2017 Honda Pilot – Brings SUV to life

Recently, I began to search for many SUV’s and also looking on the road for new vehicles here and there while driving and as a passenger. One particular SUV stuck to me like glue. The grill, the body, the features, the way it looks while driving. It all became a hugely awesome attraction to me. That is called the 2017 Honda Pilot.

I love the way it looks, and its one of my favourite vehicles right now in the market. Every single time I see one, I start getting all excited.

I really like how the dashboard speedometer is digital, the fuel gauge, as well as the coolant level. I also like how the transmission gear shift is no longer a stick attached to the steering wheel, or a stick in the middle of the 2 front seats. I like how you push a button and you reverse, drive, park and go in neutral.

There is the LX, EX, EX-L-Navi, EX-L RES, and Touring types of Honda Pilots. All serve different preferences on the road. You can use regular fuel. No need to top off the fuel with mid grade or super fuel. 18-20 inch tires. depending on the model you want.

There is a USB Connector, MP3 Auxiliary input jack, Bluetooth streaming audio, Wi-Fi tethering.

It definitely leaves a huge statement on the road.  The muscular hood, and you can get extras such as protection packages to keep your floors in the SUV clean from harsh winter weather with the salt, the snow, the rain, also the tow package with a trailer hitch in the rear. You can also get running boards, roof rack, crossbars, bike racks, paint pens to do emergency touch ups in case a scratch happens on your vehicle.

You can also get a heated steering wheel which can prevent from freezing cold hands in the winter, Storage dividers, cargo covers.

For more information, visit Honda’s website and for more pictures and insight. It is an absolutely beautiful vehicle. I will be test driving it soon.

One thought on “2017 Honda Pilot – Brings SUV to life

  1. Colors of my life says:

    I would advice have a look at Chevolet Traverse as well.

    2nd: Look at the after service cost, the big inch tyres are costly. For service, how much they charge on minor and major service. And read the negative reviews of it.

    Plus see what’s the purpose of having it, in case I have loads of guest every now or than. So I need a SUV which is more spacious to have luggage, passenger and fuel consumption wise efficient. And than I compare different SUV online and offline. I was looking for Tahoe / Yukon but end up with Chevolet Traverse. It’s best on space, fuel economy and price tag wise.

    You can always add the additional features later on. So why wasting on preinstalled version.

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