travel, about the industry, bookings and giving you many options in traveling. They make traveling a lot easier for you.

iTravel2000 caters to booking vacation packages, cruises, flights, hotels, car rentals, from all over the world and whatever destination, iTravel2000 is your best go-to travel site for whatever your heart desires and whatever preference.

If you are a Petro Points collector from Petro Canada, you can earn points towards merchandise, fuel, car washes and more at any Petro Canada gas station. You can enroll to be a member of Petro Points for free and you can start earning points when you book your trip.

iTravel2000 is working around the clock to find great deals, the latest scoops on the deals and so much more. You can also subscribe to their e-mail publications to get the latest information on deals, packages, specials, contests, and so much more.

At iTravel2000, they offer you travel insurance to protect you from medical, cancellation, delays, lost or misplaced baggage, and all around insurance to keep you protected at all times.

To me, iTravel2000 is one of the best travel operators that I have ever known. I always receive the best service, and I can tell the agents are very knowledgeable, and also pays attention to detail, and whatever requests we have, they always go above and beyond. I always choose iTravel2000 because they are a great company and they take care of me very well with all my travel needs. I am excited to book my next vacation with them. I have never been disappointed with them and you will never be as well. I recommend them.

Contact iTravel2000 at anywhere from North America

1.866.WOW.DEAL (969.3325)

or you can Dial #Trip on your cell phone.

Located at
2355 Skymark Ave, suite 200, Mississauga, ON L4W 4Y6

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday: 7am to midnight EST
Saturday & Sunday: 8:30am to 8pm EST

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