Talin’s Travel Tips 101 – RouteHappy

Travel tips to make your travels stress-free and enjoyable
I am always on the hunt to making sure you are well taken care of and helping you make great decisions in the travel sector. Also giving you my experience in travel after many many years of traveling on aircraft, to resorts, cruise ships, and numerous amounts of hotels.




Routehappy is a website where it is an experienced team of data, web app geeks, and aviation that cater to the online travel industry in making flight searches an easy, stress-free way to do travel shopping.


Routehappy is focused on allowing you to have many options of flight times, the amenities on board the aircraft due to your preference and they have even the aircraft type that you will travel with and seat configuration onboard your flight.


They also allow you to differentiate between prices, travel score ratings, who uses routehappy and more.


Routehappy is focused on making your travel arrangements and decisions an easier process, then you can go back to the travel website of your choice to make things more clear if you are a novice and beginner in travel or are frequent too. Sometimes we get stuck on these decisions no matter how many times you fly.


Try them out and click on Routehappy.com
All the best, have a safe and enjoyable flight!

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