The Oscars – Never Mix Politics with Entertainment

The Oscars popularity and professionalism in the entertainment sector has gone down quite significantly. As well as other award shows. It is due to mixing entertainment and politics together, and as well as sending subliminal and snide messages across the world with the speeches given. The class, the fashion, and the way the operations at The Academy of Motion picture has definitely run down.

Although, yes it is my dream to one day earn one of the Golden trophy for my writing and everything, but now with all these mishaps, and mixing the political world with entertainment of where film, entertaining us is supposed to keep us away from the world’s bad news, and stresses of our daily lives, I am just not so sure I want it anymore.

Making a huge mistake in announcing the winners of the award is absolutely ridiculous and these things need to be more carefully looked after. It is just so upsetting to think you have won, but then not anymore.

The taste of entertainment has gone down in some form. Speeches should include appreciation, gratitude, acknowledging those who have been there for you, those in the production and as well as thanking family, friends and giving people inspiration, positive words to uplift us all who are watching. We need to really take a step back and just focus on entertainment as that is why these award shows exist. To acknowledge professionalism in this sector and to recognize entertainment excellence.

Racism and Politics should not get in the way of Entertaining us. These award shows and film is supposed to be about equality, diversity, and keeping us smiling, to be happy and to talk about great moments in the Film industry as well as the award shows.

There needs to be change and to show more class and respect to everyone.

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