Facial Masks and chemical anti-aging creams

Firstly, what people see first is a person’s face and that is a part of our identity and a part of who we as individuals are. Some people are so invested in doing many things to their faces such as using facial masks, and chemical based anti-aging creams and adding real danger to our skin and eventually into our bodies.

These things actually make you age quicker. anti-aging creams are a temporary fix, but don’t believe in it. When using facial masks and anti-aging creams and everything, you are actually taking away the good skin cells that preserve your skin. Then once you start with these facials and everything, then you always have to continue it.

I would stay away from those facials and do something natural such as washing your face with cold water for a good 5 minutes and then pat drying with a face towel. Save time by heading to your local stores to look at a million different face products and save money. Natural is the way to go. Don’t alter your face for the expense of beauty.

You are beautiful the way you are and don’t try to destroy your beautiful face by these chemical filled products and just be natural. It is the way to go!

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